Walker's Wisconsin – Cost of Walker goes UP up Away!

Walker is costing taxpayers $1,498 per hour

Just by beingcock crow1 Scott Walker

Recently Free Wisconsin estimated the cost incurred by Wisconsin taxpayers to subsidize the high cost ofmaintaining Scott Walker’s lifestyle as governor. He is “high maintenance” – much higher than any of his predecessors.

When the estimate was posted, the governor’s out of state travel expenses were estimated to be $192 per day based upon documents obtained by the Voice Newspaper through the Freedom of Information Act. Walker’s in state travel was not included in the estimate since it was not known.

Now we know $160,000 in the past six months!

Gov. Scott Walker blew through $160,000 of state taxpayer money while flying on state-owned planes in the first six months of this year.

That’s about $100,000 more than he’d spent in the first six months of 2011, when he was flying around the state trying to convince Wisconsinites of the merits of his controversial collective bargaining bill. Legitimate taxpayer funded expenditures for travel on state business is, of course, part of the job, which including promoting legislation, but when these trips get scheduled around campaign appearances, it begins to cause some serious concerns.

According to documents provided by the state Department of Administration in response to the Shepherd’s open records requests, Walker has spent $183,839.16 on his travels from Jan. 1 to July 30, 2013.By Lisa Kaiser Express Milwaukee

Much of this expense to taxpayers is just the cost of Walker being Walker. Even though he is provided with a mansion on Lake Mondota in which to live, he has chosen to live in Wauwatosa and Walker made the 75-mile flight from Madison to “home” 44 times between January and the end of June, and even his aides are flying between the two cities 14 times without him – and the taxpayers get to pay for it at a cost of $879 per day!

Cost of being Walker to taxpayers

Per day Walker is costing the Wisconsin taxpayer

Out of state travel
IN state travel

Walker’s daily bill


This brings to new total from $11,108 to $11,987 per day

That is now up from $1,388.50 per hour $1,498 per hour (8 hr. day)

So far Walker’s leadership has produced 58,700 (see Business Journal chart right) jobs since taking office or about 64 jobs per day. Most of the costs of his $11,987 daily expenses are being paid by people making $50,000 per year or less, while those making over $300,000 per year have gotten a cut in his last budget.

Expense being paid from taxes of those who make less than $300,000 per year

Gov. Scott Walker signed the $68 billion biennial Wisconsin state budget but, as critics of Walker’s budget noted, the wealthiest taxpayers will benefit the most. The budget that passed the Wisconsin legislature strictly on party lines, with Dale Schultz (SD-17), being the lone Republican dissenting vote against the budget, argued that the tax breaks favor wealthy tax payers in Wisconsin. Though everyone will see a cut in what they pay, people who make over $300,000 a year will receive a tax break three times larger than taxpayers making less than $50,000.

This is the opposite of what Minnesota has decided to do. Governor Mark Dayton signed a tax increase on the wealthiest earners in Minnesota to provide more revenue to the state.
– See more at: Up take

The Business Journals
Governor: Scott Walker

State: Wisconsin

Party: Republican

Took office: January 2011

Years in office*: 2.33


Total for state upon taking office: 2,328,400

Total for state now: 2,387,100

Total for other 49 states upon taking office: 105,479,800

Total for other 49 states now: 110,458,700


Annual rate for state since taking office: 1.07%

Annual rate for other 49 states since taking office: 2.00%

Difference (in percentage points): -0.93

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40


Raw change for state since taking office: 58,700

Projected change for state at rate for other 49 states***: 109,900

Difference (in jobs): -51,200

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40

Mining – CRUSH Independence

A headline with a double meaning

Hi-Crush Proppants is a mining company. Independence is a town in Wisconsin’s Trempealeau County. The mining company “Crush” aims to take over Independence and force the city to annex a neighboring township so they can go ahead with plans for their $80 million mine.

