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NOTHING WRONG with a gun show

Gun shows occur weekly across Wisconsin. Nothing wrong with that. The venders are largely small business types who cater to sportsmen and gun enthusiasts. People like guns just as people like motor cycles, old cars, books, and religious artifacts. No matter what tickles your collector’s fancy you can find a show, market, fair, or convention to explore you interest.

Guns are lethal weapons, while books, old cars, and religious artifacts are not. Some of the problems with gun shows specifically, and Wisconsin gun laws in general are summarized below:

Wisconsin has few gun laws on the books but still ranks somewhere near the middle among states for strictness because so many other states do even less.

Wisconsin makes no attempt to regulate person-to-person sales by private, unlicensed sellers — a huge loophole, critics say, because it allows unregulated sales on street corners, at gun shows and over the Internet. About 40 percent of all guns sales occur outside of licensed dealers, Nichols said.

Anyone who sells more than the “occasional” firearm is supposed to become federally licensed, Nichols said. However, “occasional” is not defined and the federal government has limited resources to monitor the matter, she said.

Wisconsin has no ban on assault weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines. California, which gets high marks from gun control advocates, bans most assault weapons and prohibits the sale or transfer of large capacity ammunition magazines.

Host Madison

Just a few of many recent and near future gun shows

Marv Kraus Promotions
Promotioning Gun Shows throughout Iowa & Wisconsin
Visit one of our local gun shows soon. You will find all sorts of weapons and accessories at any of our shows. We specialize in holding local shows that are family friendly.

Dec 7-8 Marshfield, Fairgrounds, 513 E 17th St, 97 8′ tbls avail $20 Adm: $5 Dealer set up Fri noon till 4 Show time Fri 4-8 Sat 9-4 Allen Pilsener 715-676-3972

Dec 7-9 Franklin (Milwaukee) Milwaukee County Sports Complex Bob and Rocco Gun Shows 608-752-6677

Dec 21-23 Sheboygan Final Approach Banquet Hall,

Dec 28-29 Belmont,Convention Center,102 W.Moundview Ave,Fri:3p.m.-4p.m.,Sat:8a.m.-4p.m.Dealer Tables$25,Adm$5.Gun Buyer Shows(608)548-4867

Dec 28-29 Green Bay, Brown County Shopko Hall, Bob and Rocco Gun Shows 608-752-6677

Jan 4-5, Slinger, Gun Show, Kettle Moraine Bowl, Hwy 60 & Hwy 175.
Adm: $3.00, Fri. 4pm – 8pm. Sat. 8am – 2pm. Dealer tables: $18.00 or $25.
Wisconsin Gun Collectors Assn, Inc. All show info/reservations: Jim (920)447-2224. General club info:

Gun Owners and Gun Activists AGREE
Gun Owners and Gun Activists AGREE

So WHO and WHAT is Standing in the Way?

National Organizations and Politicians Play “Divide and Conquer”

“We the People” have become pawns and victims of organizations like the NRA an Politicians as they pit gun activists and gun owners against each other by appealing to the lower angels of both sides. They divide the argument along the “hot buttons” of each side saying gun activists “want to take away guns” and gun owners are “want to own dangerous weapons without enough training or control” and the two sides fight it out. They post on face book, tweet on twitter, or display signs and bumper stickers all designed to divide an conquer one side over the other. The dividers reap the benefits of the spoils of this war in votes and money, while people and young children are killed with historic frequency.

Case in Point

Walker and Van Holen both came out with early “divide and conquer” early responses to the Newtown shooting. Walker said it was too soon to outline specific measures to avoid such mass killings in Wisconsin, and it would be a mistake to enact measures that may create “false senses of security” while failing to prevent future tragedies. Echoing Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, the governor said “there may not be a clear answer” on how to prevent mass shootings. Host Madison

We All Agree – Get Out of the Way

Polls show that Americans are ready to open their hearts and join hands to make an effort to limit gun violence. The NRA and self involved politicians are poised to play “divide and conquer. The Second Amendment is all about holding arms for the purpose of allowing state militia to over throw a corrupt government.

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

What can be more corrupt than ignoring what “we the gun owners” and “we the gun activists” want?

Time for the NRA and self seeking politicians to get out of the way.

Gun Owners and Gun Activists AGREE

90 percent of Americans and 90 percent of gun owners support fixing gaps in government databases that are meant to prevent the mentally ill, drug abusers and others from buying guns.

91 percent of Americans and 93 percent of gun owners support requiring federal agencies to share information about suspected dangerous persons or terrorists to prevent them from buying guns.

89 percent of Americans and 89 percent of gun owners support full funding of the law a unanimous Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed after the Virginia Tech shootings to put more records in the background-check database.

86 percent of Americans and 81 percent of gun owners support requiring all gun buyers to pass a background check, no matter where they buy the gun and no matter who they buy it from.

89 percent of Americans and 85 percent of gun owners support a law to require background checks for all guns sold at gun shows.
Huff post poll pdf.


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