GOP Dream Ticket

Walker as Vice President with Chris Christie

Laurel and Hardy1

Christie needs a conservative side kick and the flow of Koch money

Walker is the perfect Sarah Palin to Chistie’s John McCain. How have the pundits missed this match made in NeoCon heaven?

“Now, we’ve had our fights,” he told state legislators. “We have stuck to our principles. But we have established a governing model for America that shows that, even with heartfelt beliefs, bipartisan compromise is possible. . . . Maybe the folks in Washington, in both parties, could learn something from our record here.”

Christie, his eye on a possible 2016 presidential run, overstates that record, both in terms of economic progress and in terms of partisan cooperation. But his message is undoubtedly a winning one. More than three-quarters of Americans believe that politics in Washington is causing “serious harm to the United States,” according to a new Gallup poll — and they are correct to think so. Washington Post

Christie needs an asshat asset. What better choice than Scott Walker?

The media would become so consumed with investigations into Walker’s closet filled with skeletons that Christie could bowl his way into the hearts and minds of America. Concerns about his health and weight would be dwarfed when compared to the Walker’s baggage:

– Running a secret email network in his County Executives Office during his campaign for Governor that resulted in the John Doe investigation.

– The real reason he did not graduate from Marquette.

– The truth regarding his alleged love child that he abandoned when a student a Marquette.

The media would be cast as the Keystone Cops chasing the rips and wrinkles in Walker’s shady past, so that any concerns about Chirstie’s weight would be shed like calories from the latest popular diet plan.

The Koch Money Spiget

Walker has a proven history as a money whore, dating back to his first weeks in office when he was taped speaking to a David Koch sound alike in a phone conversation.

Walker can raise big money as was proven in his recall election. He survived as he criss-crossed the country to raise 30 million dollars outspending his opponent 3 to 1.

Walker would bring a hardy war chest to the Christie/Walker ticket. With the media focused on Walker’s past the top heavy part of the ticket could rest on his laurels.


One thought on “GOP Dream Ticket

  1. Wow! You’re right, Dennis! How did the talking heads miss this one?
    As miserably weak as it is, the MSM would likely have Walker for lunch if he ran at the top of the ticket. But he’d be somewhat insulated from the brunt of scrutiny as Christie’s side-kick. Thanks. You’ve given me another thing that will keep me up at night.


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