Walker's GOOD FRIDAY Denial

“Truly I say to you that this very night, before a rooster crows,
you will deny Me three times.

As the cock crowed on Good Friday Walker made his final $247,554 payment to his legal defense fund. Walker’s denials to thecock crow1 people of Wisconsin did not come with a few words like “I don’t know John Doe.”, or “I don’t know him.”. The denials came in a secret and behind-the-scenes shuffle of papers and conference calls carrying a legal price tag of $650,000. As a result, the denial is every bit as nefarious as the as the allegations they hope to nix. (The first three letters in Nixon).

The purpose of an investigation into a criminal action is to bring the truth to light. In most cases evidence is gathered, witnesses are deposed, and exhibits tagged to be brought into the arena of a court proceedings when all facts are brought into the open public arena. This open proceeding has been derailed through the John Doe investigation of Scott Walker, for what does the public know today that it did not already know months ago, when the first indictments were announced surrounding Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive? We know nothing more of the specific evidentiary components of the investigation.

The Stand-with-Walker folk refer to the investigation of Scott Walker as a witch hunt, when a cursory reading of “The Scarlet Letter” or “The Crucible” would demonstrate it was far and away the opposite. The drama of the novel and the play are built around the public exhibition of the allegations and evidence of those accused as an adulterer or of being a witch. The John Doe investigation has been little more than a well paid for cover-up of evidence milking any drama out of the proceedings by out-of-state “boutique” law firms and Public Relations spinners and branders. What is a “boutique” law firm anyway?

And the cock crows once…Denying the people.

Records show his defense fund dispensed $432,754 to the Chicago and Milwaukee firms for which his two criminal defense lawyers worked. cock crowsmA boutique Madison law firm and APCO Worldwide, a Chicago-based PR firm, received another $15,000 from Walker’s defense account.JS Online Daniel Bice

Today, the people of Wisconsin have no further knowledge as to what happened in Walker’s County Executive Office when he was running for Governor than they did a year ago when his legal defense fund was established. You see, the investigation was secret and fraught with “compliance issues”.

The term encompasses data storage, data archiving, data encryption, and also data retrieval. If you have enough money you can challenge the storage of data, the archiving of data, and retreival of data. Data, data, and more data.

And the cock crows a second time…Denying the People

In addition, Walker’s campaign paid about $200,000 directly to Michael Best & Friedrich for so-called “compliance issues” related cock crowsmto the investigation. The campaign retained former U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic, a former Michael Best lawyer who has since left the firm, when prosecutors subpoenaed campaign records the day before the 2010 general election. JS Online Daniel Bice

“It is not unusual for politicians to release negative or unflattering news on Fridays or holidays to avoid as much attention as possible.” With the Supreme Court visiting same sex marriage laws, we have been reminded of just such a maneuver by Bill Clinton back in 1996. “It was 10 minutes before 1 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 21, 1996, and there were no cameras, no ceremony. The witching-hour timing bespoke both political calculation and personal angst. With his signature, federal law now defined marriage as the union of a man and woman. Mr. Clinton considered it a gay-baiting measure, but was unwilling to risk re-election by vetoing it.” News Busters

In Wisconsin obfuscation has transcended time, season, and shuffled the rule of law into flash drives, files, and folios of legal no speak.

And the cock crows a third time…Denying the People

Records say the defense fund on Friday paid $247,554 to Sidley Austin, a large Chicago law firm for which defense attorney John Gallo is a partner. Gallo’s firm had previously been paid $130,000.

On Friday, the Madison law firm of Lind Weininger cock crowsmalso received a payment of $3,560 from Walker’s fund, bringing its total take to $4,860. Kate Lind, who works at the firm, was the custodian of records for the defense fund.

The governor was also represented by Milwaukee defense lawyer Michael Steinle, whose firm had previously received $54,200 from the governor’s fund.JS Online Daniel Bice

“The bill is in, and it wasn’t cheap.” Daniel Bice

No it wasn’t cheap. It all cost a lot of money, but what are the other costs? After all the tax payers money spent on prosecution and the private money, from who knows where, has been spent on the defense of Scott Walker – the real cost is to justice itself. We the people know nothing. The people are left with but one more example of how justice can be tampered by money and power. Unlike the real witch trials of Salem, the people have been witness to nothing, nada, ziltch. Have we forgotten that the people deserve to know the evidence, the specifics of the allegations, the truth? After two years, the people are left with a couple of press releases from the prosecution and the defense, who have decided that the investigation is concluded. Such a stunning anti climax IS the witch trial. To many, it isn’t even a matter of Walker’s guilt or innocence, it is that we have the right to know. The case against Walker has been silenced, protected, and insulated along every inch of the way from his County Executive’s door to the secret email network in his aid’s office. The funds for defense have been raised secretly and at the expense of time and treasure that belong to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

The final statement of the Walker administration on the timing of his final payment to his defense fund on Good Friday, echoes through two years denial.

