Walker's Wisconsin – The cost of being Walker

Sometimes we forget that any Governor of Wisconsin is an employee of the people and the value of any employee in any enterprise is evaluated along some cost/benefit analysis. Scott Walker is a very high maintenance employee, and much more costly to keep on the job than any of his predecessors.

Walker took office inJD Dickens January 2011 and was to be paid $144,423. That’s $7,331 more than his predecessor, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

Pretty nice housing in which he does not live at $8,258 per day

Walker, was inaugurated Jan. 3, 2011 with plans to move with his family from Wauwatosa into the executive residence, but now he does most of his living in Wauwatosa and only spent 28 nights in the $3.9 executive residence on the shores of Lake Mendota. The annual budget for the tax supported housing for the governor is $270,000. So if the Walker family is staying at the mansion 2.7 nights a month, that works out to about $8,258 a night. By contrast, a midweek suite with king bed and whirlpool at the Hilton Monona Terrace goes for $259. Watchdog.org

Protecting a reformer $2263 per day

Documents released to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel under the state’s open records law show the cost of protecting Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and family members totaled about $611,000 from November 2010 to August 2011 or a nine month period including the time when the Walker’s were often residing in the executive residence, and before the governor stepped up his national travel raising money for the recall election. But even at that, Walker’s employment maintenance is more than twice as much as the $259,000 it cost to protect Gov. Jim Doyle for a whole year, from November 2009 to August 2010.

Out of state travel – very conservatively at $192 per day

You can make your own evaluation of Walker’s time on the job performance through an Interactive graphic map provided by Wisconsin Watch. Explore every entry in Walker’s calendars, which media outlets and companies got access to him, and where he traveled. Click images to open graphics in a new page. The analysis was compiled by research of data available through the state’s open records law, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism received Gov. Scott Walker’s official calendars. Center reporters then created a database of all 4,414 entries.

A summary

Scott Walker, his staff, and security detail spent more than $70,000 in state money traveling out of state in 2011. More than half of that, almost $46,000, is for travel and related expense for his security detail, but there are reasons to believe the released documentation is significantly incomplete, perhaps understating taxpayer subsidies being given for Walker to promote himself as a national “rock star”.

Identified travel expenses do not cover use of the state airplane. Also curiously absent are costs related to Walker’s trips to Super Bowl XLV and the Rose Bowl, even though the documentation provided indicates he attended each and that Walker’s security detail accompanied him on to the 2011 Rose Bowl. Other omitted costs from information provided under this open records request are incomplete and understates (perhaps significantly) of the full amount that taxpayers are subsidizing Walker’s out of state travel. Voice Newspaper

Expense being paid from taxes of those who make less than $300,000 per year

Gov. Scott Walker signed the $68 billion biennial Wisconsin state budget but, as critics of Walker’s budget noted, the wealthiest taxpayers will benefit the most. The budget that passed the Wisconsin legislature strictly on party lines, with Dale Schultz (SD-17), being the lone Republican dissenting vote against the budget, argued that the tax breaks favor wealthy tax payers in Wisconsin. Though everyone will see a cut in what they pay, people who make over $300,000 a year will receive a tax break three times larger than taxpayers making less than $50,000.

This is the opposite of what Minnesota has decided to do. Governor Mark Dayton signed a tax increase on the wealthiest earners in Minnesota to provide more revenue to the state.
– See more at: Up take

The Business Journals
Governor: Scott Walker

State: Wisconsin

Party: Republican

Took office: January 2011

Years in office*: 2.33


Total for state upon taking office: 2,328,400

Total for state now: 2,387,100

Total for other 49 states upon taking office: 105,479,800

Total for other 49 states now: 110,458,700


Annual rate for state since taking office: 1.07%

Annual rate for other 49 states since taking office: 2.00%

Difference (in percentage points): -0.93

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40


Raw change for state since taking office: 58,700

Projected change for state at rate for other 49 states***: 109,900

Difference (in jobs): -51,200

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40

So, how are we doing?

Per day Walker is costing the Wisconsin taxpayer

Out of state travel

Walker’s daily bill



That is $1,388.50 per hour(8 hr. day)

So far Walker’s leadership has produced 58,700 (see Business Journal chart above) jobs since taking office or about 64 jobs per day. Most of the costs of his $11,108 daily expenses are being paid by people making $50,000 per year or less, while those making over $300,000 per year have gotten a cut in his last budget.

I say fire this employee.


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