Walker's Wisconsin "GOP Govs are coming"

Nation’s Governors to Convene for Summer Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Like thieves in the night

An interesting commentary on American walker_triangle2Politics lies in the composition of the press release for the conference. The location of the conference follows as an adendum after all of the political puffery like: “NGA promotes visionary state leadership, shares best practices among governors and speaks with a collective voice on national policy”.

The release finally lists the location of the convention at the bottom of the the article as an after thought or a note to the “press”, to underscore how the meeting is a convocation of political elites, where members of the press can expect to be severely vetted by security. As far as the public goes, “Just move on. Nothing to see here”.

PRESS RELEASE – NGA Meeting Registration Center in Wright Ballroom AB, located on the fourth floor of the Hilton Milwaukee City Center

THE EDITOR’S NOTE: Media must pre-register online at NGA’s Summer Meeting website at this link. This secure site provides all pertinent meeting information, including a draft agenda and hotel reservation form.

The deadline for advance registration is Noon (EDT), Tuesday, July 30, 2013. Reporters and producers who miss advance registration must register onsite beginning at 11 a.m. (CDT) on Thursday, August 1. However, they should be prepared for possible delays in clearing security and obtaining their NGA credentials if registering onsite. All media must pick up their individual credentials in person at the NGA Meeting Registration Center in Wright Ballroom AB, located on the fourth floor of the Hilton Milwaukee City Center beginning at 1 p.m. (CDT) on Thursday, August 1.Urban Milwaukee press release

Friday, August 2 – The Summer Meeting business sessions will officially begin

Saturday, August 3 – will begin with a joint meeting of the Economic Development and Commerce Committee and the Natural Resources Committee to discuss the state of America’s infrastructure.

Sunday, August 4 – Official business will conclude on Sunday with a closing session on cybersecurity. Governors will hear from Matt Devost, president and CEO of the Terrorism Research Center.

Welcome to the Hilton Milwaukee Downtown – A Four Diamond Hotel!

In the heart of the Walker Triangle

As you look at the google map you will see the balloon at the center showing the location of the Hilton where the NGA will convene; the apex of the Walker Triangle.

If you grab and move the map to the left you will find the balloon that marks the the left point of the base of the triangle – Marquette University campus, where in the late 1980’s Scott Walker abandoned a woman and his child while a student.

Now if you grab and move to the far right, you will find the office where Walker sat when he was County Executive. Just 30 feet from his office is where the secret email network was at work during his campaign for governor which became the subject of the John Doe investigation, and resulted in the indictment of his closest aids and associates.

“The citizens of Milwaukee and Wisconsin are excited to host the nation’s governors. These meetings are an important bipartisan forum for sharing state experiences and discussing the critical issues of the day,” said Host Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a member of the NGA Executive Committee. “I look forward to showcasing Wisconsin to my colleagues.”

If you go to the link below you will find the three points of the Walker Triangle clearly spotted in larger prospective of the map.
Link to Governor’s Conference google map

One term tea shirt anyone?

You may remember that Walker met Obama on the tarmac when he visited Milwaukee back in February of 2012 when one tee shirthe handed over a Brewers jersey with the President’s name on the back and bearing the number one? During the Governor’s Convention Walker will be inviting leaders from across the country to the apex of his triangle of controversies including the abandonment of his pregnant college girl friend, and the swirl of indictments resulting from the John Doe investigation. There the presidential hopeful will stand to welcome his fellow GOP governors, far too arrogant to recognize that he has invited them into his triangle of past denial of people and policies. He will be welcoming them to his dark triangle like he offered a tee shirt to President Obama on the airport tarmac with no realization of how the joke was on him.

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