Asked if Walker was releasing the defense-fund information on Good Friday for that reason,

Tieman said, “I have no comment.”

Bridgeport Mine – The Profit of THREE

“The Price of Sand”

See the scar of the proposed Pattison Frac Mine on the landscape below

You can zoom Google Earth to the site of the mine that is marked by the red anchor in the top map – the lower map depicts the scar on the earth resulting from the proposed frac mine.

The body of water at the base of the lower map is the Wisconsin River.

frack bridge price

“The Price of Sand” is a new film by Jim Tittle

Film maker Jim Tittle interviewed people in Wisconsin and the story of one women stood out like a ten ton sand truck infrac dust that she could be talking about the proposed Bridgeport Sand Mine in Crawford County when she says, “She feels not only helpless but abandoned by public officials who would prefer to look the other way rather than challenge the status quo and restrict mining activities through zoning. Another unhappy resident sums the dilemma up nicely saying, “we place a high value on our freedom and these companies take advantage of that.” Daily Planet.

On this Wednesday March 27 the three person town board of Bridgeport will vote on approving the Lyle Pattison’s mining operation. Yes. Just three men sit on that town board to vote on a mining operation that could impact all of Crawford County and the State as the mine land extends into the Wisconsin Riverway. Here is the kicker that will stir more sand on your face than a bully at the beech: One of the men on the town board owns one of the parcels of land that he will be voting on! How likely is it that he will rip up his lottery ticket? The Supervisor gets the check!

What’s more, this is not a coincidence but a well plotted strategy brewed in the offices of the largest mining corporations in the country. The Bridgeport mine proposal isn’t the first time that an elected official on a town or county board has been set up to gain a huge profit from his or her position. Free Wisconsin reported back in December how this manipulative, “Mafioso” tactic was exemplified in Barron County, and is only one small example of how the “frac sand mindset” of “divide and conquer” is playing out across some of the most beautiful natural vistas in Wisconsin.

“Price of Sand” trailer

Wisconsin is a guinea pig for the frac mine industry

Clearly the quarry sand mine potential of Wisconsin has studied, graphed, and the most manipulative strategies have been orchestrated to capitalize on the price of sand. Now, in retrospectfrac respirtory4 the divide and conquer tactics have come to light and unfortunately for many Southwest Wisconsin towns and counties – too late.

It appears the strategy was simple: to find people in positions of local political power who would be set up to gain from the sale or lease of land for a frac sand mine. Since the mining operations could be approved on the local town or county level, the strategy would not draw the attention of larger media outlets and the news was relegated to small county newspapers where the “divide and conquer” debate would play out in pockets of oblivion. Now, since this process has played out time and time again in county after county it has been recognized by other states as a prime example of how Wisconsin got it wrong.

North Dakota and Minnesota use Wisconsin as an example of “What Not To Do”

“We’ve got the opportunity to take time to get it right. Wisconsin was not prepared,” Schmit said. Even if a moratorium doesn’t survive the Minnesota Legislature, he’s hoping for an overall environmental assessment and a means to create guidance for state and local sand mining permits.

South Dakota is latest on the frack sand scene after Wisconsin, which is a primary Bakken source. Wisconsin has more than 60 sand mines and 12 million tons were mined last year. The state’s sand mining industry developed for glass manufacture and expanded in recent years for frack sand.Bismark Tribune

Meanwhile back in Bridgport

As of now, Crawford County still holds the power to expose the “divide and conquer” tactic of national mining interests. What better means than to expose the treachery by refusing to accept a vote from a three person board with vested interests.

bridgeport 3 bar

John Karnopp
38910 Velvet Lane
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Mike Steiner
Prairie du Chien

Rod Marfilius (Owner of land parcel)
Prairie du Chien

GOP Dream Ticket

Walker as Vice President with Chris Christie

Laurel and Hardy1

Christie needs a conservative side kick and the flow of Koch money

Walker is the perfect Sarah Palin to Chistie’s John McCain. How have the pundits missed this match made in NeoCon heaven?

