Citizen Koch goes A' mining

Money and power have been so poisonous and pivotal in the political scene in Wisconsin over the past two years that this dangerous liaison has evolved into a story of historical significance. This is the stuff that spins novels and movies like “Citizen Kane” – the classic movie by Orson Welles which documented the ruthless pursuit of power by newspaper magnate Randolf Hearst.

In fact, the Wisconsin story equals the drama of the classic film. It is that big. It is the central plot in a new movie “Citizen Koch” a new documentary:

Wisconsinites and their politics are in the spotlight at this year’s Sundance Film Festival thanks to “Citizen Koch,” Kane Groth Koch 2the new documentary by Carl Deal and Tia Lessin about corporate and special-interest groups pouring money into last year’s gubernatorial recall election and its impact on elections across America.JS Online

Stay where you are. You already have the best seat in the house

The people of Wisconsin need not travel to the festival to witness the drama, the sequel is already unfolding just out the door. Heck, you can watch it live streaming from the State Capitol on your home computer. The latest docudrama is unfolding through the people, politicians, power and money surrounding the attempt of the GOP to pass a mining bill. It’s all here. All the drama, power grabbing, and the big bucks of Citizen Koch.

Last Call: Citizen Cites Special Interest Money

Many Wisconsin residents who waited all day to testify against the mining bill were turned away late in the evening. One of the first to arrive and the last to testify was Oma Vic McMurray, who put a few hard facts into the record. According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, between 2010 and 2012, the interests that support mining deregulation have contributed nearly $1 million to 20 members of the joint committee. The vast majority of those contributions — about $825,000 — were accepted by GOP legislators. Top takers of the campaign finance dollars were:

Senator Alberta Darling (R) $467,293
Senator Tom Tiffany (R) $74,915
Rep. Tom Larson (R) $56,380
Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) $52,439
Sen. John Lehman (D) $43,838
Rep. Fred Clark (D) $36,676
Rep. Warren Petryk (R) $32,136

What kind of person trades the people for money?

You’ve probably read all sorts of novels and seen dozens of movies centering around the personalities of politicians who are bought, but just to add a bit of grit for the mill, let’s look at a recent video of the “real taker” – the fourth down the list above, Senator Glenn Grothman:

Wisconsin Lawmaker Suggests Planned Parenthood Is Targeting Asian Americans for Abortion

In an interview yesterday, Wisconsin Republican state senator Glenn Grothman suggested that Planned Parenthood is promoting sex-selective abortions to Asian Americans.

Just like in all the movies and novels the Darling’s, the Grothman’s and rest of the hacks on the dole from the Koch Brothers are not too bright. They often do not know how to pronounce the words of hate they are using like “rashist?”.

The Mining Bill Movie

It is entertaining to sit back and watch a movie while eating popcorn and sipping a drink. When the part comes when the villains use power and money to open a mine that is the doom of the water supply for thousands – we can just switch channels.

No wait. This is really happening. Damn!

Kane the end


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