NRA – Passive Aggressive Silencer NOW ON SALE!

How do you defend any gun – be it large or small, hand held or rifle – that shoots five rounds per second as a sportsman’s weapon? In the time it took to read that sentence the Bushmaster could have pumped five rounds into a target, a deer, a ….

The NRA is now issuing it’s new passive aggressive silencer to all class “A” members.

This passive aggressive silencer is a weak, silent means of rubbing salt in the wounds of an opponent by use of a
1) convenient forgetfulness: to win any argument with a dishonest denial of actual events.

2) Cold shoulder response: withdrawing into long silences to avoid either confronting or connecting with others.

In short, the NRA and it’s Class “A” members like “Mitch” McConnell will resort to the covert and cruel tactic of denial stemming from fear of competition. The horrific strike on innocents by a shooter armed with tactical weapons that can shoot 5 rounds in one second has sent the argument for such weaponry in a tailspin and a nose dive in national polls.

Nothing Can Be Done

McConnell’s kind, kind, kind, words on the floor of Senate represent the classic slap of passive aggressive meandering of a mouse tip toeing past the elephant in the room – the newest and cruelest weapon in the arsenal of the NRA.


The tactic of “We are not going to talk about it”

How ironic that an organization that has lobbied for the unfettered restriction of some of the most lethal and aggressive rapid-fire weapons, now resorts to passive aggressive silence in the aftermath of the destruction and loss of life that these same weapons have unleashed on innocents. Why? It is the first political chip in the argument to follow. But it will follow over the course of months long after the initial shock, pain, and outrage have subsided. They are betting on the short attention span of the legislators, the media, and you and I.

NO. Not this time. NO.

The human constitution can endure great loss, and over time, the sting subsides and people manage to carry on. The need for correction and action to prevent another loss can become numbed and less strident. Not this time.

“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.”

Wess Stafford, President, Compassion International

With the defilement of innocence, the debate has been snatched from the hands of men and delivered to a higher power that resonates in every heart for all time. It would be best if the pretense and posturing stop. No one is being swayed from a need for action by the passive aggressive silence and pandering. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not after the holidays.

We will not forget.


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