Hi-Crush Proppants has been working for more than a year to get approval to build an $80 million, 700-acre mine and processing center in the Town of Lincoln. At the end of August, the Trempealeau County Board passed a moratorium that blocks any new sand facility from being approved for one year.Wis. Public Radio News

So…”Crush” the County Board and just take it over

Because county zoning rules don’t apply to cities and villages, Hi-Crush won’t have to abide by the moratorium if it’s annexed.

The symbolic crushing of Independence – corporate take over of a small town – speaks to all that is America.

Proposed annexation (land grab) of 622,797 acres

The blue grid shows the Independence land grab
The red grid shows the Whitehall land grab
The purple grid shows the rail corridor

Notice how the Trempealeau River is the black blotch on the map, and is barely visible.

Notice how the red grid and the blue grid meet in the center of the track bed of the Green Bay and Western Railroad

Why is the map formatted in this way?

Because it is not really a map at all, it is a target for takeover. It marks the bulls-eye for the arrow of a bully. It minimizes and erases the people, places, and things that have grown and developed in and around the mine’s Machiavellian master plan for hundreds of years. This is my home town.

There is a beautifully restored City Hall in Independence, and I can remember when my Dad, Len Kern, was on the City Council in the 1960’s when weeks of planning and debate preceded the draining and dredging of Bugle Lake or the construction of a new sewer system along with the reconstruction of the main street. Months of campaigning and debate proceeded a shift in school district boundaries, or the long anticipated construction of the new high school. All of these projects combined would would not effect the lives of the community so much as a ripple in the sand when compared to the double annexation of 622,797 acres for a $80 million project for Crush. Yet, they expect it to happen with the strike of a pen, in just a few weeks? Who do they think they are? What is the rush? The sand has been beneath the fertile fields of Lincoln Township for thousands of years, and it must come out in just a few weeks? It just doesn’t make any sense.

The tactics are wrong for “Independence”

Another double meaning. The “Crush” tactics are wrong for any independent community and for the City of Independence. Years of discussion, fund raising, and volunteer work preceded the restoration of the Independence City Hall.

For nearly a hundred years,Independence the clock tower standing proudly at the top of the Independence City Hall has kept its faithful vigil. But, the tower and the building are more than just a structure from the past. Since 1903, when the unique building was completed, it has been a proud landmark for the small city of Independence. The Wisconsin State Historical Society has called it “The most visible outstanding government building in Trempealeau County”.

In 1997, the City and The Friends of City Hall, with pride and determination, made a commitment to restore this historical landmark and coax it back to its once genteel days. Volunteers have raised tens of thousands of dollars and donated countless hours to help restore the historic landmark.Independence City Hall

If “Crush” intends to manipulate the long established democratic government in order to push and bully there mining operation into the heart of the countryside surrounding Independence, Wisconsin, I don’t think the company really understands the people who live and work there – and that is not the least bit surprising.

Walker's Wisconsin FOIA – For Our Interests Only

Van Hollen flips, flops, in favor of fascism

On Wednesday, State Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) filed a motion in Dane County Circuit Court arguing she is immune from lawsuit while she remains in office. The motion was filed on her behalf by Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s Department of Justice. That is to say that taxpayers cannot have access to the communications of the elected officials that represent them during the time they are working for the people they represent. It’s not surprising that she may feel that way, since Leah has always had control issues and her emails rival the speeches of Michele Bachmann in clarity and composition. I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed.

In one email, state Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Wauwatosa, offered these thoughts about redrawing her district and when GOP legislators were working in secret with Michael Best & Friedrich law firm who were paid $431,000 in taxpayer money for its work:

“Western Wauwatosa — yes (more GOP),” “West Milwaukee — No (forgot to mention this part of current district — VERY Dem” and “Milwaukee — cop wards if needed.”

She also wrote in the May 4, 2011, message to Tad Ottman, an aide to then-Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau,

“This is such a big task. So glad we are in control.

