John Doe University Constitutional Scholar

Scott Walker considers himself…WHAT?

Just before Walker entered the chamber to deliver his state of the state address Zac Schultz, of Wisconsin Public Television, made a statement that made me roll my eyes, drop my mouth, and spill my coffee. The broadcast was live so I couldn’t rewind and check if I really heard what I though I heard. I watched the video this morning and I did hear what I thought I heard in the preliminary remarks. The link to the broadcast and the quote of the remark by Zac Schultz is below. Hang on to your coffee cup.

Zac Schultz- Wisconsin Public Television

“He writes his own speech… considers himself something of a constitutional scholar.”

Walker SOS

Where or where did that come from?

This is like calling Jesse James an authority on investment banking. Wiki tells us that “Scholarship is noted by its significance to its particular profession, is creative, can be documented, can be replicated or elaborated, and can be and is peer-reviewed through various methods.”

We know that Walker never graduated from any John Doe Lawcollege and does not hold any degree, earned or honorary. Exactly, what research or source can Zac Schultz cite that would allow him suggest that Walker is a scholar of anything other than how to install a secret email network within thirty feet of his office without getting punished? I guess, this qualifies him as a summa cum laude of John Doe University, but hardly qualifies him as a scholar of constitutional law.

Zac have you heard about this?

So, if Walker possesses such a scholarly grasp of Wisconsin Constitutional Law, how did his major edict, his premier reform, his crowning glory in the eyes of tea party conservatives – get deflated and over ruled? A Wisconsin judge struck down nearly all of the state law championed by Gov. Scott Walker that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most public workers. September 14, 2012 Huffington Post

What about the scholarly Voter ID law?

“Two Dane County judges separately blocked the law this year for violating different provisions of the state constitution. One found the Legislature did not have the power under the state constitution to impose a photo ID requirement on voters; the other found the photo ID requirement placed an unreasonable burden on the right to vote guaranteed in the state constitution.” JS Online

So, where does Zac Schultz seek to find the scholarly attributes of Scott Walker regarding Wisconsin Constitutional law when two of the major legislative initiatives proceeding from his first two years and office have been stayed and overturned?
Why were they overturned?

Because they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


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