Vote Wisconsin: WAVE the Progressive WEDC

WAVE and/or Liberty Tree Secrecy and Incompetence

Walker dismantled the Department of Commerce and replaced it with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) that was to be the blueprint for Neoconservative efficiency – the flagship of the new Walker reform of reforms promised to accomplish the lofty goal of creating jobs, jobs, jobs. It has failed. The promised jobs have not been created, and new department has been reorganized, reshuffled, and even questioned as an authentic government agency that can be authorized to accept federal funding from HUD.

WAVE the progressive WEDC

Fourteen months ago the Wisconsin Wave announced an audit of the June 5 Recall Election

An organization called The Wave conducted an audit of the vote count in the June 5 Recall Election.

Money was collected for support, volunteers were recruited, more money was collected, and more audits of the recall vote were scheduled throughout the state. Volunteers who inquired about helping with the audit learned that they were required to sign a confidentiality agreement before being allowed to participate. since the process was not an audit but an investigation. Framing the vote recount as an “investigation” became a rationalization to hold results of the audit in secret until the “said investigation” was complete. So, the results were held in secret within the circle of operatives of Wisconsin Wave.
Read The WAVE’s John Doe Investigation of Your Vote

Somehow “The Wave” morphed into “The Liberty Tree Foundation”

The new morphed organization sent out an email on September 19, 2012
Four months after the recall election.

Liberty Tree’s Wisconsin Wave project began an historic hand-count of ballots from the June 5th gubernatorial recall election.

What we have found so far includes:
Inconsistent and tamper-prone methods of securing ballot bags
Widespread use of unverifiable touch screen machines in a state where these devices are officially designated as handicap accessible equipment only
And most disturbingly, a number of counties where our hand-counts of paper optiscan ballots often differed from election night totals.

To complete this vital campaign we need your support right now!


Adam Porton
National Director
[The “Donate” button above has been disabled for good reason]

The email goes on to say:

“Finishing up counts in other high priority counties where discrepancies have been found. The bigger our data set, the more complete our picture of these problems will be.
Compiling what percentage of Wisconsin voters used unverifiable touch-screen voting machines. Unbelievably, this information is not compiled by the state election authority, and so normally is not available to the public (or anyone for that matter).

After 14 months NOTHING NEW

Thanks, but we knew all of this.

People working on auditing the June 5 election vote, outside the Liberty Wave Tree organization, discovered these anomalies, conducted recounts, and painstakingly examined spread sheets, while Liberty Wave Tree would not share a shred of information pertinent to the audit or even the logistics; in which county or on what day they were scheduled to count ballots. As a result of the WAVE veil of secrecy, people were working at cross purposes against the goal of producing a verifiable audit.

You will notice that the email is worded with all the finesse of a professional fund raiser and punctuated by the ever present “Donate” button. Yet, the Liberty Wave Tree has never publicly reported how much money was raised or how it was spent. Not a word. Meanwhile other organizations were conducting audits paying for their own gas, and giving of their time with no “Donate” button.

The Wave’s self imposed secrecy works to the detriment of the stated goal: the discovery of of anomalies to demonstrate how our current system offers voters no transparency. Yet, the Wave chose to operate in a veil of secrecy every bit as suspect, closed, and proprietary as the process they hope to defeat!

The stated mission of Wisconsin Wave

This Wisconsin Wave is awave force independent of political parties and partisan elected officials. It is an awakening of Wisconsinites independent of –but not exclusive of– whatever other political, or organizational affiliations we each might have.

Time to Deliver

Fourteen months have passed since June 5, 2012.

WAVE/Liberty Tree continues to call for donations

No report or communication of the recall “investigation” has been made public since September 2012.

Many feel that the the audit of the June 5 recall election was hijacked and made secret by the Wave/Liberty Tree organization, but took a “wait and see” stance, since WAVE seemed to offer an organization with structure and a budget.

The “wait and see” stance is over. It is well past time for Wave/Liberty Tree to account for their activities regarding the “investigation” of the June 5 recall election.

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