Host Madison – Documents cast new light on redistricting process, reveal partisan motivations

The surprise comes with Attorney General Van Hollen’s acquiescence.

Van Hollen’s executive assistant, declined to comment on the specifics of the case but said the state constitution is clear on legislative immunity.

The state constitution says lawmakers are not “subject to any civil process during the session of the Legislature.” Vukmir contends in her motion that the current legislative session lasts the entire term of a state representative — meaning legislators could be in session from the moment they are first sworn in until they leave office, perhaps many years later.JS Online

What he doesn’t say was made clear by Susan Crawford, a Madison attorney who has served as an assistant attorney general and chief counsel to former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle: “She had never seen the Department of Justice raise such a defense. The immunity provision is in the constitution to protect the public from losing its voice in the Legislature because of legal proceedings, not to help legislators avoid complying with laws.” In other words the immunity is provided to prevent litigation from interfering with conduct of the people’s business, not to deprive the people from leaning the details of that business.

Van Hollen has defended the FOIA statutes in the past including a warning to County Clerks after the June 5 recall election:

Along with this Memorandum, please find an informal opinion from the Attorney General’s office which outlines the specific considerations regarding the application of the public records law to requests for claimed trade secret memory device records.

Ultimately, each county and municipality is subject to the application of Wisconsin’s public records laws and individually responsible for compliance therewith. Failure to comply with public records laws does expose the counties and municipalities to civil penalties and potential attorney’s fees. It is strongly recommended that you each obtain adequate legal counsel to appropriately comply with these public records requests, as well as maintain the chain of custody and integrity of the June 5, 2012 election materials Memo to clerks record requests

The secret Leah Vukmir Aria

The aria by GOP Sen. Leah Vukmir was taken loosely from the news reports regarding the undisclosed documents of the redistricting email chatter:

I was told it was to be the “show stopper”opea leah v a real democracy slasher

It is clear how this aria is an obvious steal of Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” and renamed the “Flight of Vukmir”, and even though the copy was apparent, the Vukmir version was every bit as haunting.

Leah appears on stage against a huge map projected on the scrim depicting a vote district in the shape of an elephant, while singing in a octave, twice her capability, the following lyric:

It is with pride
No trunk can hide
My heroic mission
A superior vision
Oh, oh Elephantidae
Oh say, Oh say, Oh Say
Can you see
It is Me, Me, Me!

Wisconsin's Walker – DNR & GOP Trapped by Sportsmen

The Wisconsin Sportsman grant subject of criminal intent

To begin at the beginning, where the Journal Sentinel and other major news outlets neglect to tread, the very first manifestation of the Wisconsin Sportsmen of America group did not erupt last month or last week aswalker boxer news outlets are reporting. By most accounts the story begins quite recently, with the ever suspicious circumstances surrounding the creation, application, award, and cancellation of the $500,000 grant to the group. In fact, the story begins in June of 2011.

The original mysterious workings of the Sportsmen was connected with Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and vote fraud in the days before the Senate recall elections in June of 2011. AFP mailed false information to voters across the state to misinform the public and suppress the vote in that election. The Sportsman did a mailing at the same time, and even though the date was correct, the physical mailing is suspiciously similar. Did the Sportsman mailing with the correct address go to republicans and the mailing with the false address go to democrats? A similar vote caging scheme by AFP was recorded:

Last October, One Wisconsin Now, a progressive group, obtained undercover audio recording of the meeting of a local Tea Party group, the Grandsons of Liberty, in which a vote-caging scheme was laid out that involved mailers that AFP agreed to send out to voters in left-leaning districts in Milwaukee. The addresses were provided via the Republican Party of Wisconsin, through the state’s Voter Vault…In the vote-cage scheme, mailers were sent in August to districts in which much of the housing was in college dormitories. They had “do not forward” instructions printed on the outside, so that the votes of those whose flyers bounced back to AFP could be challenged at the polls.

