Code Blue…Cardiovascular Blockage… Walker Arrest!

The national conversation has changed radically since Scott Walker became Governor of Wisconsin. Way back in 2010 the nation was flirting with the “grass roots” tea party revolution.

Of course now we know, beyond a doubt, that it was not a “grass roots” uprising at all – is was little more than a plot to capitalize on the anger generated by a near depression generated by the wealthiest among us.

What did the wealthiest among us do? They funded the tea party movement under the engines of Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation all funded by billionaires like the Koch Brothers.

Way back then, few had heard anything about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which operated secretly to introduce right wing bills into legislatures in Wisconsin and across the country. The prime directive of all these efforts was to repeal Obama care, by demonizing the health care law through town square meetings with representatives, lobbying the Congress, launching court battles that proceeded all the way to the Supreme Court. The sub prime directive was, in the oft quoted words of Senate minority leader Mitch Mc Connel, was to “make Obama a one term president”.

All this was front and center in the national conversation from Walker’s first day as Governor through the decisive election win of Obama in November.

Please take notice. It is over. Obamacare is the law of the land. Obama won the election. He will serve a second term. All the lobbying, billions of dollars spent to give legs for the tea party misinformation, all the court battles, all the protesting and recall elections – the voters have spoken. Obama carried Wisconsin comfortably.

So, what to do about the last remnants of blockage clogging the arteries of unification and progress to accomplish the one all important goal that everyone agreed on in the first place – jobs, jobs, jobs!

Walker Arrest

Many of us know friends or family members who’ve experienced vascular blockage, who were fortunate enough to catch it early. A severe heart attack was avoided as the blockage was cleared and they began to enjoy a normal life.

A very similar blockage is now the problem in the flow of job creation in Wisconsin. Those who fall into denial and ignore signals the body is telling them about blockage do not fair well – the same can be said of denial within the body politic. In Walker’s first speech delivered in the State of California, he didn’t mention jobs, but the lead policy he injected into the arterial flow of ideas was same day vote registration – not jobs but vote registration. You see the denial…the blockage? His job creation policies in the state would send him to the economic emergency room.

Madison — The failed economic agenda of Gov. Scott Walker continues as grim and disturbing news came today from the U.S. Department of Labor that for the week ending December 31, the state of Wisconsin had the second highest number of new unemployment claims of any state in the nation – 10,203 new claims. Michigan with 10,364 new claims, was the only state higher than Wisconsin.

The just-released December information from the U.S. Department of Labor is available here: U.S. Department of Labor

One Wisconsin – Press Release

Words as Anti-coagulant

Finally, a new and different word was used. Like many of the insignificant human events that are captured on a cell phone suddenly become “virile” on You Tube, the word plucked a string on the harp of denial that resonated with the press. The word was: “Arrest”. The word was a simple replacement for “indict” but it carried a break in the two year denial of Walker’s involvement in the John Doe investigation and broke through an area of massive clotting.

Milwaukee Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, didn’t use the word “indict” but he called for the “arrest” of Scott Walker, and Walker reacted.

He told workers that job creation is his priority and that attacks on his support for ending same-day voter registration, including a call for his arrest by Milwaukee alderman Ashanti Hamilton, are baseless.

“My guess is, for some of these individuals and groups they don’t have an alternative to what we’re talking about in the economy they don’t have better suggestions for what we want to do on the economy improving…so they just want to distract attention,” said Walker.WKOW TV

Video – Walker’s Response

WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Code Blue!

Isn’t this like a man who ignores the pain developing in his arm, his shortness of breath, the appearance of the yellowing of the eye? Do you hear and see the denial?
The election is over. The National conversation has shifted. The last blockage to job creation is the polices of the job creators themselves.

What does the future hold? A total Walker Arrest!


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