“Now, we’ve had our fights,” he told state legislators. “We have stuck to our principles. But we have established a governing model for America that shows that, even with heartfelt beliefs, bipartisan compromise is possible. . . . Maybe the folks in Washington, in both parties, could learn something from our record here.”

Christie, his eye on a possible 2016 presidential run, overstates that record, both in terms of economic progress and in terms of partisan cooperation. But his message is undoubtedly a winning one. More than three-quarters of Americans believe that politics in Washington is causing “serious harm to the United States,” according to a new Gallup poll — and they are correct to think so. Washington Post

Christie needs an asshat asset. What better choice than Scott Walker?

The media would become so consumed with investigations into Walker’s closet filled with skeletons that Christie could bowl his way into the hearts and minds of America. Concerns about his health and weight would be dwarfed when compared to the Walker’s baggage:

– Running a secret email network in his County Executives Office during his campaign for Governor that resulted in the John Doe investigation.

– The real reason he did not graduate from Marquette.

– The truth regarding his alleged love child that he abandoned when a student a Marquette.

The media would be cast as the Keystone Cops chasing the rips and wrinkles in Walker’s shady past, so that any concerns about Chirstie’s weight would be shed like calories from the latest popular diet plan.

The Koch Money Spiget

Walker has a proven history as a money whore, dating back to his first weeks in office when he was taped speaking to a David Koch sound alike in a phone conversation.

Walker can raise big money as was proven in his recall election. He survived as he criss-crossed the country to raise 30 million dollars outspending his opponent 3 to 1.

Walker would bring a hardy war chest to the Christie/Walker ticket. With the media focused on Walker’s past the top heavy part of the ticket could rest on his laurels.

Bridgeport Mine – Supervisor gets the check!

The Town of Bridgeport Planning Commission recommended granting a conditional use permit for franc sand mining on March 14. No public comment was allowed.

The Townshipbridgeport_001 Board will vote on the recommendation on Wednesday, March 27 at 6 p.m.. FRAC instein Mine

Three Town Board Members walk into a bar…


bridgeport 3 bar
The bar tender asks, “How many members will vote on the mining issue next Wednesday?”

The Board members respond, “Just us three.”, and one of them laughs so hard he spills his drink.

The bartender asks, “What’s so funny?”

The man mops up his spilled drink and says, “If it passes I get the check.”

The bartender asks, “How so?”

The man chuckles, “It’s the lease of my land we’re voting on!”

No joke

The vote is to approve use of a parcel of land owned by one of the three voting board members Rodney Marfilus!

Perhaps in the interest of fair play the other land owners, Lee and Joan Pulda, and Earl and Amber Pulda are not on the board.
Crawford Independent

I don’t think we live in a Democracy anymore.

When a government for the people and by the people lowers itself to three partisan votes, when public questions and discussion are denied, when Rod Marfilius stands to profit substantially on his one-out-of-three vote – there is no Democracy at work in the decision.

This would be funny if it were not so blatantly wrong. Opening the door to a frac sand mine stands to impact the environment and the health of the people of the county for years.

The good old boy politics worked in the shadows until the advent of the internet. Now the back room, back slapping deals can be brought to the light.

Please Share. Stop the Mine. The vote is this Wednesday.

John Karnopp
38910 Velvet Lane
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Mike Steiner
Prairie du Chien

Rod Marfilius
Prairie du Chien

Town Officers

FRAC INSTEIN! It's just sand…right?

Bridgeport Planning Commission recommends approval for Pattison Mine

(The photos below show the Bridgeport Mine site in 4 zoom-in shots)

The March 14 meeting did not include a period for public comment. Todd Infield said that they (the commission) could not simply deny a mine on the basis of not wanting mining. Infield was making reference to objections of the Bridgeport Concerned Citizens group who argue that the issues of zoning conflicts and the threat of diminished property values near the mine were not addressed. If the mine is approved by the Township Board on Wednesday March 27 at 6:00 p.m., another door to the Pattison Mine will be open. The mining operation will have another hoop to jump in that they are required to receive a permit from the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board for the operation because of it’s very close proximity to the Wisconsin River. Sand Mining Advances (Looking at the photo on the top right the dark brown area is the Wisconsin Riverway.}

Video of the complete 3 hr. meeting of the Bridgeport Planning Commission

Why is the mine viewed as a Frac instien Monster?

It seems fairly simple and safe on the surface. It’s just sand right?