Yet, you will find no mention of the mailings in the current stories, even though the instances were documented in regional and county press coverage at the time:

North Hudson Man Files Voter Suppression Complaint Against Americans For Prosperity

Posted by Micheal Foley , August 02, 2011

When Charles Shultz received an absentee ballot application form in the mail on Thursday, July 28, it didn’t take long before he found something fishy with it.
Shultz wrote the following on the complaint form:

I received an absentee ballot request form from Americans For Prosperity. It intentionally listed to return up to Aug. 11. The date of the election is Aug. 9. If I followed their instructions, my ballot would not be legal. I think they purposely intended to discount my vote. I understand such activity to be against the law. I believe I was targeted by this group because I am a Democrat and a senior citizen.Hudson Patch

From the Crawford County Independent – Thursday, August 4, 2011
by Erin Martin

Robocall, repeat surveys,and confusing absentee ballot applications are all part of the new politics as Wisconsin heads toward an unprecedented eight recall elections in the next two weeks. What to do? You might try to ignore them all and follow your commons sense.

Rolling Ground Resident Displays Fraudulent Mailing
Lamar Janes holds the suspicious absentee ballot application received by his wife on Saturday. Neither Janes nor his wife Lynda Shaller are members of American For Prosperity as the accompanying letter states. The application he’s holding states clearly absentee ballots must be submitted to “city clerks” by August 11. However, absentee ballots cannot be submitted after the election, which is scheduled for this Tuesday, August 9.

AFP Mailer Sent to More Than Just Two Districts

As reported in the Brad Blog The Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin director Matt Seaholm tried to explain the mailings false information away by claiming the incorrect date was little more than a simple a “typo” and that the mailing “just went out to our members.” He added that he was “sure the liberals will try to make a mountain out of a molehill in an attempt to distract voters’ attention from the issues.”

Americans for Prosperity sent misleading absentee ballot far more widely than previously known
8/05/2011By Greg Sargent
Now AFP has sent out a new email to supporters — forwarded by a labor source — that seeks to clarify the situation. And it appears to acknowledge that the misleading ballot was actually sent to all six districts where Republicans are facing August 9th recalls. Here’s the key part:

“Recently, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin sent a mailer to provide our members, like you, with the opportunity to vote by way of absentee ballot. The absentee ballot mailing was mailed only to AFP-Wisconsin members in the eight Senate Districts that have recall elections. The return date included on the absentee ballot application (August 11th) was intended solely for the two senate districts with elections on August 16th. However, the printer sent that version out to all districts, including those that have elections on August 9th.”

Note that AFP’s new email blames the printer for sending out the ballot to all districts. Even more interestingly, AFP is using the controversy over its own misleading of voters as a rallying point to get out the vote for Republicans.

The Washington Post

The “reported” story

As mentioned earlier, the reported history of the Sportsmen group is just a few weeks old, and smacks of the same cagey, crony, creepy maneuvering as the mailing scheme. The $500,000 grant

1) United Sportsmen was the only applicant for the award.

2) The carefully crafted grant requirements were unanimously voted into the state budget in May after just seven minutes of discussion.

3) United Sportsmen falsified its 501(3)(c) status on the grant application.

4) United Sportsmen has a scant record of any involvement in promoting hunting of fishing.

5) Sept 5 – Late Thursday Gov. Scott Walker canceled a controversial $500,000 grant to a sportsmen’s group with little training experience but close ties to GOP politicians.JS Online By Jason Stein and Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel

The latest nail in the coffin of deceit

Republican legislators gamble with losing $28 million in annual federal money because the DNR would not have adequate control of how the grant funds were used – AND they kept this information hidden when the bill was slammed through and put in the budget in seven minutes. DNR officials alerted then-Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) and Assistant Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) to the federal government’s concerns before the Assembly adopted the budget, according to the DNR.

