2014 – Trek vs. Harley

As the Harley-Davidson 110th anniversary celebration kicks off in the days before and during Labor Day Weekend, one man keeping a close eye on everything Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee is Governor Scott Walker.

Gov. Walker says wherever he goes, thoughts of the 110th are never far from his mind.Fox 6 Now

The Capital Times headline was framed as a question – Governor material?

Mary Burke has a track record of executive experience

At Trek, the Waterloo-based company founded by her father in 1976, Burke oversaw the opening of offices in seven European countries and later developed its forecasting and strategic planning department.
Cap Times

The article on the front page of the Sundaymary_bruke_bike paper was not a declaration of the candidacy of Mary Burke, but a tune up or testing of the air pressure in Bontrager Race X Lite Hardcase tires ($49.99 ea.), while Walker is polishing up his Harley Road King in anticipation of “the 110th”.

Before Burke enters the race she must first pass through the grueling qualifying rounds: the Liberal Reliability Trials, Dirt Jumping, and admission to the Union Cycliste Internationale. Why would a person who pulled down $6.8 million from 2008 to 2012 want to exert the effort to bother? Perhaps that is the question writ large.

Liberal Reliability Trials – Game on!

To many Burke arose from nowhere to claim favorite status in the upcoming race, a fact that has lengthened the discussion threads on face book in the wake of the “Governor material?” article hit. Yes, the Liberal Reliability Trials will prove to be competitive and daunting as some see Burke as a untested voice with a flashy bike, and no proven stamina:

* Does she support public education? I honestly do not know. She sounds a little like Rahm on the subject, which is bad.

* As a former Dept of Commerce secretary why doesn’t she speak out on abuses at WEDC? (Allowing she may have and I may have missed it). (Related: Has she ever publicly criticized Walker?)

* Where is she on saving the middle class? Does she support good paying jobs? Does she reject trickle down economic dogma?

* Did she sign the recall petition?

The names of other favorites in the Liberal Reliability Trials crop up in the discussion:

FYI If you like Kathleen Vinehout then please share her Milwaukee fundraiser on your wall and invite your friends. Kathleen’s Milwaukee fundraiser is Thursday, Aug 29th at Paddy’s Irish Grill. Drag your friends to this event to hear her speak and meet her in person!

Other names crop up as trial favorites: Peter W. Barca, Minority Leader Wisconsin State Assembly, Jon Erpenbach, State Senator but from the initial reaction to the Burke candidacy article, the Lib Rel Trial will prove to be a tough, muddy, and up hill climb.

Dirt Jumping & Union Cycliste Internationale

The Dirt Jump and Union Cycliste qualifiers are yet to come when candidates make formal declarations. In terms of Mary Burke, the jury is still out on her ability to master the test. It would help if she were to present a map of the course she intends to follow. As of now:

“Republicans, meanwhile, are preparing to paint Burke as an out-of-touch Madison liberal representing the job creation policies of the Doyle administration.

“As someone who has blatantly supported the failed policies of the past and whose candidacy was completely formed behind closed doors, it’s clear that Mary Burke would have a hard time connecting with Main Street, Wisconsin,” state Republican Party executive director Joe Fadness said.” (From Cap Times article linked above)

Who will take on the Road King?

As the Milwaukee vibrator transverses the nation with long distance ambitions stretching beyond 2014, the opposition presents a group of bike riders still stretching muscles, studying maps, and memorizing the rules of the game.

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