Koch Bros. Frankenstein's Revenge

“How dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to be greater than his nature will allow.”
― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


The monster has escaped!

lite By Michael Isikoff, NBC News – Oct. 9. 2013

A letter, signed by the company’s chief lobbyist and sent to members of Congress, says that Koch Industries has taken no position on the shutdown dispute in Congress “nor have we lobbied on legislative provisions defunding Obamacare.”

Koch Industries Letter

What do you do when you invite a bunch of crazies to a party, and they start pitching the furniture through the window? What did Victor Frankensteinjohnson wisconsin 2 do when the monster escaped? What are the Koch Brothers to do when the tea party goes rogue? Um..quick, write a letter. Um…say that we had nothing to do with the government shut down. Oh, and say – “Koch has not taken the position the legislative tactic of tying the continuing resolution of defunding Obamacare nor have we lobbied on legislative provisions defunding Obmamacare.”

When did the Koch Bros. become the Pope of America?

Shame on the media. Shame on the Congress. A pox on all your houses. If any one action can be singled out as a positive reaction to the government shut down, it is the almighty, venerable Koch Brothers are finally forced out of their secret laboratory to come forward to admit that they created the monster. Oh, perhaps they lost control. Perhaps, the creature has been given the mind of a lunatic, but yes, the Koch Brothers created the insane entity that is terrorizing the country.

To keep the monster, horror analogy alive – Wisconsin has been the land of the living dead for over two years. After all, we literally have a “Walker”. Our Walker has created the most divisive political atmosphere in the Badger State in all it’s history. Now our Walker has disgorged the political conversation so that even Chris Mathews of MSNBC says that he is one of the Republican Governors that is interesting. He stuck to his guns and defeated unions. Chris is “walking dead” wrong and is speaking hollow ball from this pedestal of punditry about to be beaned by his own Hard Ball. Chis struck out.

Senator of the Koch living dead

The zombies have escaped from the Koch Industries lab and are spreading the ghoulish recipe for economic disaster through all the villages and hamlets of the country. Senator Ron Johnson is pictured above and right as the phallic symbol and progeny of the Koch scrotal sack. Now, he has gone all viagra on them. His organ of potential doom has been erect for well over four hours, and he will not call his doctor.

Salon Magazine Tuesday, Oct 8, 2013 By Josh Eidelson

Inside the mind of the Tea Party: Sen. Ron Johnson talks to Salon

Johnson pledged to vote against allowing an up-or-downvote on either a “clean” debt ceiling increase or Reid’s potential alternative, and urged the White House to start “trying to calm the markets” rather than “scare-mongering” about the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling, which he said “doesn’t have to be Armageddon if you did a little planning …”

Against the warning of Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce, and even Johnson’s primal progenitors, the Koch Brothers, he continues to point to his small business in Wisconsin as the model for the balance sheet for the world economy?

Now, we know they are out there

The creators of the monster have alerted the villagers that the monster has gone rogue and are willing to risk the economic stability of the world economy for the sake of….what? Obamacare? The deficit? Holding office? Who knows?

What is clear is that the battle is redefined. It is not the Republicans vs. Democrats, conservatives vs. liberals, or Obama vs. Boehner – It is the tea party vs. the world economy.


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