GOT Gun Control? NRA "Personal Victory Fund"

How to ban automatic weapons

Little did we know on Dec. 17th

Few people who were horrified and heart broken in reaction the Sandy Hook shooting incident and found their eyes opened from deep in their gut outward, had any clear idea of what they would be up against to limit assault rifles from killing our children. I didn’t.

I heard of the strong NRA lobby and witnessed how so many legislators remained silent in the midst of memorials and eulogies as the funerals for so many young children possessed the national conversation. It has been three short weeks since the tragedy and the emotion has subsided as the story of Sandy Hook has scrolled to bottom of the web sidebars and back pages of newspapers.

We must not. We cannot forget.

The day before he died, Jesse Lewis, 6, etched a brief, sweet note in the frost on his mom’s car door. “I love you,” it read simply in remarkably neat first-grade handwriting.

It was the last note she’d ever receive from him, Scarlett Lewis tearfully tells PEOPLE – and thankfully, she caught it on film.

“I said, ‘Oh, Jess, I have to take a picture of that,’ ” she says. “Thank God.”
People blog

Between the idea and the reality – Falls the shadow T.S. Eliot

Of course, the shadow is the action it will take; facing the reality of the deep commitment and work ahead to prevent another Sandy Hook from ever repeating its terror in the lives of parents and children.

And, oh, the power and reach of the NRA Gun Lobby is a much darker and thicker shadow than most might have imagined. In fact, many legislators and pundits are saying that, even after the horror of Sandy Hook, the likelihood of real assault weapon ban being passed through Congress is doubtful.

The NRA machine is in motion with its “Political Victory Fund” designed to score every legislators performance according to the organizations unbending demands. The grasp of the lobby on your Senator and Representative is described by a Democratic legislative staffer in an interview after the Columbine shooting – nothing has changed.

Pictured Mitch McConnell pointing at NRA’s “Political Victory Fund” web site.

I asked a Democratic legislative staffer for a first-person description of the NRA’s power on the Hill. Here’s the response I got, on the condition that I not provide any further identifying information. NRA PVC2It’s pretty breathtaking.

We do absolutely anything they ask and we NEVER cross them—which includes asking permission to cosponsor any bills endorsed by the Humane Society (the answer is usually no) and complying with their demand to oppose the DISCLOSE Act, neither of which have anything to do with guns. They’ve completely shut down the debate over gun control. It’s really incredible. I’m not sure when we decided that a Democrat in a marginal district who loses his A rating from the NRA automatically loses reelection. Because it’s not like we do everything other partisan organizations like the Chamber [of Commerce] or NAM [National Association of Manufacturers] tell us to…

Pandering to the NRA is the probably worst part of my job. I can justify the rest of it—not just to keep the seat, but because I believe most of the positions he takes are consistent with what his constituents want. But sucking up to the NRA when something like Colorado happens is hard to stomach. GQ Blog

The Shadow of the NRA

The NRA’s “Political Victory Fund” has been active since long before Columbine. It is one of a flood of web pages of the NRA Lobby to serve the interests of gun manufacturers first, and all other interests second. NRA Personal Victory Fund

It is a nationwide fill in form where any NRA member can input the information of their local government representative and find out what there “score card” is on NRA demands to sell guns. Basically it tells members who to vote for to “protect their 2nd Amendment rights”.

If you can spare only an hour a week or even a couple of days between now and Election Day, your NRA CFR or NRA EVC needs to hear from you! If the future or our Second Amendment rights isn’t worth a few hours of your time, what is?

It’s just us

Those who demand a ban of assault weapons and high round magazines have no comparable membership organization, lobby, or long term campaign that can hold a candle to the NRA. It is “just us”. Calls and letters to Representatives and Senators do matter, even more so when they do not come from a fill-in-form web site. It takes a little more effort but not that much.

An edit of the message from the NRA “Political Victory Fund” web site

If you can spare only an hour a week or even a couple of days between now and Election Day, your children need you! If the future or our children’s rights aren’t worth a few hours of your time, what is?


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