They did not tell any member of the opposition party about how the grant to the Sportsmen of $500,000 would trigger a loss of $28 million dollars to the taxpayers of Wisconsin? And these are supposed to be the leaders of the Assembly? Does the recent resignation of Scott Suder as Assembly Leader have anything to do this giant leap into cutting off the face to save the nose? And we are supposed believe that Scott Walker did not know about the overwhelming loss of federal money that was at stake? He regards the Feds as his loyal subject and has a history of snubbing their authority as shown in his disregard of the warnings of the Federal Housing and Urban Development who repeatedly threatened to withhold funds from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation because of what? – not having adequate control!

The press headlines Walker as a hero? “Veto saved state 28 million”

The same major media that has ignored the full story and history of the Sportsmen is now applauding Walker for his insight for canceling the grant. Scandal clean-up on aisle 11! And 15! – How the United Sportsmen scandal is getting scrubbed by the press.

Walker’s motive is to stay thirty feet away from the Sportsmen group

The Journal Sentinel will find the truth thirty Andyfeet down the hall from the ticket received by Andy Pantzlaff (pictured right) for illegal hunting – the ticket noted by the press as the primary reason why Walker vetoed the grant. Mr. Unintimidated would not cancel the grant for misdemeanor but he may very well want to remain down the hall and thirty feet away from an investigation of a felony for vote fraud.

Walker's Wisconsin – Machieavellian playing field

The playing field just tilted another 10 degrees – feel it where you are?

What makes neocon GOP leaders, or the Tea Party or, Grothman, Voss, and Scott Walker tick? Progressive, liberal, democratic party types just don’t get it and often resort to defining the ticking mechanism driving all the union busting, teacher bashing, and singer silencing with terms like ass hats, wankers, weasels, (add your favorite face book GOP bashing term here).

A recent Huffington Post article reads “Obama’s Machiavellian Moment” in reference to his decision to strike Syria. I am staying in Wisconsin here, and use the headline as reference point to Machiavelli and not anything to do with Syria.

Although scholars debate Machiavelli’s true intentions, there can be little doubt that The Prince was an effort to help achieve political and social stability. This could only be accomplished, Machiavelli argued, through a style of statecraft that was unsentimental about human nature. “A man who wants to make a profession of goodness in everything,” he wrote, “is bound to come to ruin among so many who are not good.” Joseph Loconte Huffington Post

Machiavellian Wisconsin

The Machiavellian approach to accomplishing goals is not just some ass hat, wanking, weaseling kind of evil. It is a way of thinking where the individual actively employs manipulation of people, places, and things for their individual, goal-reaching benefit. These people might define the approach as “individual freedom”. The thought process has been around since the 15th Century and bounced with a boost in the late fifty’s in the writing of Ayn Rand in “Atlas Shrugged”. She called it “Objectivisim”. It is nothing new at all, but what is most troubling is the way it is working in today’s world and in Walker’s Wisconsin.

The rich are getting even richer. And the numbers are “Storm the Bastille” startling


The bottom 99 percent received a microscopic $80 increase in pay per person in 2010, after adjusting for inflation. The top 1 percent, whose average income is $1,019,089, had an 11.6 percent increase in income.

Steven Rattner N.Y.Times Op Ed

Registering the severe separation of rich from poor demonstrated in the numbers really doesn’t seem to hit home to many; the severity of the deep imbalance will only ignite the light bulb in the brain when dramatized by pictures, graphs to show the huge discrepancies that have developed, no snow balled, over the last decade. This is “Oh boy wonderful!” if you are at the top 10% of distribution, but it is slap in the face followed by a kick in the rear to the the middle class. Regardless of how far out of whack you might perceive the divide to be, it has been proven that it is much, much worse by the video. How close is your perception to the reality?

Wealth Distribution in America

The Machiavellian revolution of the wealthy

Why is the middle class being shafted, marginalized, and diminished to a mere squeak from the rubber duck floating on the sea of wealth being generated in this country? It’s a big question that may have something to do with Machiavellian thought and methodology.

