2014 – WARNING No one has declared

The 2014 Wisconsin gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014


No One
Has Declared


One of the most important elections in the history of Wisconsin will take place in just 15 months. Incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker announced he will seek a second term, yet democrats and progressives remain focused on variations on the theme: This is what is wrong.

The lesson from the June 5, 2012 recall election, other than the total disarray of the voting system in Wisconsin, is that people do not vote against something – people vote for something. A sea change in the conversation of democrats and progressives must evolve or the morning November 5, 2014 will feel much like the morning of June 6, 2012.

Democrats and progressives are already far behind

One of the most important assets for a candidate in a statewide race is name recognition. Even if an opposition candidate were to declare with strong backing today, the strong asset of name recognition would lie firmly on the side of Walker. The strategy that “is working” for Walker in Wisconsin is “Divide and Conquer” especially as it relates to another adage: “all news is good news”.

The recall election and every protest of his policies, past and present has, not only served to lift the name of Scott Walker as an icon in the State consciousness, but also in the national arena. The movement of “no” has served to provide a conduit for money to flow into his campaign chest from all over the country – currently over 30 million dollars.

If you “google” Scott Walker “images”, like it or not, you will find over a dozen pages of photos depicting the name and presence of the man who is doing most everything wrong: the man who curtailed collective bargaining rights, the man who allowed mining companies to write legislation, the man who set new policies for permits in the State Capitol, the man who abolished the Department of Commerce in favor of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to produce jobs that never materialized, the man who refused the federal funding offered by the Affordable Care Act, and….and… the list goes on. All the laws, policies, and “reforms” that are wrong, wrong, wrong.

People do not vote against something, they vote for something

At this late date, democrats and progressives have not offered a front running candidate. No one has declared. Voters are well acquainted with what the opposition is against, but who and what are democrats and progressives for? What is the choice?

While the opposition rails against the strategy of “Divide and Conquer” as wrong, they have yet to announce a candidate, strategy, or platform for “Unify and Win”. Every hour that passes without a clear message of what to vote for, is time wasted. Hand sitting and political shuffling at this late date is little more than the division part of “Divide and Conquer” at work. While Scott Walker is criticized for doing the wrong thing again by traveling out of state for fund raisers, he is filling a war chest that will win him the governorship in 2014. Meanwhile, the opposition has not made a choice, even though most would agree that a cardboard cut out of Bugs Bunny would be a better choice for Governor than Scott Walker, who is doing everything wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yet, not one person has stepped up. No one has declared. The strategy seems to be that old traditional one; the old way that promises defeat – to troll through the primary process to finally come up with an alternative candidate to run against Scott Walker, who is out raising millions of dollars and further enhancing his name recognition on the national stage.

Here is the list from Wiki in alphabetical order

Peter W. Barca, Minority Leader Wisconsin State Assembly
Mary Burke, Member of the Madison school district board
Dave Cieslewicz, former Mayor of Madison
Lori Compas, nominee for Wisconsin Senate in 2012
Kevin Conroy, biotechnology executive
John Dickert, Mayor of Racine
Jon Erpenbach, State Senator
Dave Hansen, State Senator
Mark L. Harris, Winnebago County Executive
Dianne Hesselbein, State Assemblywoman
Brett Hulsey, State Assemblyman
Sara Johann, political activist
Steve Kagen, former U.S. Representative
Jessica King, former State Senator
Herb Kohl, former U.S. Senator
Chris Larson, Minority Leader of the Wisconsin Senate
Julie Lassa, State Senator
Mahlon Mitchell, Nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 2012
Gwen Moore, U.S. Representative
Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive and nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 2010
Francis Klein, Wisconsin Pirate Party Candidate for Governor
Dave Obey, former U.S. Representative
Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive
Jennifer Shilling, State Senator
Chris Taylor, State Assemblywoman
Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator and candidate for Governor in 2012

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