Walker's Wisconsin – Force Field

History is being made in Wisconsin

Are you missing it? First time ever events are escaping to Wisconsin, to the Badger State, to America’s Dairyland, from the far north woods to the lakes of Madison – a new era is being born before our eyes with implications that promise to forever alter the character of our State. Are you prepared?

Right here in Wisconsin, hundreds of miles away from the southern regions of the country where borders are held in check, a private militia has been licensed for the fist time in the State’s history. eco-protestorsThis is no shopping mall security agency being hired to make sure the doors are locked, and the “no smoking” regs are observed – this security force is billed as a team of trained personel who strike the image of the heavy duty militia of Sylvester Stallone movies; they are masked and wear camouflage, they are armed to the hilt, and boast a name that befits the uniform: Bullet Proof!. (Photo above taken in the North Woods of Wis. is from the National “Bullet Proof” site as an example of subduing an eco terrorist.)

Bulletproof Securities provides site security teams with custom operational plans and state of the art equipment to keep your facility and its occupants secure. BPS will perform the necessary security assessments and design operational plans specifically for your site.
Bullet Proof Security site

What do the deserts of Afghanistan, Arizona and Wisconsin’s North woods have in common?

The private militia force indeed grew out of Arizona – the land of Gov. Janet Brewer the proponent of the law struck by the Supreme Court that would have made it a state crime for illegal immigrants to fail to carry identifying documents or seek employment. The Walker administration called on “Bullet Proof” to come to the aid of the Gogebic, mining company who were testing the proposed site, when it was discovered the private militia was not licensed in Wisconsin.

Today, history was made. That changed. The borders of the mining operation are safe from illegal immigrants and drug trafficking?

Madison — Armed security guards who were abruptly pulled from a proposed mine site in northern Wisconsin last month are now licensed.

“Bullet Proof Securities” was briefly protecting the site, but pulled back when it became clear last month that the Arizona firm had not received a license to operate in Wisconsin.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Safety and Professional Services announced Monday that the firm is now licensed. Guards with the firm will soon join those from other companies who are already at the site, according to the mining company.
JS Online – Bullet Proof

If you go out in the woods today you better go in disguise

Even though Gogebic has option to the mineral rights, the managed forest law gives the public access to the same area for hiking, hunting, fishing, and all the good old Wisconsin stuff. Except all the good old stuff is guarded by a private army of “protectors” armed to the hilt.

Meanwhile back at the Rotunda

Why My Parents Just Got Arrested in Madison

By Rebecca Kemble, July 25, 2013
My parents were arrested yesterday. They are 85 and 80 years old. Their crime was singing in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol without a permit.The Progressive

Rebecca’s touching story reveals the history of the Solidarity Sing Along and the shock to her family as their life-long impressions of Wisconsin were shattered when they were arrested, put in cuffs, and issued citations…for singing in the Rotunda.

Yesterday both Mom and Dad felt what it means when dozens of Capitol Police, state troopers, Department of Justice criminal investigation officers, and DNR game wardens conducted a mass arrest of 22 people who were singing peacefully in the rotunda.

The arrests have continued and intensified over the past days and weeks while the media tends to trivialize Brndon singingthe conflict between the singers and the Walker Administration as a refusal of the singers to to get a permit for the activity, when the vibrant cord is not about a bureaucratic process, it is about the motive for the change in rules. The Rotunda was viewed and occupied as a open public space since its completion in 1917! Now, because the current Governor is embarrassed and annoyed by the honest public response to his policies – he seeks to change the rules. (photo left of a singer arrested just an hour ago. Photo by Jenna Pope

What do the North Woods and the Sing Along have in common?

The Walker Force Field

The Solidarity Singers and the opponents of the mine in Northern Wisconsin are singing the same tune, beating a common drum, echoing for the right to be heard, which happens to be a Constitutional Right that is being arrested, secured by hired mercenaries, and disregarded by most of established press as expressions of annoyance on the parts of a few.

Reading the accounts of others who lived and died fighting for the right to vote, the right to ride a bus, the right to petition their government; these people never understood they were changing the course of History or the character of a country. They were reacting to the arrest of their parents, the fear in their children’s eyes, and just knew they could not, would not take it anymore.

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