Walker's Wisconsin – Lie by Planned Coincidence

New Philadelphia Fed report shows Wisconsin economy strengthening

Gov. Scott Walker is touting a new report from the Philly Fed as further evidence he has Wisconsin heading in the right direction.

Those banking on Wisconsin’s economy tanking in hopes it might cost Gov. Scott Walker his re-election are not going to like the latest numbers from the Philly Fed.

Host Madison

Any report, showing signs of improvement in the Wisconsin economic outlook appears to many of the unemployed, uninsured, Why walkerunrepresented majority of the blue Obama state as a mirage in a desert of woe of high prices, low wages, and slim opportunity. Please don’t accuse the mass of those left out of slamming the positive report as rejection of hope that things can get better, even under the failure of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to produce jobs, even while being cut out from affordable health care by Walker’s rejection of Obamacare, even as women’s health care is threatened by the deep cuts to Planned Parenthood, even as new rules are imposed on talking, singing, and walking within the Capital Rotunda, even as the State Supreme Court is racked with dissension and incompetence – even with all that – the majority of people would welcome a ray of light and hope.

Consider the Source

No, it’s not that the people would not welcome the news of improvement – it’s that they do not believe it, and shrug away with a – “There you go again”. Unlike the “There you go again” statement, when it was used in the 1980 debate by Ronald Reagan to the Democrat President Carter, now the statement is a knee jerk reaction from the other side to any policy statement flowing from the Walker jaw. Finally, the credibility of Scott Walker is crumbling as his most staunch supporters hang on with slaps on the back and “atta boys” that sting with a quiet desperation.

The dissection of yet another half truth

Scott Walker has a difficult time telling the truth and, as more patient observers have long predicted, it is finally catching up with him politically.

The headline from the Capital Times piece above, is the banner for the new economic news out of Philedelphia:

New Philadelphia Fed report shows Wisconsin economy strengthening

Now compare that to the headline that appears from the Walker spin machine:

Wisconsin Ranked #2 in Leading Economic Indicator

Please note the difference, while keeping in mind that the headlines both refer to a “Coincident Indicator”.

Few people have the time, attention span, or interest to research minutia of major economic indicators, and the Walker spin is counting on it. Wiki tells us there are three major indicators:


Leading indicators

Leading indicators are indicators that usually change before the economy as a whole changes.[1] They are therefore useful as short-term predictors of the economy.


Lagging indicators

Lagging indicators are indicators that usually change after the economy as a whole does. Typically the lag is a few quarters of a year. The unemployment rate is a lagging indicator: employment tends to increase two or three quarters after an upturn in the general economy.


Coincident indicators Still have it mind?

Coincident indicators change at approximately the same time as the whole economy, thereby providing information about the current state of the economy.

Now, with all that in mind while reading the “Walker lie of planned coincidence” he says:
“Wisconsin Ranked #2 in Leading Economic Indicator” so what he’s done is shift words that make it appear that his polices show twice as strong by using two of the indicators when the truth JD Dickensis, only one indicator shows the progress of which he speaks. The Coincidental indicator showed progress the Leading indicator did not, but if you throw them together in a Walkerism…hey everything is groovy in Wisconsin!

You notice the spin did not use the third “lagging” economic indicator which would have read: “Wisconsin Ranked #2 in Lagging Economic Indicator” – a selection of words as valid as the one chosen.

Of course all politicians pay staff to maneuver words for the best effect, but when a politician falls into a habitual pattern speaking half truths, and “pants on fire” lies, the repeated pathological litany begins to add up and people who have been given direction to his success, and ended up in blind alley, begin to shake their head and say,
“There you go again”.

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