Walker's Wisconsin – Suder Fish Wrap

The trip of fools

Just a week before the $500,000 grant was to be awarded to the Wisconsin Sportsmen, a little fishing trip was planned. It was celebratory. The major players had done it – like a bunch of high schooler’s who had stole the mascot of a rival team, the pull-over of the Sportsmen grant was to be worn as a badge of courage.

The attitude was to “double-dog-dare” liberals and progressives to bring up the dirt as taunted by, Luke Hilgemann, Scott Suder’s former Chief of Staff. You can almost hear him scoffing at liberals as he man hugs the progressive catfish in the picture below.

By Patrick Marley and Jason Stein of the Journal Sentinel – Sept. 30, 2013
“Let me be as direct as I can with this recent attention for USW (United Sportsmen of Wisconsin)….Bring it!” he wrote. “In our business we wear these types of unfounded, misguided political hack jobs as a badge of courage.”

They had lukehilgemanpulled the prank of hiding the bogus grant award deep within the state budget, formulating the bill so that only the Sportsmen Group would qualify, while keeping it all quiet from the opposition even though they knew the grant award could potentially trigger the loss of 26 million dollars from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Now, that’s call for a celebration!

An email exchange among Hilgeman and the anglers of felonious funds, reads like high schooler’s planning for homecoming bon fire and includes exchanges between:

Scott Suder – the ring master of the grant and new appointee to the Public Service Commission at bumped-up salary of $94,000 a year

Scott Meyer – a lobbyist and chief executive of Wisconsin Sportsmen.

Darren LaSorte – a former NRA lobbyist and board member of the foundation affiliated with United Sportsmen.

The emails were obtained through a FOIA request for the discussion in the week before big Aug. 22-23 fishing trip in the North-woods.

Bring it on…INDEED!

The email conversation leading up to the North-woods piscary, wafts a very ancient fish-like smell of crony crappie, good buddy bass, and eviscerated musky innards. This just isn’t about the conduct of government, it is the plan for a party by manly men exposing some of the least ethical values outside the local biker club.

Scott Meyer, United Sportsmen’s executive director and lobbyist, sent an email Aug. 16 to Suder and two others detailing plans for three outings over two days.

“Both (Thursday) evening and Friday evening are no charge,” Meyer wrote, referring to a charter fishing trip and an outing on a boat owned by a United Sportsmen board member.

Both the Thursday and Friday evening are no charge


The blurry “print-screen” above is a dramatization of the “fish for free” offer by Scott Meyer (pictured above) to Scott Suder. Even though, Suder has assured that he paid for everything including gas, fees, and marshmallows – do you see an immediate response from his office to the original offer? Suder’s assurance is good enough? Scott Suder was the puppet master of the whole Wisconsin Sportsmen fiasco from day one, and we are supposed to take him at his word?

Dare anyone question the credibility of Scott’s Suder & Meyer?

This will be just another of those liberal, misguided political hack jobs, which they will catch, clean, and pose for the picture as they accept the badge of courage for catching another prize in eviscerating the democratic process. Bring it!

1) United Sportsmen was the only applicant for the award.

2) The carefully crafted grant requirements were unanimously voted into the state budget in May after just seven minutes of discussion.

3) United Sportsmen falsified its 501(3)(c) status on the grant application.

4) United Sportsmen has a scant record of any involvement in promoting hunting of fishing.

5) Sept 5 – Late Thursday Gov. Scott Walker canceled a controversial $500,000 grant to a Sportsmen’s group with little training experience but close ties to GOP politicians.JS Online By Jason Stein and Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel

6) Sept 11 – GOP legislators did notSudder tell any member of the opposition party that the grant to the Sportsmen of $500,000 would trigger a loss of $28 million dollars to the taxpayers of Wisconsin. according to the DNR.

7) Sept 16 – Scott Suder (pictured right) the Assembly head who lobbied for the Sportsmen grant resigns to accept a position at the Public Service Commission where Walker awards a $94,000 a year salary – nearly double his legislative salary.Wisconsin Public Radio

8) Back in May, Terry J. Kohler personally reached out to key Republican lawmakers to urge them to slip the taxpayer money into the state budget for the Wisconsin Sportsmen group. Read the letter: PDF of Kohler letterTerry Kohler (pictured right) was the real firepower. He is a Terry KohlerWisconsin industrialist, and one of the most influential GOP donors in the state. Journal Sentinel


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