North Korea Salutes "Right to Work" with Rocket Launch

Kim Jong-un applauded Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and called his launch of “Right to Work” legislation a “ground breaking” event that paid tribute to the rightful dominance of wealthy factory owners as the only means of creating jobs. This trend toward eliminating democracy among workers may lead Americans to enjoy their work far longer and later in life as in North Korea. An average Korean man will not completely quit working at until the age of 70.3 in 2009, compared to 69.7 in Japan, 65.5 in the US, 64.3 in the UK and 59.1 in France.

Governor Snyder has demonstrated that freedom of wealthy factory owners to run a business the way they chose, is of no consequence to the worker. Workers should not be allowed or required to pool their resources to insure health and safety. If a worker does not want to work long hours, in shops with locked fire doors they are not required to work for that job creator. They can find jobs elsewhere. This is the way we do it in Noth Korea.

American Labor on Same trajectory as Noth Korean Rocket

The launch of the rocket on the same day as the signing of “right to work” legislation, came as a surprise since we experienced a “technical deficiency” in the rocket’s first-stage engine module and a similar launch in April broke apart shortly after lift-off. But, it was important that the launch coincide with Governor Snyder’s signing of a “Right to Work” bill. No union dues were paid by workers to launch a three-stage long-range rocket on Wednesday morning. The fact that these workers do what they are told and are happy to have a job, even if the conditions are dangerous, show a true allegiance and respect for wealthy plutocracy and the government that serves their interests.

A spokesman for Kim Jong-un said that he is gratified to see how American business and corporate policies are taking a turn and following the lead of North Korea in treatment of workers. Of course, many workers were injured and some died, and even though they live in extreme poverty, they can still be forced to dance and smile at the cameras on a day when the rocket rises above their heads. It makes you want to cry.

After one hour and a half after the launch at 9:49 a.m., North Korea’s state media proclaimed it as a “ground-breaking” event that paid tribute to former leader Kim Jong-Il a year after his death, prompting celebrations across the capital. The North American Aerospace Defense Command later confirmed that North Korea did appear to have put an object into space.

Synder will be a hero one day and, like the late Kim Jong-Il, may have an escalator enshrining his memory. He’s buying a Koch Bros. stairway to heaven.


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