NRA's LaPierre Victim of Copy Cat BRAIN CLOT

Only days after a blood clot was discovered near the brain of Hilary Clinton, a copy cat incident strikes – this time affecting NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre who has been diagnosed as a raving lunatic as a result of the copy cat clotting.

In the days following the most tragic NRA wayne headshooting incident at Sandy Hook LaPierre remained silent, saying he was suffering from a stomach virus and that he had fallen while cleaning a Bushmaster Assault rifle and hit his head on the gun stock. He was accused of faking the incident in order to avoid embarrassment and culpability in facing questions from reporters. In response he was quoted as saying, “These accusations are absurd. The NRA is not forced to answer to anyone. We are proud of our history of being one of the few organizations that has complete immunity from congressional oversight hearings”.

It was only after his public statement, a week after suffering at the butt of a Bushmaster, when LaPierre’s medical team were alerted that his clot had lead to raving lunacy. The tip off was his suggestion that the solution to gun violence in schools was to place armed sentries in every school in America. His Doctor said, “It was those words that finally convinced us he was a idiot”. He went on to say, “The only way to prevent him from doing permanent damage was to induce the clotting into a good guy. The only way to stop clotting lunacy in a bad guy is to put them in the brain of a good guy”.

LaPierre is said to be resting comfortably NRA wayne DNwith blood thinners being administered to break the clotting, but doctors warned that, unlike the prognosis of Hilary Clinton, the damage is permanent and nothing he says about guns, the NRA, or the color of the sky should ever be taken seriously again. His sanity has been questionable for some time, after this incident, he is a classic basket case, and that legislation should be passed to keep weapons out of his hands.

You can do so by following the link in support of the Feinstein Assault Weapons bill below. Help Wayne, help himself. Sign the petition.

Feinstein Petition


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