Lizards, Snakes and GUNS

How the 112th Congress became the least productive in history

When it ends, the 112th Congress will have passed about 220 public laws — by far the least of any Congress on record. Goodbye and good riddance, 112th Congress – Washington Post

It wasn’t a coincidence – It was a carefully planned Algorithm

The obstruction of the Tea Partyrand paul snake Caucus within the House of Representatives has been singled out as the prime reason for the failure of that body to do the peoples’ business. The weak link to productivity did not leave with the exit of the 112th Congress, but remains deeply entrenched in the 113th and is already singled out as the impediment to upcoming action on vital decisions regarding gun control and the debt ceiling. We have heard the rationalization for the obstruction of the Tea Party Caucus – that they are bound by their conservative local base and not by the wishes of the majority of the people who live outside their individual districts – and we leave it at that.

The make up and political leanings of individual congressional districts did not just happen by chance. No. The constituencies of the obstructive house members have been carefully plotted and planned for years, along the same curve as the growth of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and the development of the Americans for Prosperity through the funding and manipulation of the Koch Brothers. The far right leaning of people in the obstructive districts did not grow by a toss of the dice but a strategically developed algorithm as stealthy and patient in its attack as that of an American Timber Rattlesnake.

Don’t Tread on Me

Gun control legislation and the fiscal cliff issues dance and sing across the media stream while we know full well that the rattlesnake is lying in the weeds. A creepy crawly reptilian treason lies in wait to strike at the will of the majority of the people at a moments notice. It begins with the salamander.

Implications of limb regeneration as applied to humans

Salamanders’ limb regeneration hassalamander been the focus of significant interest among scientists. A theory persists in the scientific community that such regeneration could be artificially recreated in humans using stem cells. Axolotls have been highlighted for research. Wiki

The regenerative capability of the creepy crawly salamander became part of the political discussion 200 years ago as a cartoon depicting “suspious” vote district boundaries.

First printed in March 1812, this political cartoon (at right) was drawn in reaction to the state senate electoral Gerrymander dragondistricts drawn by the Massachusetts legislature to favour the Democratic-Republican Party candidates of Governor Elbridge Gerry over the Federalists. The caricature satirises the bizarre shape of a district in Essex County, Massachusetts as a dragon-like “monster.” Federalist newspapers editors and others at the time likened the district shape to a salamander, and the word gerrymander was a blend of that word and Governor Gerry’s last name. Wiki

Gerrymandering has been the tool of ruling incumbents for years giving rise to “Jerrymander” (a reference to California Governor Jerry Brown),[8] and “Perrymander” (a reference to Texas Governor Rick Perry). It is all sorta funny, as voting districts have been slowly shaped to resemble dragons, toads, and snakes…do you hear the rattle?

The Salamander regenerates into the snake of the 112th Congress

And it is not so funny anymore. The slow and algorithmic plotting of salamander after salamander has generated a timber rattlesnake that comes to strike at the heart of the will of the nation on vital issues regarding what’s to be done about guns, the debt ceiling, and immigration. Hear the rattle?

Salmanders about to mate
2004 Illinois’s 4th congressional district packs two Hispanic areas.Illinois_District_4_2004

The Gadsden Flag

You’ve seen the symbol and the flagGadsdeb flag being waved at Tea Party rallies and 2nd Amendment rallies. The symbol has a long and interesting history beginning with an early cartoon of Benjamin Franklin and proceeding on through time as an improvisational flag of the American Revolution before Betsy Ross got into sewing the stars and stripes.

The Gadsden flag and other rattlesnake flags were widely used during the American Revolution. There was no standard American flag at the time. People were free to choose their own banners. Founding Fathers

Rattlesnake Bites – It’s All About ME!

The Salamander became the Gerrymander. The Gerrymander evolved from its beginning, and around the mid 1980’s it began to morph into a more deadly and treasonous rascal. It would regenerate into the rattlesnake of the “Don’t Tread On Me” – Tea party Caucus that is now firmly planted in the Congress. The snake lives in defense of the myopic “me” – Democracy be damned. The crawling evolution was slow and plodding. It was not a fluke or a fancy of chance. It was a slow mathematical and methodical process to control the Congress by working from the ground up – from the State House to State House until it reached Washington. The plot was so intentional and sophisticated that million of dollars have been spent to hire law firms to plot out the next regenerative arm of the salamander, in state after state, following the a scientific algorithm to become the viper to strike at the majority opinion with its poison fangs of obstruction.

Shortest splitline algorithm

The Center for Range Voting has proposed a way to draw districts by a simple algorithm. The algorithm uses only the shape of the state, the number N of districts wanted, and the population distribution as inputs. The algorithm (slightly simplified) is:

Start with the boundary outline of the state.
Let N=A+B where N is the number of districts to create, and A and B are two whole numbers, either equal (if N is even) or differing by exactly one (if N is odd). For example, if N is 10, each of A and B would be 5. If N is 7, A would be 4 and B would be 3.
Among all possible straight lines that split the state into two parts with the population ratio A:B, choose the shortest. If there are two or more such shortest lines, chose the one that is most north-south in direction; if there is still more than one possibility, chose the westernmost.
We now have two hemi-states, each to contain a specified number (namely A and B) of districts. Handle them recursively via the same splitting procedure.
Any human residence that is split in two or more parts by the resulting lines is considered to be a part of the most north-eastern of the resulting districts; if this doesn’t decide it, then of the most northern. Wiki

As huge and possibly earth shaking decisions will be decided upon by the House of Representatives – do you hear the rattle? What’s more, it is a long way back to fix the problem that began years ago with all those misplaced salamanders.


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