Walker's Wisconsin – "Unintimidated" the book. "Unindicted" the reality.

“un” a prefix of lacking

Doe a dear a female dear
Ray a drop of golden sun
Un a prefix of lacking

To define yourself by what you are not, suggests some confusion as to what you are. Or, at least, suggests that your greatest quality or achievement rests in some unique lacking which separates you from other members of the human race. Flawed, inadequate, incomplete, impaired are a few synonyms that top the list at Thesarus.com.

Unintimidated is just such word with the “un”prefix to suggest negation or lacking of its root. It is also the title of Scott Walker’s book to be released in November as his prerequisite tome or multi-chapter campaign brochure to define his unique human context for leadership on the national stage.

Governor Walker criticizes Romney in new book
Oct 18 News 800
The Associated Press on Friday obtained a copy of Walker’s book, “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge,” before its scheduled release Nov. 19. In the book, Walker presents himself as a leader with a national vision but says Romney ignored advice he gave him during the 2012 presidential race.

This whole “un” thing carries the negation unWalker expressed in the emotional tide of the 2010 GOP sweep of the House of Representatives and the rise Wisconsin’s Governor Walker, and Senator Johnson to power. This “un” thing was first expressed through the tea party and its branded band of screamers and shakers who showed up at town hall meetings following the passage of the Affordable Care Act brandishing signs depicting the President with a Hitler mustache or a Muslim turban. The politics of hate and rude dissension was unleashed on the world with a new found energy lacking any decorum or respect for any political office, institution, that might attach itself to the general brand of “government”. The “un” was attached to the word “American” and threatened to negate and alter the root so it became Unamerican to be American. The trick of “un” was employed to disguise divisiveness as patriotism and stupidity as liberty. Pass the “un”, or else!

Wisconsin – an early victim of “Unamerican” Divide

Only later would we learn how the County Supervisor from Milwaukee had employed a secret email network throughout out his campaign for governor. Only later would we understand how the Koch Brothers, the Americans for Prosperity, and the American Legislative Exchange Council, had been working behind the scenes to gain control of Wisconsin and other state houses across the country. The sleeping giant awoke. The giant was angry. But, alas it was too late. The “un” power was established and entrenched with a seemingly endless supply of gold and treasure.

In Wisconsin the “un” arrived and was celebrated in a meeting at the Governor’s mansion with Walker and his legislators when they delighted in the idea of “dropping the bomb” (curtailing collective bargaining rights) through a new “un” tactic, which they boasted to their backers as “divide and conquer”.

Can’t wait for the book

“Divide and conquer” has come back to haunt. The “un”, that worked so well at the front of “Unameircan” and “Unintimidated” did not work its magic when it was stuck in front of the word “fund” or “unfund” Obamacare, shut down the government, push America off the cliff. Scott Walker may well have got his bump from his “un” book had it been released before Senator Ted Cruz drew the deadly poison from the snake on the “Don’t tread on me” flag, and pitched into the soup people who were at the kitchen table discussing payment of this month’s bills. Help!

The “un” landscape has changed. “Unintimidated” should have been an e book. It should have been released last year. Now, we have seen “unintimidated” and his or her name is Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Michele Bachmann, (place your favorite “un” person here).

Good luck with your “new” “un” book. Me? I am looking forward to the public release of email and documents associated with the John Doe investigation to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel with the headline: “Unindicted”.


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