The town of Bridgeport in Crawford County is not alone in the contentious debate surrounding frac sand operations. Wisconsin frac sand mining sites have doubled in recent months. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” says federal official who ranks Wisconsin production as No. 1 in nation.

The frac sand industry has grown fast, and no government agency has an up-to-date list of all of the mines and processing plants in Wisconsin. A year ago, the Center identified 41 facilities operating or proposed in the state. This summer 87 are operating or under construction, with another 20 facilities in the proposal stage. Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism article include an interactive map of mining operations in operation along with sites proposed – including the Patteson Mine in the Town of Bridgeport.

Not just about sand, it’s about money, BIG money

There is money in them there hills! The regulations of non-metallic mines are outdated by 2O years or more.

“Frac sand operations must follow state regulations for non-metallic mines. The rules written two decades ago were meant for small sand and gravel quarries, not 1,000-acre mines or industrial facilities that process up to 800,000 tons of sand a year.” (Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism)

Currently, all non-metallic mining companies must have a plan for restoring the land and controlling stormwater runoff from their properties. Two damaging sand spills occurred in Wisconsin this spring, caused in part by failure to follow existing regulations.

The first sand leak occurred in late April at a 50-acre sand mine and processing site near Grantsburg, Wis., owned by Trempealeau spillPlymouth-based Interstate Energy Partners and operated by Maple Grove-based Tiller Corp. It’s located 100 feet outside the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. The second spill occurred in early May at a 160-acre sand mine near Blair, Wis., in Trempealeau County owned by Preferred Sands of Minnesota Company. (pictured left)
Wis. sand-mine spills cause call for penalties against Minn. firms

These spills are examples of what the “Bridgeport Concerned Citizens” are concerned about since the Pattison Mine would be adjacent to the Wisconsin River so any accidental leak would flow into the waterway.

Sweating the small stuff

The obvious problems to residents near mining operations, such as air and noise pollution from diesel trucks and mining equipment, wear and tear on local roads, and the possibilities for disastrous spillage like those that occurred in the past months. Still more potentially lethal unknowns may threaten health and harmony of animals and children, while big money interests push for production before the threat of the “small stuff” can be scientifically evaluated.

The Pattison Mine in Bridgeport is defined as a site that would mine AND process sand.

Another concern of the “Bridgeport Concerned Citizens” is the “small stuff” – the health effects of dust. Mine Operators argue the sand grains themselves are harmless — think sand on a beach. What Pattison does not say in his letters to the editors of County papers is that the silica dust particles created by the sand processing are basically tiny glass shards.

Exposure to silica dust can cause silicosis, a potentially fatal lung disease. There are federal limits on acceptable silica exposure in the workplace, and some workers use respirators. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported 75 deaths in Wisconsin from silicosis between 1996 and 2005, mainly among manufacturing and mining workers. (Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism)

The really small stuff of the FRACinstein Monster

Particles are dangerous for our health. The toxicity of particles depends on their chemical composition and their size: the finer the particle is, the deeper it penetrates into our lungs.respiratory10 Scientists classify particles into two different size ranges which are known as PM10 and PM2.5.

“PM” stands for Particulate Matter which is another name for particles. PM10 refers to all particles which are less than 10 microns (µm) in size. PM2.5 refers to all particles less than 2.5 µm in size. The size of airborne particles is significant as this determines where in the respiratory tract the particles are deposited when we breathe them in. It also governs how the particles are cleared from our system and how quickly. Particles and Respiratory tract

The boy fishing in the photo is breathing in the air. The skeletal diagram shows where the different sizes particles end up in the respiratory system. The smallest size particles become lodged deep with the lungs.

In another Northwest County the company Pioneer Natural Resources is buying these parcels of potential frac mining land using the names of the little guy under a local name and turning it over to international companies.

Pioneer makes and distributes proppants

A proppant is a material that will keep an induced hydraulic fracture open, during or following a fracturing treatment.

