Walker's Wisconsin – Schedule "S" for same sex

New tax form for old ideas

Walker’s Wisconsin will hold tightly to continue the discrimination of same sex couples and will disregard the June 26,Supreme Court landmark rulings for gay rights, including a decision that adds California back to the roster of states where same-sex marriages are fully legal.

In an article summarizing the implementation of the court decision in all 50 states, Wisconsin is foot noted as a “special case” with the most limited law in the country regarding honoring the rights of same sex couples.

Wisconsin — Wisconsin allows gayMinnesota gay marriage couples to register as domestic partners, conferring some legal benefits such as hospital visitation rights. But its domestic partnership law is one of the most limited in the country. Gay marriage has been banned by constitutional amendment since 2006, and experts say the state is unlikely to revisit the issue soon,(and there is a link to a Marshfied article which has been taken down. Interesting?) despite a push by gay marriage advocates after the approval of gay marriage in neighboring Minnesota.

(pictured right: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signs a bill legalizing same-sex marriage at the state Capitol in St. Paul on May 14, 2013.)
MSN Gay marriage in all 50 states

No singing, no celebration in Wisconsin

Walker’s Wisconsin will not embrace the right of same sex couples to marry, but will continue to discriminate, penalize, and deny them the human right that is supported by the majority of people across the country and ruled as illegal by the Supreme Court. Instead, the Department of Revenue will require people, who have chosen to express their love in a way that GOP legislators find inappropriate, to fill out a “special form” to enable “special discrimination” – the Form S is for “special”, “scandalize”, “sanctimonious” or dare I say, “santorum”?

At the state level, they will have to fill out a new form, called a Schedule S, which will allocate the income from their joint federal return to each individual for their state returns.

The Schedule S will be available by the end of the month, according to the department.jsonline

No doubt the determinationwalker store will be challenged, but human rights has become something of a joke in Wisconsin in the past two years. When accountant Pete Oettinger, a Baraboo accountant was asked if he expects some same-sex couples to challenge how the Department of Revenue is treating them, he said, “Absolutely. Did I stutter?” HA HA, and Hi, diddly, Dee – a “special joke”. No problem with an accountant with a sense of humor, but the “did I stutter” comment is very telling in that it chuckles at an imposition of authoritarian control on human rights, workers rights, women’s rights, singing rights, that is expected from the Walker Administration, and more alarming, it suggests a quiet desperation that smells of fatigue with two years of GOP political maneuvering.

Anyway, I feel it. Do you? I feel the malaise ever since the Walker Recall election. One of those snarky comments from a republican showed up on face book in response to a status about Walker’s poor job creation numbers, “And how is that search for a strong democratic candidate for governor coming?”.

Wisconsin’s domestic partnership law is one of the most limited in the country and I doubt Scott Walker or the republican controlled legislature will take any aggressive steps to change that status. I guess, it is one of those issues that the governor’s constituents are just not talking about. Below is a video from “Democracy Now” featuring an interview with the governor from the floor of the Republican Convention in Florida before the presidential election. Nothing has changed.

Question of Women’s Reproductive Rights Ridiculous for Election? Gov Scott Walker Says “Yes”

It is probably safe to assume that gay rights could be easily substituted for reproductive rights in this video – only more so.


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