House of Monkeys

John Boehner is the Monkey King

A “House of Monkeys” might be a fitting brand for the crazy antics of the House of Representatives except that it may bemonkey capitol too kind and an unforgivable slight to the simian species. Political stances and speeches that challenge the positions of most Americans are no secret. The latest reinforcement of the ineptitude of GOP members is the inability to pass a Farm Bill!

Even monkeys would hold the House in contempt

Monkeys have proven how they grasp the meaning of “equality” with a firm hand, unlike the majority of the current body, and there is proof!

What happens when you pay two monkeys unequally? Watch what happens.

GOP out classed by monkeys!

What is it about “equality” of pay, of control of one’s body, of the right to the pursuit of happiness – that the GOP House does not understand? The far-out views of GOP Representatives and Governors of Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, and Virginia have been satirized, booed, and provided fodder for the late-night take shows for the last two years until, now, when the GOP has finally descended below the respectability of monkeys.


It’s a hash tag. “House of Monkeys” is an apt description for Boehner and his cronies and a fitting hash take for the workings of the GOP lead House. It is also the name of my new play “House of Monkeys” – a musical romp through the live, work, and loves of Moliere.

You can read the opening scenes of “House of Monkeys” by clicking the “Moliere Play” .
You will arrive at the “Playful Blog” where you can hear a monkey speak the first few lines of the play.

“House of Monkeys” is a play in search of production. Any help you can provide to find a stage for its production we much appreciated.


Moliere House of Monkeys Web Page

We all need to laugh, and what better model for discovering our own grace for laughter than a man who relished laughter and comedy in his work above all else?

Tony Soprano Hero! Michael Hastings not so much

‘Actor James Gandolfini, who rose to fame as mob boss Tony Soprano on the hit HBO drama “The Sopranos,” died Wednesday of a possible heart attack while visiting Rome. He was 51.’

Mr. Gandolfini was a gifted actor and “The Sopranos” was a ground breaking series that deserves attention at the time of the death of the lead actor. Yet, on a time line of breaking news filled with tears and accolades for celebrity talents, the death of another notable genius fell in in the shadow of the fantasy mobster.

“News that journalist Michael Hastings died yesterday in a car crash in Los Angeles came as a shock to people who knew him, worked with him and read his work in the pages of Rolling Stone, among other places.”

The MSNBC anchors Chris Mathews, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and others all stepped up to praise, honor, and applaudHastingsfiery the deep journalistic work and professional dedication to the truth of their departed colleague as the words and emotion expressed in the honorariums were touching and moving.

Read more: Maddow pays tribute – Rolling Stone

What is ironic, or suspicious, or downright weird is that not one of the eulogies of their respected colleague mentioned this:

Of Course Conspiracy

As news broke of the death of the journalist whose reporting consistently nipped at the heels of the high and holy and eventually brought down the career of U.S. commander in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the first thought that entered many minds was, “hmm, I wonder how the accident happened?” No one mentioned the “fiery crash”, even as the million dollar, progressive, pundits looked into the camera to praise Michael Hastings as one of few, and perhaps the last, professional journalist who strove and dared to tell the unvarnished truth.

If I were a pundit, I would wonder what was going through the minds of Chris, Chris, Rachel, who left out the truthful tidbit of the fiery crash? It was deleted from the report, the eulogy, the respectful honorarium of the very man who refused to deny the truth to the people, as they went on and on lauding the courage, and honor of a real journalist who dared and accepted the fate of the truth-telling that they neglected to speak.

At least high profit and well branded journalism can recognize true journalism just as Tony Soparano could lead the double life of a Mafia gangster and respected family man.