The same Pioneer Corporation buying up sand frac land in Wisconsin makes many of these proppants. One of these proppants, ATLAS CRC-E, is described on there web site:

ATLAS CRC-E is coated using proprietary technologies engineered to minimize fines.
CRC-E has good crush resistance even prior to exposure to bottom hole
temperature. The resilient coating aids in the reduction of fines generation by
encapsulating cracked substrate grains, thus permitting longer pumping times for
placement in high temperature wells.
Atlas Crce2040 PDF

ATLAS CRC-E is made using technologies that are a company secret. We do not know what the process is or what chemicals are used. A general definition of proppants on Wiki leaves some alarming possibilities as to the make-up of these proprietary technologies:

While the fracking fluid itself varies in composition depending on the type of fracturing used, and can be gel, foam or slickwater-based. In addition, there may be unconventional fracking fluids. Fluids make tradeoffs in such material properties as viscosity, where more viscous fluids can carry more concentrated proppant; the energy or pressure demands to maintain a certain flux pump rate (flow velocity) that will conduct the proppant appropriately; pH, various rheological factors, among others. In addition, fluids may be used in low-volume well stimulation of high-permeability sandstone wells (20k to 80k gallons per well) to the high-volume operations such as shale gas and tight gas that use millions of gallons of water per well.

Conventional wisdom has often vacillated about the relative superiority of gel, foam and slickwater fluids with respect to each other, which is in turn related to proppant choice. For example, Zuber, Kuskraa and Sawyer (1988) found that gel-based fluids seemed to achieve the best results for coalbed methane operations,[1] but as of 2012, slickwater treatments are more popular.

Ignoring proppant, slickwater fracturing fluids are mostly water, generally 99% or more by volume, but gel-based fluids can see polymers and surfactants comprising as much as 7 vol% , ignoring other additives.[2] Other common additives include hydrochloric acid (low pH can etch certain rocks, dissolving limestone for instance), friction reducers, guar gum, biocides, emulsion breaker and emulsifiers.

Radioactive tracer isotopes are sometimes included in the hydrofracturing fluid to determine the injection profile and location of fractures created by hydraulic fracturing.[4] Patents describe in detail how several tracers are typically used in the same well. Wells are hydraulically fractured in different stages. Tracers with different half-lives are used for each stage. Their half-lives range from 40.2 hours (Lanthanum-140) to 5.27 years (Cobalt-60). Amounts per injection of radionuclide are listed in The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) guidelines.The NRC guidelines also list a wide range or radioactive materials in solid, liquid and gaseous forms that are used as field flood or enhanced oil and gas recovery study applications tracers used in single and multiple wells.

Except for diesel-based additive fracturing fluids, noted by the American Environmental Protection Agency to have a higher proportion of volatile organic compounds and carcinogenic BTEX, use of fracturing fluids in hydraulic fracturing operations was explicitly excluded from regulation under the American Clean Water Act in 2005, a legislative move that has since attracted controversy for being the product of special interests lobbying.WIKI

FRAC INSTEIN! It’s just sand…right?

Riverway mine moves closer as Walker boosts frac sand industry

This land is your land….this land is…. STOP WAIT!

GOP legislature continues to ticket Democracywoody_guthrie for failure to turn right

Impounding Democracy is tagging Democratic principles and laws as obstacles in the path of a more important and worthwhile agenda.

– Running a secret email network for campaign purposes in a public funded office.

– Posting an open meeting notice no later than the 24 hours required by law.

– Requiring colleagues to sign confidentiality agreements regarding public policy.

– Swiping computer hard drives clean which contain data relevant to public policy.

– Enacting rules that target dissenters to discourage access to the Capital Building.

– Passing laws restricting citizens from free and easy access to polling places.

– Intentionally using vague language in legislation to broaden administrative power.

When elected officials employ any one of the above tactics, they are impounding Democracy. They are undermining the Constitution and derailing the government from being representative of the people or of being run by the people and for the people. All of the points above have been relentlessly pursued by the GOP in the past two years. Take your pick. All of them.

When the rules and laws of Democracy lie in the way of any policy or the passage of any law – what good is the final policy or law?

This is what is different NOW. It wasn’t always this way.

The debilitating result of impounding Democracy is divisiveness. When people, children, dogs, or politicians are not playing fair the adults are expected to come in and explain things; to talk it through and employ calm communication to resolve conflict. What if there is not adult in the room? Erasers fly, dogs bite, cats fight, and deep emotional blocks called resentments lock down any hope for communication. That is were we are it seems as a State and as a Country.

A first step to resolution would be to stop the impounding of Democracy

But here we are on another Monday looking at the news to discover:

MADISON — The state would have much broader power to sell or lease state-owned properties — including buildings overseen by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents — under Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed 2013-15 budget, according to a newly released budget summary by the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

The state Department of Administration could sell those and other properties with or without the approval of the agency having jurisdiction over them, such as the Regents, the Fiscal Bureau said. Property sales would still be subject to approval by the Building Commission, which is chaired by the governor.Budget language over land sales raise concerns Post Crescent

So here we go again. Rather than writing legislation so that it can be discussed and debated as a specific change in policy, Walker chooses to reload the Budget Shotgun and cloud the air with gun powder and vague pellet fragments that create unnecessary explosions of emotions and more divisiveness.

