Ron Johnson Dumb and Dumber

Stop! Take him out of the game

Remember when Jeremy Ross fumbled the punt on the 9 yard line in the Green Bay playoff game against the 49ers? How can it be forgotten? He was taken out of the game and we did not see him again.

Oh, what would Wisconsin votersMathews LOL2 give if Senate hearings on Benghazi were coached by Mike McCarthy and fumbles and gaffs were subject to a decision of taking the offender out of the game. Ron Johnson would be sent to the bench and denied his Gatorade.

If there were a penalty for STUPID, the flags would have descended in the Senate Hearing room like a yellow blizzard. Johnson dropped the ball, muffed the moment, pooped his pucker – made Wisconsin look like more of a loser than Jeremy Ross could ever hope too. Not once – BUT TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Has Johnson no shame? Must he drag down the reputation of the whole state with him? He was at it again with his ears plugged with ego cotton as he postured as the all knowing genius of international affairs while climbing the pedestal to question a real and well known genius of international affairs – John Kerry.

For the second day in a row he came at Kerry, as he had with Hillary Clinton, with impertinent questions about the early unfolding of the Benghazi attack. Kerry appeared a bit embarrassed for the guy and paused to swallow before he asked if Johnson had seen the security tapes that have been available to him for weeks. Johnson said, “No”. (pause)

He was the stupid, stupid, stupid guy in the back row who had not done his homework, and Kerry pointed out and itemized Johnson’s lazy failure – line by line, item by item, point by point. Did this shut Johnson UP?

The question of the day – Can a Senator be Impeached for STUPID?


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