Prosecutors in the John Doe investigation launch massive dragnet for the fly on the wall.

A million dollar reward goes out to the person who can produce information leading to the capture of a fly on the wall in the Milwaukee County Executives office in the months preceding Walker’s 2010 election for Governor. The subject is described as a Musca domestica of the suborder Cyclorrhapha and was last seen on the wall in the Milwaukee County Executive’s Office before it alighted on the “FU” letters of Kelly Rindfliech’s keyboard when it was attracted by an ancient fish-like smell and flew 25 feet to alight on the nose of Scott Walker. Walker was asked if he swatted the fly and refused comment but offered full cooperation with search efforts and as proof his legal defense team upped the award an additional million dollars, but only if the fly was returned to his defense team. When asked whether this represented a conflict of interest he smiled, exhaled through his nose as he spoke the words, “Trust me”.

The reward was posted after a power point presentation made by Assistant Prosecutor Landgraf was presented to implicate Walker and his aides in doing political work using county resources. One of his legal aides who looked on was heard to remarked. “That lazer pointer used in the presentation looked like a little red fly”. This was the moment of epiphany for Landgraf and lead to the posting of the reward.

Fly in the Ointment

It could be said that progress in this investigation has been slow. Slow? You want some yardstick on how absurd this investigation has become? How about 300 inches in 800 days! The secret email network was about 25 feet (300 inches- a fly could transverse the distance on about two seconds} from Scott Walker’s County Executive Office door, the investigation began May 10, 2010, over 800 days ago. It is proceeding slower than snails pace, covering less than one half inch per day!

The judicial process of finding evidence and deposing witnesses is slow and tedious by its very nature, but when every step forward is set backwards by two, where is the end to solving this twenty-foot problem? Of course, when the a prime player in the game happens to be the governor of the state, and has accrued a legal defense fund from some of the wealthiest of the 1% in America, it appears things can be forced to move at a slower than snail’s (terrestrial pulmonate gastropod) pace.

Cyclorrhapha flight of Justice

Rindfleisch is being rewarded for her silence. She is reportedly working for one of Walker’s vendors, a communications/consultancy firm. The word also is that Keith Gilkes, Walker’s campaign manager, is helping her raise funds for her defense. Cognitive Dissidence blog

The attorney for Rindfliesch Franklyn Gimbel actually DID a fly imitation in reaction to Landgraf’s 65-minute power point presentation when he stood up and raised both hands and spoke in his best fly-like voice, “Scott Walker has not been accused of any wrongdoing.”
Wis Politics


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