Your place in Walker's Wisconsin

When Walker (born November 2, 1967) became 45th Governor of Wisconsin on January 3, 2011 with 52% of the vote – what were your hopes for the future?

The question is a general one. A non-partisan one. Your honest answer is vital to the future of hopes for your children and grand children as they create their lives in all the villages, cities, and counties of Wisconsin.

We all know that our friends, our wealthpiccommunities, our school children are not soley identified as Republican or Democrat, Red or Blue, they are just people, they are Wisconsinites, who share the dream of creating a better, more equatable and kind world for children to learn and grow in safety as they reach for the realization of so many unique and individual dreams.

Here is the mistake

I got lost. Most of us got lost. We allowed a figure head position to hold our voice, our future, and act as the determinant path finder for our children’s lives. That mythical figure head may have been materialized by Walker, or Barrett, or Union rights, or Tea Party, or…or…or.

It is now closing in on two years since Walker’s oath of office and a full year since the Recall Election of June 5 2012 which Walker survived with 53% of the vote. The next Wisconsin gubernatorial election will take place on Novemeber 4, 2014. What have we all learned? What are your hopes for the future?

We don’t know, what we don’t know

Somewhere in the background of GOP vs Democrat, and Red vs Blue, and “Stand With” vs “Recall” Walker is a startling fact that we “the people” don’t know. The people have become active politiholics in a state of denial who fail to recognize the root of our problem. Like anything obvious, it will be seen first… or last.

It isn’t Walker, or unions, or Red or Blue. If the divisive storm that has overcome our perception can be compared to a marital divorce that is a battle of emotion when the root cause of the strife of relationship is addiction or alcoholism, then we can begin to understand the politiholic addiction that has afflicted all of the people over the past two years. In some ways, we have all been through an ugly divorce characterized by protests, recalls, court proceedings, all resulting in deep emotional, political scares. And, just as we can see the obvious when looking from the outside at the experience of our friends who have been through rough and tumble divorce proceedings, we have missed the point – the deeper, underlying and faceless problem that has lead us astray.

Perception of Reality…Now you can KNOW

One of the refreshing facts you are about to learn, is that the problem is not directly about Walker. It’s not about unions. The political icons we have supported, protested, or applauded are mere lumps on the body politic, and a biopsy of the cancer under the lump may well prove to unite the people in a manner not thought possible. The fear of what hides under the lumps, the unknown or undiscovered reality, has moved the people to create enemies of one for the other. According to the facts of the video, you are about to learn something you did not know – if you dare.

Wealth Distribution in America

The Reality of what we think the wealth distribution is in this country is not even close to what it actually is.

I hope you felt better after discovering something you falsely perceived or did not know. It seems we are all wrong to allow standard barriers and conceptual icons to hold the hope of our future. At first glance, the correction may seem to merely reinforce all of the divisive emotion of the past two years, yet it also suggests the possibility for unity around the deeper, more pervasive problem.

How will this obvious and dangerous imbalance be corrected? How does the need for correction fit into the larger question of, “What are your hopes for the future?”.


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