Walker's Wisconsin – Pressure Point Controls

As Scott Walker spoke to Republicans in Alabama, Police employed jugular notch controls on singers in the Capitol Rotunda.

“We need to embody courage at the local level, at the state level and Lord knows at the national level,” Walker told the crowd”.All Alabama blog

As Walker spoke, Chief Dave Erwin was posted in the situation room in the basement of the Capitol observing the action in the rotunda on his bank of monitors, watching and waiting to radio the command to make an arrest.

Meanwhile, in Alabama, Walker spoke on describing the turmoil during the protests that surrounded the Wisconsin capitol.

“In times of crisis what people want more than anything is leadership,” he said.

Erwin’s features hold a ghostly aspect in the blue/gray glow of the monitors as he points to a tall man in a cream shirt and speaks into his radio, “Get him. The tall guy to your left. Arrest him.” On the rotunda floor four police officers surround and corral David Newby, the former head of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, and apply restraints.

In Alabama, Walker continues with his accounts on how he was victimized:

He said he received death threats, and his mother and son were shouted at and spit upon during a trip to the grocery store.

Now, as the words to “If I had a hammer, I’d ring it in the morning” echo through his head set, Erwin spots a likely suspect in one of the monitors. He is a young black man who Erwin recognizes as a trouble maker; that is anyone who frequents the daily Solidarity Singing in the rotunda.

He commands, “Move in the the black guy with the dread locks. Now. Get the other one too.”

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead said.”He’s a guy that doesn’t mind making a stand and doesn’t back down.”

As applause and cheers echo through the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery, Alabama; the voices of solidarity in the rotunda are singing the line, “If I had a bell….”, when screams and shouts erupt to squelch out the song. A young black man is splayed out on the marble floor as four officers surround his prone body, and one of them pushes a knuckle deep into his neck, a pressure control technique called a “jugular notch”.

Erwin leans forward in his chair like a sports fan moved toward victory, “Clear him. Clear the area.” he orders.

Scott Walker has left the stage in the Montgomery hotel and is shaking hands with Alabama republicans who look to him as the hope for the future.

In the rotunda, the singing has resumed.

“I’d ring out danger.
I’d ring out warning.
I ring about the love between my brothers and my sisters,
all over this land.”

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2 thoughts on “Walker's Wisconsin – Pressure Point Controls

  1. Hey man – Nicely done; love the symmetry. You’ll want to fix “coral”, which is what reefs are made of. “Corral” (not one r, but 2) is what the police were doing to the singer. Keep up the good work!


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