Walker's Wisconsin – Ghost of a Gov.

Story of a “walker”

‘Tis the season of Zombies and the “living dead”. The most scary phenomenon of zombies and the living dead have captured the imagination of America, which is a frightening comment on the psyche of young America in itself – a reflection of being threatened and caught in the mindless greed of the wealthy few? In case you aren’t a zombie advocate, the living dead who come back to life are referred to as “walkers”. Metaphorical coincidence?

Wisconsin’s “walker” has big political aspirations. Some will suggest that political ambition is all he ever had. In today’s political environment the perquisite for a candidate to enter on to the national political scene is to write a book. These tomes of political fiction are little more than multi-chapter campaign brochures to define a candidate’s unique human context for leadership on the national stage. Wisconsin’s “walker” is about to release such a compendium of political show-and-tell.

“Unintimidated” – the book “Unindicted” – the reality

Wisconsin’s “walker” had a problem. He has no college degree. He was ejected from Marquette University under suspicious circumstances, but you will not discover the reason for his dismissal in the pages of his book. Oh…but that is the point. Wisconsin’s “walker” does not hold the skill of a writer. Who needs a college degree to be President of the U.S.? This book is not really his book at all. He was forced to hire another person to do his writing for him. A ghost writer was employed to tell the story of Wisconsin’s “walker”.

Meet the ghost of a Wisconsin “walker”

If you have ever seen a “walking dead” movie, you will know how the undead hang out together. They seem to benefit from some sort of a communal, “walking dead”, synergistic, partnership. (Remember that last scene of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?) Wisconsin’s “walker” has found just such a voice to chant his unintimidated_book2incantation of union busting and job busting. The ghost arrives out of a chorus of extreme neo-conservative reverberation of the racism of Jesse Helms (pictured “far right”), the fear mongering of George W.(lower left). The ghost himself, Mark Thiessen, is pictured upper left, while Wisconsin’s “walker” is centered in the ghoulish mess with his most recent addition to the litany of fear and failure.

Who else did Thiessen “Ghost” for?

Jesse Helms

Before joining the Bush Administration, Mr. Thiessen spent more than six years on Capitol Hill as spokesman and senior policy adviser to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms. He represented the Committee before U.S. and international news organizations, and built a reputation as an effective and highly-quotable spokesman. Mr. Thiessen wrote Senator Helms’ memorable address to the UN Security Council, which was the topic of an episode of ABC News Nightline. Thiessen

George W. Bush

When former Bush administration staffer Marc Thiessen appeared on EWTN (a Catholic television network) last week and cloaked torture under the euphemistic guise of “enhanced interrogation” and made a theological case for waterboarding, many people of faith took exception and refuted Thiessen’s preposterous claims.Faith in Public Life

Lawrence O’Donnell Blast Marc Thiessen For Obama War On Terrorism Smear

Uploaded on Feb 12, 2010

Lawrence O’Donnell reports for MSNBC in the late night show, “The Last Word”. Just as Wisconsin’s “walker” was hatching his plan to curtail collective bargaining rights in the Wisconsin, Lawrence called out the ghost writer of “Unintimidated” on “Morning Joe” in a rare moment of delivering truth to power.

Lawrence O’Donnell outs Marc Thiessen on the lies and misinformation on both the Bush administrations fight against terrorism versus President Obamas. Liberals and Progressives tend to not forcefully push back on Republicans reinvention of history to serve their failed policies. Mr. ODonnell takes Mr Thiessen off his false message by asserting reality.

This same Marc Thiessen is the anointed ghost writer for Wisconsin’s “walker”.


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