Walker's Wisconsin – Censor, Edit, Control

Indications are that Walker is running scared

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”
― Abraham Lincoln

Sure, you can fool some of the people Walkerarrestsome of the time, but after two and a half years the arc of truth seems to be bending back and hitting Scott Walker in the head, as suggested by his tightening down on the press and withholding and editing information about the Affordable Health Care law.

At the same time, the GOP legislature is under fire for slipping a bogus grant award into the budget for the United Sportsmen” group, whose main track record is that it mailed out false information about voting in the Senate Recall Election. So, not only is the distribution of false information about voting being spread statewide, but the taxpayers are footing the bill!

Rep. Ron Kind Blasts Walker Administration’s Faulty Health Reform Data


U.S. Rep. Kind (D WI) harshly criticized the release of misleading “estimates” from Governor Scott Walker’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI), claiming insurance rates for consumers will rise under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).“It’s disappointing, but not surprising, that the Walker Administration would release this misleading information aimed at undermining the Affordable Care Act,” said Rep. Kind. “For purely political reasons, Governor Walker has kept trying to derail the new health care reform law and the benefits it offers to consumers, and the release of this faulty data fits that pattern. Wheeler Report pdf

What we DO know

And, what Scott Walker wants to hide:

(AP) “Had Walker accepted the expansion under the federal law, the state would have received $4.4 billion in federal money through 2020, death gopaccording to Wisconsin’s nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau said. But over four years, starting in 2016, new costs to the state would have totaled about $133 million.”

Under the Walker, “reform” “hybrid” plan Walker states, “he would be spending $644 million more on state Medicaid programs over the next two years under his plan.”

Walker boasts how he is spending more state money ($322 million each year for two years) on his “hybrid” than the state would have spent ($133 million) after 2016 had he accepted federal money? That’s what I call a “reform”? Post it on face book!

The Walker Administrations projections regarding rates and costs of his plan vs. the Affordable Health Care act are as disingenuous as his promise to create 250,000 new jobs by the end of his first term. Walker should have learned by now that his prognostication of rates and costs of a plan that remains unimplemented, are as unpredictable as his ability to create real jobs. Yet, he continues to project outcomes and promise jobs using mythical accounting and math. After two years of painting the pretty picture, stark reality has blurred his neoconservative masterpiece, and his defense is to set up sandwich board announcing that gallery is closed, unless you have permission from Scott Walker – and this includes members of the press.

Milwaukee Public TV needs permission from Walker

Below is an account describing the censorship of information and public access imposed within the Wisconsin Capitol:

I learned something interesting yesterday as I was exiting the Capitol. A woman who said she was with MKE public television asked me where she could find the Solidarity sing along. In the course of the conversation she asked me how many people had been arrested. I told her I didn’t know but was sure that the Capitol police could give her that information. She replied that she wasn’t allowed to talk to them without the Governor’s permission and it hadn’t been given. Why does the Governor give permission and not Erwin or Huebsch? I found that interesting. Also that a reporter from public TV needed permission to ask questions?

The term Fitzwalkerstan was meant to be a somewhat humorous jibe, while with each passing week, and as more and more limits on accessibility of the press are imposed, and more rules and restrictions are enforced in the Capitol rotunda, Wisconsin is becoming a real Fitzwalkerstan – like some autocracy where information is held beneath the thumb of an ever more restrictive Walker Administration.

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One thought on “Walker's Wisconsin – Censor, Edit, Control

  1. To allow the pollution of the land by fracking, drilling and mining, Walker has proven himself to be on the side of Greed. To allow this pollution of our finite amount of fresh water, using up aquifers ad then piping in the fresh water of our rivers, leaving only contaminated unusable water, he has again proven he’s on the side of Greed. By stifling the free press hea has proven himself to be untrustworthy.

    What exactly does he have to hide?? He hides the indirect killing of Wisconsin’s people, especially the natives, by this contamination of land and water. He hides that he’s been bought lock, stock and barrel by the over-rich 1%, like the Koch Bros. he hides that he’s sytematically killing Wisconsin’s wildlife, callously hunting them for the sheer love of the kill by his hunters. He especially hides that Wisconsin’s water pollution will travel south into other states. He hides that all of the pollution he’s allowed will kill wildlife and people, inadvertently, nevertheless they will die – by his indirect hand.


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