Walker's Wisconsin – Humpty Duffy's great fall

Shut down of Wisconsin fallen Soldier

Mother of fallen soldier denied death benefits: “I won’t ever understand it”
Jeremiah M. Collins Jr.

jerimiah_collins jr

Today Fallen Solidier – Eun Kyung Kim
Mother of fallen soldier denied death benefits: ‘I won’t ever understand it’
“The government is hurting the wrong people,” said Shannon Collins, who lost her son over the weekend in Afghanistan.
‘Just disgusting’: Outrage after shutdown delays payment for families of fallen

Marine Lance Corporal Jeremiah M. Collins Jr., a 19-year-old from Milwaukee, died Saturday while supporting combat operations in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. He was one of five service members killed in Afghanistan over the weekend, including four troop members who died Sunday in an IED attack.

Disgraceful, degrading, detestable Duffy

Sean Duffy is a “teaparty” winner of his House Sean Duffyrace on November 2, 2010, in a nationwide wave of Republicans being elected to Congress to become an outspoken member of the teaparty caucus that is responsible for the government shutdown.

Sean Duffy appeared on MSNBC yesterday in a performance of shame for all of Wisconsin’s 7th Disctict and all of Wisconsin. Oh, it wasn’t the aniti-Obama, anti-healthcare political tirade he delivered in the interview with Andrea Mitchel, no, it was his complete lack of respect and dignity for the context in which he was called to comment. The context for which he was asked to comment was the fact that a the family of fallen soldier from Wisconsin was being denied death benefits as a direct result of the shutdown that he and his caucus perpetrated.

Duffy missed the point, missed the weight of the moment, and insulted Wisconsin with a cursory dismissal of the death of a Wisconsin soldier with a chew toy few words at the top of the interview. He just didn’t get it. He doesn’t get it. He relinquished his credibility as a leader of anyone.

After delivering his memorized condolences to the tragic outcome of the shut down with respect of fallen soldiers, he went into his selfish, myopic, political rant much to the embarrassment of Andrea Mitchel, the viewing audience, and the people of Wisconsin.

Then Duffy went on a rant blaming the media for, well, everything. That didn’t sit too well with Andrea Mitchell.

But Duffy kept ranting and browbeating.

Andrea Mitchell clashes with GOP Rep. Duffy over military death benefits – Posted by GottaLaff – Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


With all due respect, this is about military death benefits to kids, 19-year-old kids who died in Afghanistan and who are not returning home, this is about what their families are entitled to by law and what they are not getting.

This is not about what you want in Obamacare and not about what the president wants on the debt ceiling.


Don’t spin that on me.

Pot. Kettle. Spin.


You consider it a small ask that he gets rid of the central part of his health care plan that was upheld by the vote, of a presidential election and the United States Supreme Court?


Andrea, hold on. That’s your spin.


That’s not spin.

Duffy represents no one


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