Walker's Wisconsin – Cruz, Walker, and Johnson all of a piece

All of a piece

Walker and Johnson are careful to distance themselves from the GOP CR and debt ceiling debate as they fly and “Cruz” over the Washington Coo Coo Bird nest. It’s rather like water distancing itself from “wet”.

Walker and Johnson and coocoothe rest of the self-proclaimed reformers of the 2010 GOP power grab of state houses across the country, were spawned in the very same Coo Coo nest. Nesting material was gathered from the sticks and string conveniently scattered by the Koch Brothers and the Bradley Foundation, while nesting sites were scouted by the likes of Reince Priebus,the Americans for Prosperity, and the Tea Party.

Mom said, “You made your bed, now lie in it.”. Yep, Walker. Ok, Johnson. You made your nest now lie in it.

No escape from insanity for the Dodo Duo

Walker rose to office from the tea party tactics of political manipulation of a secret email network with OP’s who hung with child enticing, veteran fund stealing, identity shifting com padres who were investigated, indicted, and disgraced.

Johnson was able to screen his lack of wit, wisdom, and conscience by hiding behind the clever and heavily funded television ads created and financed by the Koch Brothers, the Americans for Prosperity and the Bradley Foundation.

Here was a new brand of down and dirty politics characterized by all the screamers at town hall meetings raising stick and cardboard signs cartooning Obama as Hitler. Here was the Coo Coo nest of a new and desperate neocon conspiracy that would gain control of state houses in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, and our own beloved and Packer-loving, Wisconsin. You made your nest now lie in it.

A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning
N.Y. Times
Published: October 5, 2013

The current budget brinkmanship is just the latest development in a well-financed, broad-based assault on the health law, Mr. Obama’s signature legislative initiative. Groups like Tea Party Patriots, Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks are all immersed in the fight, as is Club for Growth, a business-backed nonprofit organization. Some, like Generation Opportunity and Young Americans for Liberty, both aimed at young adults, are upstarts.

The billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, have been deeply involved with financing the overall effort. A group linked to the Kochs, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, disbursed more than $200 million last year to nonprofit organizations involved in the fight.

The Shut Down – Lie in it

No distance between the “divide and conquer” governor, the “Benghazi” obsessed Senator, the Tea Party, the Koch Bros., ALEC, and the government shut down. All of a piece. All spawned from the same conspiratorial nest. All born of the continuum of neocon tactical spin, and Walker and Johnson own it. Oh yes, the shoe fits.

If the shoe fits, wear it

Now that the swirl of initial promises of reform, and transformation descend in the vortex typical of any toilet, watch our Wisconsin Governor and Senator attempt to pull out before the pregnant1shoe drop truth soils their pant leg. It isn’t like the GOP Tea party zealots weren’t warned from within and without their own party. It isn’t like this repeat of a shut down of government would disprove the quoted adage: “doing same thing over and over”…is Coo Coo bird, insanity.

As predicted, the shut down could very well be the best thing that has happened to build moderation out of Coo Coo, in a long time. Walker and Johnson are every bit a part of the bowl movement now descending. Flush!

Just watch the squirm and clawing of separation by Walker and Johnson, of reformer from reform, as the final choking sound of the swirling neocon splash spins out in the 2014 electoral flush.


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