Duffy, Ryan, Lip Sync Sandy Aid 'NO' Vote

Fox News asks, “What so we believe in any more?:”, in reaction to the report that Beyoncé may have lip synced her performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Obama Inaugural ceremony. Fox News calling Beyonce fake when Fox News continually fakes the news by inserting prerecorded film that has nothing to do with the story being covered? A memorable example was when Fox inserted video of demonstrators among palm trees and sold it as footage of the Wisconsin uprising demonstration in Madison. So Fox, what are we do believe anymore?

GOP Wisconsin House Members Lip Sinc in chorus for Sandy Aid

If Fox needs to come down as righteous against fakery, why draw the line at the Beyonce performance. What House Sandy No 2about the Wisconsin House members vote against providing disaster aid to the Sandy victims? Not one GOP Representative from Wisconsin voted to provide money to help the victims of the hurricane. Not one. They lip synced their vote as surely as any singer and in a matter far more life threatening than another performance of the National Anthem.

Making Wisconsin Proud?

Pictured at Palm Tree

WI-5th District: Jim Sensenbrenner (top left)

WI-6th District: Tom Petri (top right)

WI-8th District: Reid Ribbl (middle)

WI-7th District: Sean Duffy (bottom left)

WI-1st District: Paul Ryan (bottom right)

Not one GOP House member from Wisconsin voted in favor of the Disaster Relief Bill. The argumentative song for the “No vote”, was called in by the Congressional Tea PartyHouse Sandy Aid 2 Caucus; the same caucus that is responsible for the least productive session of Congress in history; the same caucus that was bought and paid for the the Koch Brothers the American for Prosperity. In effect, the decisions and votes of the Wisconsin GOP are pre-recorded and then performed on the floor of the House as political reality – and Fox News is worried about Beyoncé and the Star Spangled Banner?

This is not government by the people in the people’s House, this is government by the wealthy few who are writing the lyrics to be performed in a aria designed to preserve and protect their place at the top while the average worker in Wisconsin has seen their own wealth shrink to historical lows. The “Anthem Against Sandy” by Wisconsin House members is not representative of the majority of Wisconsin voters who turn out to help when their fellows are devastated by the calamities of tornadoes and floods. Yet, the Wisconsin Tea Party Caucus has shamed the true character of the Badger State. They said “no”. They sang the false, pre-written lyrics for all the world to know.

Please end this shameful ballad of partisan demagoguery. Let us not be sung out on the national stage as uncaring and hard of heart. This is not Wisconsin. End the Tea Party sing-a-long once and for all.


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