Anti Choice Day Begs Walker's DNA

Let The Anti Choice Day Festivities Begin

You remember the story allegingWalker CHOICE that Walker fathered a child when he was a student at Marquette University. Dr. Bernadette Gillick was a college roommate with Ruth (a name she made up. It was not her roommate’s real name). Ruth was dating Scott Walker.

According to a June article in the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op report, Dr. Gillick was college roommates at Marquette University in the then all female O’Donnell Hall with a young woman who was dating Scott Walker. This young woman, being referred to as Ruth (not her real name), got pregnant by Walker. Her pregnancy coincided with his ill-fated run for student body president, which ultimately ended in Walker being found guilty of illegal campaign activities. The student newspaper Marquette Tribune called him “unfit for office. ”

The twenty year old Ruth informed her boyfriend, who was initially supportive but quickly turned cold and indifferent after alerting his parents of the situation. According to Dr. Bernadette Gillick, Walker began denying paternity and told his girlfriend he didn’t care if she got an abortion.

A moment of truth born of frustration

Most of us, on the other Koch eaglescoutside of the moral compass, can relate to the squirmy knot in the stomach that twists as a tape worm hungry for the truth each and every time we see a tweet, a face book post, or hear an interview or speech delivered by the Honorable Scott Walker. It was at just such a moment when Dr. Gillick had her epiphany:

Over the phone, Bernadette recounted how she watched a recent televised debate between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett. As he talked about his “lifelong integrity” her anger grew. This was a man who had abandoned his pregnant young girlfriend — completely turned his back on her at the most fragile point in her life. She notes his “now-convenient ‘pro-life’ proclamations” after burying his past “indiscretion.” Says Bernadette, “I cannot listen to his lies anymore … I cannot dream of how anyone would support such an evil man. Once a man shows that he has no soul, there is nothing more.”

The story broke and was reported across the blogosphere, but on the very next day, and before the account got its legs, it was dismissed by Journal Sentinel “No Quarter” reporter, Daniel Bice in a statement that was reported across the net:

“I am getting a lot of emails because of this post. Two things: (1) I tracked down and talked to Dr. Gillick’s freshman-year roommate at MU yesterday, and she adamantly denies that Walker is the father of her child. Yes, she got pregnant as a first-year student, but she believes Dr. Gillick is mixing up stories; and (2) I Can Read CCAP has taken a family court suit involving Scott Alan Walker and mixed it up with the governor, Scott Kevin Walker.”

The story was buried alive

The allegation deflated as quickly as it had grown. Yet, like so many of the facts surrounding the seedy side of Scott Walker, questions were left unanswered. What is it with Walker and all the unanswered questions regarding what he knew, and when he knew it – and I am thinking about a secret email network here.

Badger Democracy pointed at the holes in the Bice statement.

First, the time problems with the Circuit Court Access documents Bice sited

The Scott Walker referenced in the “Bice” comment of Family Court CCAP record was born in April, 1961. The woman in the record (mother of the child) was born in 1962. There is no possible way Dr. Gillick would confuse, or have even known this “other” Scott Walker, much less been roommates with the mother at Marquette. They are both 6 – 7 years older that any of the parties cited by Dr. Gillick. Badger Democracy

Scott Walker’s Birthday – November 2, 1967 (age 45 years)

Senft, Laura Ann – Petitioner
Laura Ann Senft vs. Scott Alan Walker
Milwaukee County Case Number 2004FA003749
Petitioner Senft, Laura Ann
Respondent Walker, Scott Alan

Circuit Court Access Document
Responsible Official
Sullivan, Michael P.
Branch Id 26

Filing Date 05-21-2004

Party Details
Senft, Laura Ann – Petitioner

Date of Birth 06-1962
Address Updated On 05-24-2004
533 Watson, Aurora, IL 60505

Attorney Name Probst, Jane E

Walker, Scott Alan – Respondent Male

Date of Birth 04-1961

Address: 2108 Hwy 10, Appleton, WI
Address Updated On 05-24-200

The other Scott Walker case is clearly irrelevant to the allegations against Governor Scott Walker.

So the only fact that goes against Dr.Gillick’s account is that in a phone interview conducted by Bice, the voice of Ruth denied that Governor Scott Walker was the father of her child. That’s it.

Not good enough on Anti Choice Day

Just as so many other allegations 1shoe dropagainst Scott Walker regarding his campaign activities, his pay to play appointments, and his rumored child – they have yet to grow the teeth that bite.

It is one thing to carry the unwanted child allegations on his record. It is quite another make a special proclamation to set a day aside as Anti Choice Day, when credible allegations have surfaced that indicate that Gov. Walker may have taken the male advantage of making the very choice that is now proclaimed to be unworthy for women.

With the Anti Choice Day proclamation he has pushed his credibility to the limit and thrown his past into the arena for further scrutiny. DNA could settle the question once and for all.


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