Walker's Wisconsin – Wealth Distribution

Wealth distribution is what Walker does

Recently this blog posted “Your place in Walker’s Wisconsin” and embedded the U tube video “Wealth Inequality in America” that has been viewed by 6.5 million people. This amazing presentation talks about the average person’s perception of how wealth is wealthpiccurrently distributed in America with a shocking finding: the reality of what we think the wealth distribution is in this country is not even close to what it actually is.

A friend on face book posted the following comment: “If you want wealth distribution work for it like the rest of us do. Average hourly wage as reported Friday by the department of labor is $24.01 an hour. Not a bad living. If you want more figure out a way to invest, save, spend less work more to earn more…..or you can simply stop bitching about people having too much.”

The comment captures the problem of perception so clearly underscored in the video, and points to how the hackles of people, who identify with conservatism, the GOP, Fox News, and Scott Walker, are raised at any mention of wealth inequality, or worse yet, wealth distribution.

Yet, that is precisely what Scott Walker does. It is what he is doing. It is the core of his “reforms”. What is so frustrating is that the man some people “stand with” is a wealth distributor of ungainly if not illegal proportions, but the perception is that he is crusading to cut taxes, balance the budget, and limit the regulatory obstructions of government. No. He is redistributing wealth away from the middle class and into the coffers of the stake holders, the makers, the corporate CEO’s, and developers. Not only are the Walker policies obvious proponents of wealth distribution, but they move wealth away from the middle and further to the already severely slanted end of the spectrum where the bells and whistles are already signaling too much! “tilt”.

Going to work is not enough anymore

The scale of severely unbalanced wealth distribution in America is so out of proportion in favor of the wealthiest 1% that they are now in control of the media, of forming consumer habits, wealth_alvinand of Congress. The lobbyists working long and hard for the interests of the wealthiest are so entrenched in the hearts and minds of politicians on all levels that the power of money and message will not be shifted by just going to work. If left alone to run its course, without action and awareness, the middle class will continue to be left out of the economic glory of this country and the lively pursuit of happiness that many can remember when looking at photos of our parents and grand-parents.

Only awareness of the problem of economic injustice can change the outcome

Most of the people who read this blog already have an awareness of this problem, so the question is what’s next? Not that actions have not been orchestrated as people continue to bring an awareness of perception through movements like Uncut, Occupy Wall Street, and independent films like Karin Hayes – “We’re Not Broke” featured on Directors Cut – Wisconsin Public Television.

WEDC a quasi governmental FAILURE

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is a money hole created by Walker to redistribute wealth to the tilted upper end of any graph scale and it has been and is a disaster. The department is often defined as a quasi private jobs agency without ever discussing what that means.

as if; as it were
[from Latin, literally: as if]

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Quasi? How do journalists continually (sort of) type this (kind of) definition of Walker’s flagship job creation agency and just leave it at that? Would you book a flight on airplane with quasi jet engines? Would you elect to have medical procedure offered by a quasi brain surgeon? Yet if you study the history of Walker’s WEDC disaster you will find the “quasi-private jobs agency” appearing again and again without further clarification or discussion. Even though, quasi has been rolling off the tongue of the media for two years, it has not cut muster with federal funding sources like the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

On April 12, 2012 HUD advised DOA that WEDC must immediately cease the award and administration of all CDBG funds until appropriate written opinion from WIsconsin Attorney General or an appropriate written agreement between the Wisconsin DOA and the WEDC is recieved by HUD. Badger Democracy HUD Letter

The letter goes on to specify 16 separate clarifications of “quasi” before federal funds would be released for the Community Development Block Grant program, “WEDC had no legal authority under the CDBG Program to award or administer CDBG funds.”

WEDC Head, Reed Hall, gets a salary boost public schools get the shaft

Hall gets REAL raise for QUASI job creation department

Hall took over the agency in between two audits — one issued in Dec 18, 2012,December 2012 and one released in May 2013 — that were critical of the WEDC’s internal financial functions and systems.

Hall was set to make $120,000 when he took the full-time position in January and in February received a $65,000 raise, according to the Wisconsin Reporter.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. CEO Reed Hall said he did not seek a 50 percent pay raise, but said he views it as a reasonable amount for when the agency recruits for his ultimate replacement.Milwakee Biz Jornals

Funding for public schools cut

The new budget provision gives parents, regardless of income, a state income tax deduction of up to $10,000 for sending a child to private school.

Tony Evers is the Superintendent of Public Instruction spoke with dismay regarding further cutting free public school instruction in Wisconsin.
“So, it’s taking money out of the system that would normally go to public schools — and it’s the most generous in the nation. If you and I were billionaires and were sending our kids to high-tuition high schools, we would get, as billionaires, get the tax credits for that. It’s obviously not progressive and it’s going to hurt our public schools.Politifact “Mostly True” rating

Distribution of Wealth IS what Walker does

If you have or know of a child who attends public schools, raise your hand.

If you know of anyone who has gained employment through the efforts of WEDC, raise your hand.

If we count the hands we can see the downward spiral, the unnecessary pain, and the fear and concern of parents whose hope is to see their children succeed and how this one small snapshot of Walker’s wealth distribution is working – it is working to further burden the parents and children of Wisconsin with an even more treacherous and difficult climb to their pursuit of happiness. It is rewarding those who are already privileged with opportunity, inherited status, and wealth at the expense of the majority of middle class farmers, nurses, fire fighters, teachers, and well, you know them – they live next door.

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