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, criticized the proposed change as overly broad and inappropriate for the budget.

“It’s just part of a continuing power grab,” Barca said. “This does not belong in the budget. A policy change of this magnitude could affect the future of UW, and the future of highways.”

At CPAC Walker spoke saying:

“I get asked all the time, how do you put up with the grief?”

Most people can see that he creates his own grief. From the very beginning of the Collective Bargaining issue, people wanted to talk. It is he who refused to come to the table creating the deep bed of divisiveness. He is is own worse enemy. He is expected to be the adult room, not the child bouncing on the sofa throwing the pillows and knocking over the gold fish bowl. He is the child yelling, “Reform, reform, reform”. You offer no forum for discussion or debate, and wonder why the people give you grief. Grow up.

The Governor appears incapable of being an adult in the room, and I can only hope that the people of Wisconsin will prove to be the adult at the polls in 2014.

A journalist's guide to vetting Candidate Walker

Scott Walker For President!

It is a blind arrogance, often interpreted as confidence, that lead to rise of Walker. The same blind arrogance will topple him for his great fall, and his opponents can hardly wait. In fact, many progressives in Wisconsin are openly cheering his most recent announcement that he is open to a 2016 run for (gulp) President of the United States.

But please, all of you “stand with Walker” folks who may be reading this, ignore it. Please go right ahead and with your plans to put Scott Walker into the vetting mill as a candidate for President. Please!

By JONATHAN MARTIN | 3/16/13 7:02 AM EDT


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker acknowledged in an interview Friday that he’s open to a presidential bid and pointedly declined to pledge to serve a full four-year term if he’s reelected next year.

“For me, it’s really a measure of what I’ve accomplished and what more I could accomplish if I was in a different position,” Walker told POLITICO at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he spoke Saturday morning.

Oh, you will find more skeletons in the Walker closet than in a Halloween toy store!

Opposition political researchers are dedicated to exhuming skeletons in candidates’ closets, from past votes to past marriages. They hope to both protect their clients, and to damage their opponents. And the fruits of that labor often winds up in the headlines.
There is a small industry devoted to the discovery of everything a politician ever said or wrote, every vote cast, meeting attended, every public action and some they might have believed private. Opposition researchers are the hired guns that visit county courthouses and spend countless hours scanning C-SPAN’s political archives for mistakes or misstatements that can be turned into political ammunition or maybe even a bombshell.Dig up the Dirt – NPR report

The Wisconsin Media has failed abysmally in investigative reporting of the Walker administration – go to it all you professional veters!
for dummies

Vetting Candidate Walker for Dummies

for dummiesmIntegrity: The Child Scott Walker Left Behind

Bernadette Gillick was a college freshman in 1988 when she first met Scott Walker. It was spring semester, and she had just transferred to Marquette University. She was assigned a room in O’Donnell Hall (then a women’s dormitory), which she shared with her new roommate, Ruth (not her real name). Ruth was dating Scott Walker, who was 20 at the time, and, according to Bernadette, Ruth was deeply in love with him.
Anti Choice day begs Walker’s DNA

Midway through that spring semester, Bernadette alleges, Ruth found out she was pregnant. She informed her boyfriend, Scott, and initially he was supportive. That support changed to callous indifference for his girlfriend’s predicament after Scott informed his parents of the pregnancy.

(The following information was sent to Free Wisconsin from an anonymous source. This is a partial excerpt of the information on the cd entitled “Connecting the Dots”)

Dr. Gillick’s story vanished from the meda following a cryptic denunciation emailed to the Daily Kos by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist, Daniel Bice.

Call Dr. Glick – She sticks to her story.

Relevant documents can be found at Raynor Memorial Libraries. To see documents, Google “Raynor Memorial Libraries e-Archives”. Within the e-archives, search for “1990 Hilltop”

The Hilltop is the Marquette University’s yearbook. The index (pg.344) of the six Hilltop references Scott Walker* five times (pgs.13,126,127,246,248). Additional references to Walker appear in the 1997 and 1998 Hilltop yearbooks.

