Walker's Wisconsin – Cost of Walker goes UP up Away!

Walker is costing taxpayers $1,498 per hour

Just by beingcock crow1 Scott Walker

Recently Free Wisconsin estimated the cost incurred by Wisconsin taxpayers to subsidize the high cost ofmaintaining Scott Walker’s lifestyle as governor. He is “high maintenance” – much higher than any of his predecessors.

When the estimate was posted, the governor’s out of state travel expenses were estimated to be $192 per day based upon documents obtained by the Voice Newspaper through the Freedom of Information Act. Walker’s in state travel was not included in the estimate since it was not known.

Now we know $160,000 in the past six months!

Gov. Scott Walker blew through $160,000 of state taxpayer money while flying on state-owned planes in the first six months of this year.

That’s about $100,000 more than he’d spent in the first six months of 2011, when he was flying around the state trying to convince Wisconsinites of the merits of his controversial collective bargaining bill. Legitimate taxpayer funded expenditures for travel on state business is, of course, part of the job, which including promoting legislation, but when these trips get scheduled around campaign appearances, it begins to cause some serious concerns.

According to documents provided by the state Department of Administration in response to the Shepherd’s open records requests, Walker has spent $183,839.16 on his travels from Jan. 1 to July 30, 2013.By Lisa Kaiser Express Milwaukee

Much of this expense to taxpayers is just the cost of Walker being Walker. Even though he is provided with a mansion on Lake Mondota in which to live, he has chosen to live in Wauwatosa and Walker made the 75-mile flight from Madison to “home” 44 times between January and the end of June, and even his aides are flying between the two cities 14 times without him – and the taxpayers get to pay for it at a cost of $879 per day!

Cost of being Walker to taxpayers

Per day Walker is costing the Wisconsin taxpayer

Out of state travel
IN state travel

Walker’s daily bill


This brings to new total from $11,108 to $11,987 per day

That is now up from $1,388.50 per hour $1,498 per hour (8 hr. day)

So far Walker’s leadership has produced 58,700 (see Business Journal chart right) jobs since taking office or about 64 jobs per day. Most of the costs of his $11,987 daily expenses are being paid by people making $50,000 per year or less, while those making over $300,000 per year have gotten a cut in his last budget.

Expense being paid from taxes of those who make less than $300,000 per year

Gov. Scott Walker signed the $68 billion biennial Wisconsin state budget but, as critics of Walker’s budget noted, the wealthiest taxpayers will benefit the most. The budget that passed the Wisconsin legislature strictly on party lines, with Dale Schultz (SD-17), being the lone Republican dissenting vote against the budget, argued that the tax breaks favor wealthy tax payers in Wisconsin. Though everyone will see a cut in what they pay, people who make over $300,000 a year will receive a tax break three times larger than taxpayers making less than $50,000.

This is the opposite of what Minnesota has decided to do. Governor Mark Dayton signed a tax increase on the wealthiest earners in Minnesota to provide more revenue to the state.
– See more at: Up take

The Business Journals
Governor: Scott Walker

State: Wisconsin

Party: Republican

Took office: January 2011

Years in office*: 2.33


Total for state upon taking office: 2,328,400

Total for state now: 2,387,100

Total for other 49 states upon taking office: 105,479,800

Total for other 49 states now: 110,458,700


Annual rate for state since taking office: 1.07%

Annual rate for other 49 states since taking office: 2.00%

Difference (in percentage points): -0.93

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40


Raw change for state since taking office: 58,700

Projected change for state at rate for other 49 states***: 109,900

Difference (in jobs): -51,200

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40


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