If you like your President you can keep him

The “Yes we can!”, stocks are falling sharply

In the brave new world of media minestrone mania, the American Presidency is little more than a political product with an ever dwindling shelf life. Obama’s popularity numbers have fallen. Many media mega minds are quick to add that his favorability is as low as George W. Bush at the same point in his presidency, and that his trustworthiness had fallen from 52% to 44%. Gee, you would think he started two wars and tanked the economy.

Barack Obama Approval Rating Gallup
Obama’s Approval Rating Has Dipped Into Dangerously Low Territory
Business Insider Brett LoGiurato Nov. 5, 2013

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has dipped a point to 39%, according to the latest Gallup daily tracking poll — dangerous waters for a president still in the first year of his second term.

The 39% mark is a point lower in Gallup’s three-day rolling average. Obama’s disapproval held steady at 53%.

The roll out of a three day rolling average. Oh my!

Have you ever noticed that any political nuance on any given day seems to carry equal weight of emotion and drama?healthwethere3 Any political battle like the health care web site problems or a crack smoking Toronto Mayor, can immediately be reduced to past history by breaking news of an air disaster or a mass shooting. So goes the drama machine moving from one conflict to another, while training the cameras and microphones on victims, villains, hither and yon across the wide world, bringing the once-in-a-lifetime spot light to the story tellers and eye witnesses – unless you are the President of the United States. The President is expected to address any and all major disasters – natural or violent. He or she is or will be expected to define and orchestrate foreign and domestic policy.

Here is the headline that did not splash the front page of newspapers in late August.

Obama Strikes Syria

The man who has been compared to and depicted as Hitler, who has been publicly called a socialist and a communist, and who has been belittled and disregarded as having no right to his office since he was not born in America – this man did not order a immediate strike on Syria. It is easy to imagine that John McCann or any number of republicans would have made a strike of retribution and opened the door to a Pandora’s box of circumstance costing American blood and treasure. Obama did not make that call. As a result we are not at war but pursuing a completely different diplomatic path.

As human beings look at the political scene, it seems to be their nature to view the glass as less than half full or nearly empty. This negativity toward anything “Obama” is expected from conservatives who have openly promised to obstruct this President at every turn. But, progressives must tread softly before adding to the eternal swell of hatred toward this President and take a close look at the total glass full of Obama’s efforts and policies.

Obamacare decision time for Democrats: Fight or flight

Politico By ALEXANDER BURNS and KATIE GLUECK | 11/13/13

A White House under siege. A signature policy initiative turning into an embarrassing public spectacle. Dissent within the president’s own party that threatens to turn into a full-blown revolt.

Now, the voices of congressional leaders and former Presidents, who embarked on the long journey that began “oh” so many months ago, feel restless and anxious. They whine from the back seat, “Are we there yet?” – “Can we stop now” with every passing mile. The adults keep assuring them, “Just a few more miles.”

The journey is long. The planning and preparation began years ago and with a few false starts, and even trips that ended with flat tires, and engine trouble. This is it. Hey kids, we really are almost there. Look at the map or the hand held device and see the long, long line back to where we started on a Christmas Eve past. Hey kids, we decided on this journey for a reason. It is more than just another law or legislative initiative. It is a dream of many great leaders who did not live to see the destination just a few miles ahead. We are moving to a place that is a shift in a paradigm of government, a shift from corporate control to put the wheel in the hands of the people. This is why the obstruction of vested interests and lobbyists has been so long and strong.

Grab a cliche and sing it, “Don’t leave before the miracle.” – “It is darkest before the dawn.” “Ask not what Obama can do for you, ask rather what you can do for Obama.”

Let’s just do this.


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