Walker's Wisconsin – BREAKING 22 jobs for $431,000

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) #Fail

job chart
What does success look like to Scott Walker and the WEDC?

Some things human beings do, are best kept quiet. If you get caught paying way too much for a car, washing machine, or a piece of some action in Nigeria – you probably will not run down to the local paper and ask them to print the story. Not true for Scott Walker the CEO of WEDC. He gets scammed, fooled, and rooked and publishes a press release!

This building expansion, along with new product lines being introduced in the coming year, will provide for up to 22 additional manufacturing jobs at our Menomonee Falls plant over the next three years,” said Thalia Maniotis, HR Manager. “In cooperation with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation,” added Paula Weiss, VP Finance, “Scan-Pac is eligible for up to $431,000 in tax credits to support the expansion and job creation within the State of Wisconsin.”

22 jobs to be created over 3 years will cost taxpayers $431,000

This is good news in Walker’s Wisconsin. Taxpayers will pay $19,590 per job – and this is news? By that yardstick why not just invite the unemployed to line of at the governor’s office and hand out $20,000 checks? Walker could easily create a few hundred jobs in one afternoon.

This is real. walker trainThe Scan/Scam Pak tax credit award is not an isolated example of the incompetence and administrative stumbling going on in the WEDC for the past two years and is but one small example for the real reason for Walker’s failed job creation numbers.

It was not the recall elections, it was not the protests, it is not the way the numbers are compiled by the federal government – it was Scott Walker’s decision to dismantle a department of the state government, and doing so without possessing the education, managerial skills, or administrative skills to make the new department work.

Walker has just posted a press release which clearly underscores his failure, yet here the emperor stands in his new clothes boasting of his success in creating jobs by holding up a $20,000 price tag per job as a trophy to his administrative ability. His new clothes are shredding. He is standing naked in his own chamber of neocon illusion. It ain’t pretty!

Maybe, the tax credits are to sooth Scan-Pac’s fine from OSHA for a serious violation of $1,890 for machine guards? Maybe, we will see how Scan-Pac is soon to become a major contributor to Walker’s 2014 campaign, as has been the case for so many other of his credited minions in the past like, Bill Gardner, who invested $166,000 in Walker’s campaign for governor to get a reward of a cool $14 MILLION in grants for his Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co.?

Back in the days of the old antiquated Department of Commerce

Once upon a time, before the reign of the Emperor with new clothes, and in another paradigm and place before the dark gloom of neocon spells were cast for the neutralization of the middle class.

December 10, 2010 8:20 am MARY SPICUZZA Cap Times

“We were positioned to be not only a center of the line, but to be a manufacturing center as well. Now we are moving from being the leader to the back of the line,” Doyle said. “Eight hundred and ten million dollars that would have gone to create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin will now create jobs in other states.”

The Obama administration is taking back the $810 million awarded to Wisconsin for train projects after Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker made it clear he will not waver in his opposition to the project.

Now, Walker has sunk Wisconsin into a world where paying $20,000 per job created is great news and worthy of celebration.


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