Walker's Wisconsin ….Not Wisconsin

History is being made in Wisconsin

Are you missing it? First time ever events are escaping to Wisconsin, to the Badger State, to America’s Dairyland, from the far north woods to the lakes of Madison – a new era is being born before our eyes with implications that promise to forever alter the character of our State. Are you prepared?

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Just last Monday the Solidarity Sing Along was deposed for one day by a “tea party” whanabee group whose goal seemed to be to…what? Steal the show, shame the singers to silence, stand with Walker (for one day), to prove how easy it is to get a permit.

Whatever the intended goal, the presence of the one time, one day, one hour singers only served to underscore the perseverance, determination, and decorum of the group they intended to satirize and dismiss.

There could not have been a bigger contrast between the two Sing Alongs at the Capitol in Madison on Monday.
Inside, there was a morose assembly of about 36 Tea Party zealots, gathered in the rotunda, pistols down their pants, with the sole purpose of “sticking” it to the Madison libruls.” The place was teeming with police, and the tension was high.Progressive.org

Walker’s Wisconsin is not Wisconsin

The alternate tea party group conceived and made manifest an attitude of divide and conquer as the songs they sang made a mockery of the real Wisconsin and the real America by salting the poetic and patriotic words of Woody Guthrie – who believed performing his anti-fascist songs and poems at home was the best use of his talents – with tawdry, childish, na na na abominations of his long cherished verses.

This is an image of one of the “songs” performed at the alternate tea party assembly and speaks for itself: a selfish, controlling,Land brand of freedom that only exists in the narrow realm of what any one individual owns. Outside the fence line of the tea party acreage a stranger is warned to keep out at the risk of being held in the cross hairs of a psychopathic view of all that is the real Wisconsin; a land of friendliness and neighborly love and respect.

I am glad that the followers of Scott Walker stepped forward to offer a clear glimpse into the Wisconsin they long to create and would strongly urge them to record the lyric into a campaign jingle that befits the man who they gather in support of. They sing out loud the attitude that Walker only hints at. Yes, this land is my land, this land is not your land, rings out as the true lyric of the Walker Administration, but I would encourage you to go further with the talents displayed – could you work something up along the lines of “Divide and Conquer”? – with a score from Wagner perhaps?

Here are some guidelines you many want to consider for “permitting” musicians:

Loyal members who were talented musicians were guaranteed a job.
Loyal members who were not talented musicians were not guaranteed a job.
Any non-Jewish person who demonstrated a “genius” for music and was a member of the (Reich Music Chamber) was permitted employment. This exception in policy permitted musicians like conductor Wilhelm Furtwangler and composer Richard Strauss to continue working. Wiki Nazi approved music

Thanks for taking over for a day. You have done the real people of Wisconsin a great service in clarifying your position.

Please visit my “other blog” for news of my new play “House of Monkeys” – a musical romp through the love, life, and work of Moliere!

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