Wisconsin – Know thy enemy

Nearly every person reading this is somewhere in the middle class, and is being shafted. That is everyone – republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, progressive regardless if you get your news from Fox or MSNBC – All are being deprived of economic opportunity through the unprecedented ruthlessness of a few. We are really all in this together – everyone! So, why are we fighting each other? For some the answer is the Tea Party, for others it is the Solidarity Sing Along. It’s all a matter of what we believe, where we get our information, or our own misunderstanding for our own psychology of politics – I am talking deep down beneath TV, newspapers, face book, twitter, moving into the synapses sparking and snapping within our own mind.

We have found the enemy, and it is us

It is us, but who am I in terms of political psychological thought that forms emotions moved into expression? Where do we find some external measure, without shelling out hundreds of dollars to seek therapy for an answer? A good start may be to examine our own system of thought? Here is a quiz for progressives, democrats, republicans, tea party folks, anarchists, singers, squatters, butchers, bakers, and ice-cream makers. It may give you some idea of how you think while absorbing TV, reading newspapers, browsing face book or tweeting. As the “use” disclaimer states, it is not scientific, but neither is face book, TV, or Twitter. It just gives you some insight in the most important person you know when it comes to any change – you.

As you answer the questions honestly, imagine how someone form the “other side” might respond to the same question. At least, you are observing the most pivotal force for social change that exists – you. You and the way you think.


Niccolò Machiavelli (1469–1527) was an Italian politician and philosopher who is famous for his advocacy of political ethics that hold effectiveness as more important that morality. He is the source of the phrase “the ends justify the means”.

In the 1960s, social psychologists Richard Christie and Florence L. Geis, who collected statements from Machiavelli’s writings and asked people how much they agreed with each, concluded that Machiavellianism exists as a distinct personality trait. They published the MACH-IV in 1970 and it has been a popular instrument ever since.

The test consists of twenty items. Each item is a statement that you must indicate how accurate it would be when applied to you. It should take 2 – 5 minutes to complete.

This test is offered for educational interest use only. It is not a substitute for psychological help of any kind and should not be used to inform any real life decisions. Anonymous data collected from this test will be stored and possibly used for research.

Here is the link for the quizMachieavellian quiz

Please visit my “other blog” for news of my new play “House of Monkeys” – a musical romp through the love, life, and work of Moliere!

Walker's Wisconsin – Schedule "S" for same sex

New tax form for old ideas

Walker’s Wisconsin will hold tightly to continue the discrimination of same sex couples and will disregard the June 26,Supreme Court landmark rulings for gay rights, including a decision that adds California back to the roster of states where same-sex marriages are fully legal.

In an article summarizing the implementation of the court decision in all 50 states, Wisconsin is foot noted as a “special case” with the most limited law in the country regarding honoring the rights of same sex couples.

Wisconsin — Wisconsin allows gayMinnesota gay marriage couples to register as domestic partners, conferring some legal benefits such as hospital visitation rights. But its domestic partnership law is one of the most limited in the country. Gay marriage has been banned by constitutional amendment since 2006, and experts say the state is unlikely to revisit the issue soon,(and there is a link to a Marshfied article which has been taken down. Interesting?) despite a push by gay marriage advocates after the approval of gay marriage in neighboring Minnesota.

(pictured right: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signs a bill legalizing same-sex marriage at the state Capitol in St. Paul on May 14, 2013.)
MSN Gay marriage in all 50 states

No singing, no celebration in Wisconsin

Walker’s Wisconsin will not embrace the right of same sex couples to marry, but will continue to discriminate, penalize, and deny them the human right that is supported by the majority of people across the country and ruled as illegal by the Supreme Court. Instead, the Department of Revenue will require people, who have chosen to express their love in a way that GOP legislators find inappropriate, to fill out a “special form” to enable “special discrimination” – the Form S is for “special”, “scandalize”, “sanctimonious” or dare I say, “santorum”?

