MINING – Bus to Riverway Meet

Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board will hold a special meeting in Prairie du Chien

Free Bus Rides

Frac Sand Mine Meeting!

Meeting Infomation:
Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 5:00 pm**
Location: Crawford County Administration Building
225 N. Beaumont Road in Prairie du Chien

Please call, text, or email NOW to reserve a seat.
Phone and Text: 608-575-0325
Meeting and bus information

Pattison Sand Co. of Clayton, Iowa, is building a mine on roughly 300 acres of farmland

The the proposed mine is to be situated on a sliver of land between Wisconsin 60 and the lower Wisconsin River to collect frac sand, used in the process of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” to extract natural gas and oil.Read “Loophole” Capital Times

Read more:

“The Price of Sand”

See the scar of the proposed Pattison Frac Mine on the landscape below

The photos are a zoom on Google Earth to the site of the mine that is marked by the red anchor in the top map – the lower map depicts the scar on the earth resulting from the proposed frac mine.

The body of water at the base of the lower map is the Wisconsin River.

frack bridge price

“The Price of Sand” is a new film by Jim Tittle

Film maker Jim Tittle interviewed people in Wisconsin and the story of one women frac dust who could have been talking about the proposed Bridgeport Sand Mine in Crawford County when she says, “She feels not only helpless but abandoned by public officials who would prefer to look the other way rather than challenge the status quo and restrict mining activities through zoning. Another unhappy resident sums the dilemma up nicely saying, “we place a high value on our freedom and these companies take advantage of that.” Daily Planet.

On this Wednesday March 27 the three person town board of Bridgeport voted on approving the Lyle Pattison’s mining operation. Yes. Just three men sat on that town board to vote on a mining operation that could impact all of Crawford County and the State as the mine land extends into the Wisconsin Riverway. Here is the kicker that will stir more sand on your face than a bully at the beech: One of the men on the town board owns one of the parcels of land that he will be voting on! How likely is it that he will rip up his lottery ticket? The Supervisor gets the check!

What’s more, this is not a coincidence but a well plotted strategy brewed in the offices of the largest mining corporations in the country. The Bridgeport mine proposal isn’t the first time that an elected official on a town or county board has been set up to gain a huge profit from his or her position. Free Wisconsin reported back in December how this manipulative, “Mafioso” tactic was exemplified in Barron County, and is only one small example of how the “frac sand mindset” of “divide and conquer” is playing out across some of the most beautiful natural vistas in Wisconsin.

As of Monday, a Trempealeau County supervisor is under investigation for dealings with frac-sand company.

WHITEHALL – A Trempealeau County board supervisor is under investigation for possible conflict of interest charges along with threatening a county employee over his business dealings with a Texas frac-sand mining company called Sand Tran.
Pierce County Herald

“Price of Sand” trailer

Wisconsin is a guinea pig for the frac mine industry

Clearly the quarry sand mine potential of Wisconsin has studied, graphed, and the most manipulative strategies have been orchestrated to capitalize on the price of sand. Now, in retrospectfrac respirtory4 the divide and conquer tactics have come to light and unfortunately for many Southwest Wisconsin towns and counties – too late.

It appears the strategy was simple: to find people in positions of local political power who would be set up to gain from the sale or lease of land for a frac sand mine. Since the mining operations could be approved on the local town or county level, the strategy would not draw the attention of larger media outlets and the news was relegated to small county newspapers where the “divide and conquer” debate would play out in pockets of oblivion. Now, since this process has played out time and time again in county after county it has been recognized by other states as a prime example of how Wisconsin got it wrong.
North Dakota and Minnesota use Wisconsin as an example of “What Not To Do”

“We’ve got the opportunity to take time to get it right. Wisconsin was not prepared,” Schmit said. Even if a moratorium doesn’t survive the Minnesota Legislature, he’s hoping for an overall environmental assessment and a means to create guidance for state and local sand mining permits.

South Dakota is latest on the frack sand scene after Wisconsin, which is a primary Bakken source. Wisconsin has more than 60 sand mines and 12 million tons were mined last year. The state’s sand mining industry developed for glass manufacture and expanded in recent years for frack sand.Bismark Tribune

Meanwhile back in Bridgport

As of now, Crawford County still holds the power to expose the “divide and conquer” tactic of national mining interests. What better means than to expose the treachery by refusing to accept a vote from a three person board with vested interests.

bridgeport 3 bar

John Karnopp
38910 Velvet Lane
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Mike Steiner
Prairie du Chien

Rod Marfilius (Owner of land parcel)
Prairie du Chien

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