Judge Nettesheim “IT IS WORKING”

“The John Doe is still open and I have received no indication from the prosecutors that they are going to ask me to close it down as of yet,”

-Neal Nettesheim, a retired state appeals court judgeJS Online

Karma – Yin-Yang – Walker’s slogans arise to form his epitaph

Today. Thursday November 29th, this afternoon. Tim Russell appears in court to unveil the next piece in the puzzle of the 2 and a half year investigation into malfeasance (remember that word from the GOP speeches defending Walker in the Recall Election?) and an assemblage of despicable deeds that a murder of crows would not care to lite upon.

Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.
Al Capone

For most of the people, those that Walker refers to when he says, “most people, like I, would be happy and hopeful that it might be done this week.”, the investigation is about the headline story: the secret email network operated on the taxpayers dime.

Of course, that one allegation is a felony; a criminal offense that has put Kelly Rendfliesh behind bars. But the underbelly of dastardly deeds associated with the cadre of criminals that found their way into into the positions of Walker’s highest regard and confidence have been buried in the understory, partly because the story has wound on, but more so because the crimes of Tim Russell, Brian Pietrich and Kevin Kavanaugh are so seedy and “R” rated that, well, reporters just don’t want to talk about them.

Walker for President

I hope Walker enters the primary election process for president and opens his past to the vetting process of the media so his true nature is spread, in no uncertain terms, across the county.

Child Enticement Associations

Scott Walker placed his full trust and offered the highest responsibility to men who are accused partners in child enticement. The former Chief of Staff for hopeful presidential candidate, Scott Walker, were playing cyber sex with an underage boy who was looking for a sexual adventure. The following day these men were in the office working for the current governor of Wisconsin. And Republicans are questioning the integrity of Pamela Rice for reading an official statement on Sunday morning talk radio shows?

Stealing From Families of Fallen Veterans

Russell is accused of one of the smelliest, low down, inhuman embezzlement schemes in the annals Wisconsin dirty deeds. It is one thing to steal money by cooking the books, it is another when you are taking that money from moms and dads who lost children in war. What could be more heartless or more disingenuous to all that we call America?

My rackets are run on strictly American lines and they’re going to stay that way.
Al Capone

Since the power point presentation during the trial of Rindfleisch, even the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel is slowly backing away from its documented “Stand With Walker” voice.It has gone from:

“We recommend Walker; his removal isn’t justified”

before the Recall Election to,

“We have no idea if there is more here than meets the eye. But what’s clear from the emails is that Walker’s campaign staff was helping to manage county government for the benefit of only one citizen — Scott Walker. How is that acceptable conduct?”

No, the John Doe Investigation is not over, and will not be over by the end of the week. Walker’s – “It’s all about me” – approach to governance has reached new heights with the revelation of his total lack of comprehension that his hopes for national candidacy would die in its tracks and only be written with his own slogans forming the epitaph of his political career.

The man who failed to realize that the John Doe investigation “Is Working” and the long line of proof leading to his downfall is “Open for Business”.


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