At the state level, they will have to fill out a new form, called a Schedule S, which will allocate the income from their joint federal return to each individual for their state returns.

The Schedule S will be available by the end of the month, according to the department.jsonline

No doubt the determinationwalker store will be challenged, but human rights has become something of a joke in Wisconsin in the past two years. When accountant Pete Oettinger, a Baraboo accountant was asked if he expects some same-sex couples to challenge how the Department of Revenue is treating them, he said, “Absolutely. Did I stutter?” HA HA, and Hi, diddly, Dee – a “special joke”. No problem with an accountant with a sense of humor, but the “did I stutter” comment is very telling in that it chuckles at an imposition of authoritarian control on human rights, workers rights, women’s rights, singing rights, that is expected from the Walker Administration, and more alarming, it suggests a quiet desperation that smells of fatigue with two years of GOP political maneuvering.

Anyway, I feel it. Do you? I feel the malaise ever since the Walker Recall election. One of those snarky comments from a republican showed up on face book in response to a status about Walker’s poor job creation numbers, “And how is that search for a strong democratic candidate for governor coming?”.

Wisconsin’s domestic partnership law is one of the most limited in the country and I doubt Scott Walker or the republican controlled legislature will take any aggressive steps to change that status. I guess, it is one of those issues that the governor’s constituents are just not talking about. Below is a video from “Democracy Now” featuring an interview with the governor from the floor of the Republican Convention in Florida before the presidential election. Nothing has changed.

Question of Women’s Reproductive Rights Ridiculous for Election? Gov Scott Walker Says “Yes”

It is probably safe to assume that gay rights could be easily substituted for reproductive rights in this video – only more so.

Walker's Wisconsin – The MacIver exclusive 'Atta boy!

Back on February 3rd, 2012 Free Wisconsin asked Is the IRS sleeping?

The requirement for tax exemption according to law was posted in regard to the Bradley Foundation gift to MacIver Institute $310,000 in funding.

Exemption Requirements – Section 501(c)(3) Organizations

To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates IRS

On Nov. 19, 2011 Daniel Bice, Bill Glauber and Ben Poston of the Journal Sentinel published a powerful story in the Sunday paper about the Bradley Foundation calling it:

one of the most powerful philanthropic forces behind America’s conservative movement

With that in mind, here is the story from MacIver News Service | September 6, 2013:

Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin is Heading in the Right Direction

[Madison, Wisc…] Governor Scott Walker sat down with the MacIver News Service recently to talk about where Wisconsin stands and his goals for the coming months. Walker said that a majority of the statistics and rankings show that Wisconsin’s economy is turning around. His goal is to continue working with employers to create more jobs and would like to build upon the reforms in his budget that will reduce bureaucratic red tape on businesses and consumers. MacIver New Service

Oh, and there is a video! It features Scott Walker reeling off word bites like an alter boy reciting his “Confiteor Deo” kneeling before Monseigneur Moriarty, “key industries’ (nose breath), chamber of commerce survey (eye shift), trend after trend (hand sweep), – the litany of licentiousness before the altar of illegal funding. (but we will get to that in a bit)

Applauding the Tea Party!

Not even the Koch Brothers, with all their billions, can control the tentacles of the dark octopi they pitch into the political waters like black ink. The tea party failed to undermine Obama with “birther” propaganda, operation freedom or Benghasi, but now they had him. It was the Tea Party that brought the abuse of the non-profit 501 (c)(4) by the IRS, when they accused the agency of singling out conservative groups for delay and rejection of the status based on their far-right political leanings – and the dark ink was spread and released – but it backfired! The octopus spewed from the political pond to land on the face of Michael Grebe, president of the Bradley Foundation (pictured below but we will get to that in a bit).

Path to limitation of corporate campaign funding laid bare

Just like I was saying back in February of 2012, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) announced on Wednesday a lawsuit challenging the Internal Revenue Service’s rules for certain tax-exempt nonprofit groups that have become major vehicles for political spending in the last few years.