* No other Scott Walker appears in the Hilltop during the years 1987-90, supporting Dr. Gillick’s assertion there was not a confusing Scott Kevin Walker for any other Scott Walker.

for dummiesmWhy and under what circumstances did Walker leave Marquette without graduating?
Drop out or kicked out? – Daily Kos

“A former Marquette classmate (Glen Barry) has written about Walker’s time on the Avenue, and intimates quite clearly what has been a persistent rumor in alumni circles — that Walker was asked to leave Marquette due to some academic shenanigans. Thus far, Walker has declined to release his college transcripts, so the question remains open. Noonan’s Law applies — is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to.”

Free Wisconsin knows of a source that was in the administration during Walker’s years at Marquette who knows the real reason for Walker’s mysterious departure.

for dummiesmWhat did Walker know about the Secret Email Network (John Doe Investigation) and when?

Wisconsin ‘John Doe’ Probe: What Did Walker Know? When Did He Know It?
John Nichols on January 26, 2012 – 5:31 PM ET
The Nation

“But it does raise the classic question from the Watergate era inquiries into the misdeeds of aides to then-President Richard Nixon.”

“Of Nixon it was asked: “What did he know and when did he know it?”

“With the latest charges and the fresh complaint, it is now entirely reasonable to say with regard to Scott Walker: “What did he know and when did he know it?”

The Free Wisconsin Video below uses the words of Arlo Guthre “You said you didn’t know the cats with the bugs were there.” to underscore the similarities between Nixon’s Watergate scandal and Walker’s Walkergate scandal. Is a dark history doomed to repeat itself in a President Walker administration?

"special needs students are a burden on our schools"

Where are the investigative reporters?!

The quote that is the heading for this post is from Representative Dan LaMahieu.
Voucher Dan
Below is a response from Pulaski Schools Administrator Mel Lightner and father of a special needs student, correcting Mr. LaMahieu’s assertion from the perspective of one who has worked with schools for over 20 years.

[ca_audio url=”http://freewisconsinblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Voucher1.mp3″ width=”400″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

LaMahieu went on to say “I feel comfortable that the parents being involved will be seeking what is best for that student.” The Eastern Wisconsin Republican added that he does think it’s “a problem” that proposed funding increases for the voucher program far exceed that of public schools.”

A conference in Madison offered a glimpse of what could be contentious public hearings on the state budget proposal. A panel of three lawmakers from the Joint Finance Committee talked about their educational priorities during the Wisconsin Association of School Boards lobby day Wednesday.Wisconsin Radio Network

And where is the Wisconsin investigative media? What happened to investigative reporting as legislators stand in their official and powerful capacity and are allowed to make such sweeping and ill informed statements like the one that is the title of this post? It isn’t like this push for privatized education is new or unique to Wisconsin. Yet, the press is too often satisfied to quote the GOP tribunal of sound bite treachery and leave it at that.

Wisconsin Public Television and radio, and major news sources have done far too little to tap into the wealth of studies, real cost analysis, or case history of the reality of charter school performance.

Charter Schools seem like a reasonable idea…until you look below the surface.

This is just a little blog with one editor who is spending a Saturday digging up a few stories and links from the wealth of information that is out there for the taking. Where are the investigative journalists?

The proposal for increased funding of charter schools has been tested in other states with studies that show the wisdom of the idea – at first glance.

The proponents of dismantling public education would like to place emphasis on the word “choice” when selling charter school funding.

One of the saddest consequences of the merger of education with partisan politics is that we now no longer can trust pronouncements from many of our state and local departments of education. Instead of accurate data, we are apt to get spin, hype, distortion, and outright lies, all in the service of someone’s political agenda.

“The average charter school is doing about the same as the non-charter school when no adjustments are made for poverty and minority statuses. When the adjusted scores are considered, the average charter school performs significantly worse than the average non-charter school.”Diane Ravitch’s Blog

Dr. Stanley Smith, a professor at the University of Central Florida’s business school, analyzed school grades of Florida elementary schools last summer, examining the effect of poverty and minority status on those grades. These results call into question the emphasis by state education leaders — particularly Republicans — on charter schools, Smith said.

“Although charter schools may be cheaper for the state to fund, the adjusted scores suggest that Florida is also getting a lower return on these schools,” Smith said. “Is the lower average return on these schools worth the lower cost?” Florida Putting Education Reform To The Test

What is really descending on Wisconsin is another push of the conservative right, that has lost direction on the national scene, to push down on state houses to orchestrate an agenda of privatization that has been rejected as revealed in national polling.

