Barron County "Home is where you hang your FRAC"

The New Mafia – Frac Sand Mining Western Wisconsin

Wisconsin knows the divisiveness inherent in a “Divide and Conquer” Governor. Today, this tactical legacy is leaching down into County and Township Boards at the bidding of the frac mining interests across Western Wisconsin.

Perhaps, the “frac sand mindset” stems from the process itself, where the earth is scraped and sifted to get the filtering sharp granules that are worth money. If you speak to residents who have first hand experience with the over reach of mining operations in their neighborhoods, townships, and counties, a “frac sand mindset” emerges. Mining interest representatives negotiate with one or two land owners with the promise of big money. When their neighbors, who are opposed, come out of the trenches, their voices are screened and filtered like so much mud sent to a holding pool. Divide and Conquer. One resident living in the vicinity of several frac sand plants in Barron County said, “You cannot believe how fast this all happens”.

“Frac Sand Mindset” at work in Barron County

One of the “divide and conquer” tactics of the frac sand mindset is to target County and Township Board members who can be enticed into support. They may own, or be associated with a person, who owns land that can be leased or sold for immediate cash. This manipulative, “Mafioso” tactic is exemplified in Barron County, and is only one small example of how the “frac sand mindset” of “divide and conquer” is playing out across some of the most beautiful natural vistas in Wisconsin.

Screening and Sifting at the Barron County Board

Stacey Neuman was elected to Barron County Board of Supervisors just last April. Soon she found her way on to two committees that are the sifters and shakers of the frac mine controversy – the Agriculture and Zoning committees. When Neuman was elected, she lived in the district she represented, as required by state law. Here is where Neuman’s “frac sand mindset” of rule bending and manipulation surfaces.

Shortly after the election, Neuman sold her home in the district and moved out of the district to Rice Lake to live with her dad/step dad. Of course, the move would nullify her office on the County Board.

Wisconsin State Statutes

17.03? Vacancies, how caused. Except as otherwise provided, a public office is vacant when:
(1)?The incumbent dies.
(2)?The incumbent resigns.
(3)?The incumbent is removed.
(4)?The incumbent ceases to be a resident of:
(a) This state; or
(b) If the office is legislative, the district from which elected;


The “frac sand mindset” goes to work. It begins sifting, screening and manipulating for a means to circumvent state statutes that are inconvenient and stand in the way of the prize.

Neuman sold her home with 15 acres in June 2012 (2265 6th ave). Now comes the “frac sand mindset” in action. She bought 3.2 acres from security bank on August 17, 2012 (2287 6th ave) according to the above link she resides at 2287 6th Ave. (See photo above). It is an abandoned farm that is uninhabitable and hasn’t been lived in for many, many years.

The picture at the top and to the right show the lovely property where Newman officially claims as her residence within her district in Barron County. Go knock on the door of her new home and see if you can find her in. If not, the 26th District of Barron County has no legal board member representing them in the county by state law.

If she is living in Rice Lake as she has told her former neighbors – she resides outside the district she represents. See the map of Baron County pdf – County wide Map

Was Frac Zoning Bill voted on illegally?

“Back in May the supervisors approved 24-2 the rezoning request for 84.22 acres from Agricultural-2 district to Mineral Reservation district owned by Jay and Carol Frank.” “County Board Approves Frac Sand Mine” – Rice Lake On Line

BOTH the members that voted “no” were removed from the Zoning Committee

On May 2, Barron County Board supervisors Carol Moen and William Koepp voted against allowing the Superior Silica Sands dry sand plant and transfer yard in the Town of Clinton, when the proposal came before the board’s Zoning Committee. “NO” votes removed

Enter Stacey Neuman

Stacey Neuman filled the seat of the “no” voters on the committee, so what if she did not even reside in the district she supposedly represents.

I am no lawyer, but if a vote was cast by Neuman, who had no legal authority to cast such a vote, is the bill legal?

“Barron County “Sand Frac Mindset” pervades all of Western Wisconsin

The tactics and manipulation of frac sand companies is not limited to Barron County. These tactics are being orchestrated in township after township in a effort to establish mining operations while the people are not looking. They are taking advantage of the uncertainty surrounding the effects this controversial mining operation and playing “divide and conquer” to establish mining operations with the speed of a striking snake.

If you live in Western Wisconsin take note. The sands are shifting beneath your feet.


7 thoughts on “Barron County "Home is where you hang your FRAC"

  1. If you know the property is empty, you could sneak over and put a campaign sign for her opponent in her front yard for the next election.


  2. Well said Mr. Kern, well said.

    I have never seen so many public officials either with “conflict of Interest” or deluded so easily as I see in Barron County, a place where I grew up and saw the people as God fairing, hard working and honest. Was I also decieved all these more than 60 years?

    I wonder if she actually shelled out for this Taj Majal where she now basks in luxury. Would it be cynical to think maybe some other entity covered the cost?

    Dig deeper if you can; I’ve been threaten for saying what I say, so watch your back.

    Jim Drost


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