NRA the New Teaparty – LaPierre meets Bachmann

Not so very long ago the Tea Party was perceived and reported as a grass roots movement of “mad as hell” Americans who were out to demand a smaller role of government. Similarly, some years ago the mission of NRA was protect the right of responsible gun owners to bear arms, with the prime focus on guns related recreation like hunting, target shooting, or skit shooting.
NRA can string
The Tea Party’s “bag” began to tear when it lost its spontaneous, grass roots brand with the revelation that it was really formed to further the ideology of just two men – the Koch Brothers. Why? Because they had money and they could afford it. One leading Tea Party mouth piece was Michele Bachmann who began to poison the tea bag with evangelical gospels and conspiracy theories far outside the mainstream of moderate American thought. Thus the bubble of noxious gas was pumped into the brew, so that even when it floated out of the cup, off the table, and into outer space, it remained the message by the Tea Party and for the Tea Party even though it had vanished from the earth.

The NRA began as grass roots movement of hunters and sportsmen that focused on defending on 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. Communities of hunters and sportsman across the country supported the association, and a ton of great work has been done to educate and encourage gun safety and responsibility. The members supported the association by annual membership dues which were the main source of the NRA’s total budget.

Brownell and Barrett the Koch Bros. of the NRA

Just as the Koch Brothers dominated the workings of the Tea Party, so the wealthy gun industry now dominates the workings of the NRA. The money of the Brownell’s and Barrett’s (See panel at the right) trump the voice of the former core of grassroots hunters and sportsmen until they are left with the out-of-the-mainstream voice of Vice President Wayne LaPierre that is every bit as out of touch with the original message of the NRA, as Michele Bachmann was with the Tea Party.

Vice President LaPierre is spewing poison gas into the message bubble of the NRA. His out of touch insensitivity to the desires of the majority of the people in America regarding the need for gun control has become a threat to the hunters and sportsmen who once held the voice for the policy of the organization.

NRA Money 2
The questions about the NRA’s ties to the gun industry, and whether those ties have influenced its agenda, have come to the forefront in the wake of horrific mass shootings last year in Connecticut, Colorado and Wisconsin.

In recent years, it has argued that defending gun owners and the gun industry is one in the same.

Iowa-based Brownells Inc. is in an elite group of donors that have given between $1 million and $4.9 million since 2005. Barrett Firearms (another gun industry heavyweight) in the same period chipped in between $50,000 and $99,000.

Huffington Post

Hunters and sportsman do not share the voice of survivalist fanatics

Alex Jones is another Michele Bachmann. Jones a radio host who appeared on the CNN Piers Morgan show:

The voices of Alex Jones and other fringe survivalists that are appearing in the media are a disgrace to the original mission and work of the NRA. When the weak and infirm become a threat to to the herd it is time to Cull the Herd


2 thoughts on “NRA the New Teaparty – LaPierre meets Bachmann

  1. I’ve been reading the American Rifleman for well over twenty years and there has been no change in their opposition to gun control measures in that time period.
    When do you theorize (fantasize) this change took place?.


    • The point is – the values of the majority of the American public have changed. The example of citing the American Rifleman as the prime authority on gun control only reinforces the theme of the post – that many gun enthusiasts are living in a bubble of denial. They are ignoring the shift of the opinion of the Democratic majority, just as the Tea Party did.


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