IRS Sued Over Rule That Lets Dark Money Flood Elections Posted: 08/21/2013 2:23 pm EDT

The lawsuit challenges one specific IRS regulation covering tax-exempt nonprofits organized under section 501(c)(4) of the U.S. Tax Code. The tax code requires that these nonprofits be “exclusively” engaged in social welfare activity. But the IRS’ 1959 interpretation states that 501(c)(4) nonprofits need only be “primarily” engaged in their stated social welfare activity — a looser rule that has opened the door to significant political activity by some of these groups. The lawsuit gives as examples in the last election Crossroads GPS, founded by GOP operative Karl Rove, and Priorities USA, a 501(c)(4) affiliated with the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action.
Huffington Post

The shift of one word spells Walker defeat

The wording of the actual law regarding non-profits and campaign financing reads,”exclusively for exempt purposes set ” but the IRS has been using the word, “primarily for exempt purposes”.

With the shift of one word in the IRS’s description of non-profit eligibility for tax exemption for political purposes, could wipe out some of the ability for Walker to make a $300,000 media buy in 2014.

What What about the Bradley Foundation

Why does the money pour into the Walker coffers and enable him to shell out a $300,000 media buy?

It is simple, really. It can be boiled down to one word “control”. Most people have never experienced the addictive emotional lift that comes with holding a lot of money. Many can identify with this lift by recalling the moment they signed the mortgage papers for a house or farm. It is a rush of sorts. It’s not unlike the rush of an addicted gambler who loses the family farm on a bet just to get the rush of the risk, except that the wealthy 1% can afford the gamble with little risk of personal debt or injury. They sit around the poker table of tax exempt foundations, and legislative alliances and lay down their bets in a game to alter public policy to their liking. The rush of the moment is filled with the adrenaline of the gamble for control. What a rush for them. What a “fun” game!

One of the main bullet points, high on the agenda of control, is privatization. Why are these self defined conservatives investing big money in dismantling government in favor of privatization of education, social security, health care, and nearly every other public program? They gain corporate control. The administration of government programs will no longer be influenced by the people of a representative government, but will be run by private, corporate, boards of directors, and the foundation leaders and organizations like the Bradley Foundation, Koch Bros, and Americans for Prosperity will be first in line to gain the power of control of the brave, new corporate America.

Wealth buys power and control of the message

Just such a man is Michael W. Grebe president and chief executive of the Bradley Foundation, which during the period of 2001 to 2009, doled out nearly as much money as the seven Koch and Scaife foundations combined. Less than a week after being elected governor, Scott Walker and his wife met privately with Michael Grebe, one of the most powerful philanthropic forces behind America’s conservative movement. The list of major recipients reads like an all-star roster of conservative think tanks: millions of dollars directed to well-known groups such as the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, and the Federalist Society – all trying to put their stamp on three branches of government.

Grebe likened the Bradley Foundation to the 1960s Green Bay Packers, who ruled the football world with a fearsome ground game and a deceptively simple running play, the sweep.

“We’re going to run off tackle, right over there, and we’re telling you we’re going to run there and we’re going to knock you on your butt and carry the ball down the field,” Grebe said during an interview inside the foundation’s headquarters near downtown. “There are no surprises.”

Bradley Foundation jsonline

The Bradley Foundation is a “Philanthropic” Organization

As a tax exempt foundation the Bradley Foundation is not allowed to involve itself in political activities. So, how is it that the foundation’s money supports ideas, as well as political leaders like Scott Walker, who have turned those ideas into action, and have helped drive America’s conservative revolution over the past quarter-century?

Good question.

Taking Michael Grebe’s football analogy and running with it, the video below cries foul to the political activities of this tax exempt foundation and its president “Greedy Grebe”

Demand that the IRS review the activities of the Bradley Foundation and its violation of 501(c)(4) statutes.