Mr. Lightner sums it up with a snap in his statement before the Join Finance Committee:

[ca_audio url=”http://freewisconsinblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Voucher2.mp3″ width=”400″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

In the clip Superintendent Lightner refers to the great ray of light on the committee as “Jennifer”. This would be the only democrat on the panel Senator Jennifer Shilling. When she first ran in the recall election to unseat Dan Kapanke, I recorded the speech she delivered at the Democratic Headquarters in Viroqua. It seems very fitting for the subject at hand.

Face Book "I will have to DELETE YOU!"

Face Book graphA

Facebook: Fear not on Graph Search privacy

By ALEX BYERS | 1/28/13 12:33 PM EST

Facebook’s top privacy officer reiterated Monday the social network’s new Graph Search mantra: Your privacy settings are safe.

The revolutionary search feature, which allows users to query available data by asking simple questions, is rolling out to testers and eventually more users. But some criticism is rumbling amidst one early user’s launch of a blog highlighting information that is made easier to glean through Graph Search.

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“In terms of privacy and honoring privacy, we are absolutely honoring the controls that people have in the audience that they’ve selected with every piece of content that they share,” Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan said at a Data Privacy Panel at The George Washington University on Monday morning. “I think what some of these searches are showing is that there is information that people might have shared with an audience that they didn’t want to see it,” she added, touting the social network’s tools that allow users to check and adjust a data point’s privacy settings.

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So this is what we all have to do now:
Just so everyone on my friends list knows that I completed this and I am done! Facebook has changed their privacy settings once more!! Due to the new “graph app” anyone on Facebook (including other countries ) can see your pictures, likes & comments. The next 2 weeks I will be posting this, and please once you have done it please post DONE!!! Those of you who do not keep my information from going… out to the public, I will have to DELETE YOU! I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. I post shots of family and work that I don’t want strangers to have access to! This happens when friends click “like” or “comment”….automatically, their friends would see our posts, too. Unfortunately, we cannot change this setting by ourselves because Facebook configured it that way. PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (DO NOT CLICK), a window will appear, now move the mouse on “FRIENDS” (also without clicking), then down to “settings”, click here and a list will appear. REMOVE the CHECK on “LIFE EVENTS and “COMMENTS & LIKES”. By doing this, my activity among my friends and family will no longer become public. Now, copy & paste this on your wall. Once i see this posted on your page, I will do the same.


Graph Search appears to be well suited for serving up the very data that scammer might use to dupe a target. Though Graph Search not yet available to users, Facebook is offering a glimpse of what it search might yield. Based simply on the outcome of a sample search, I could see how the tool could be used to quickly gather enough personal data about fellow Facebook users to successfully launch social-engineering-style attacks.

For my sample search, I logged in with a bogusFace graph like Facebook account I created long ago when I was interested in playing admittedly insipid Facebook games — the ones that require you to have as many Facebook friends as possible in order to advance. I have around 445 friends on this account; I know there are other Facebook game-players with more — as well as an underground market for such accounts.

I clicked the sample Graph Search search button, and it looked up “people who live in my city.” In this case, the city was New York, New York, per my account settings. The search results included a list of 12 people, none of whom I know in real life. As far as I can tell, they are all either Facebook friends or friends of friends. To me, they’re all strangers on the Internet.

Accompanying the dozen search results are the users’ names and a profile picture, along with such data as where they live, how old they are, where they work or attend school, whether they are in a relationship, what sort of music they like, what interests they have, and the Facebook friends we have in common. All of that data could be used for social-engineering-style chicanery.Info World

"He do the Police in Different Voices" THE WASTELAND

T.S. Eliot originally considered titling his poem “The Wasteland” – “He do the Police in Different Voices”. “The Waste Land” is a 434-line modernist poem by T. S. Eliot published in 1922.
ts wasteland“It has been called “one of the most important poems of the 20th century.” Despite the poem’s obscurity —its shifts between satire and prophecy, its abrupt and unannounced changes of speaker, location and time, intimidating summoning up of a vast and dissonant range of cultures and literatures—the poem has become a familiar touchstone of modern literature.” Wiki

Among its famous phrases are “April is the cruellest month,” “I will show you fear in a handful of dust,” and the mantra in the Sanskrit language “Shantih shantih shantih.”

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R’jar Tiam of Timeless Recording and Productions. will engineer the reading of “The Wasteland” on WDRT listener sponsored radio on Sunday April 10 at 7:00 p.m.. The show is produced by Ed Schultz of the The Driftless Writers Workshop on the Carousel Show. You can listen on the web.