John Doe Cause for “Uintimidated” do over

Walker’s book renamed

Only one day after the official release of Walker’s new book “Unintimidated”, a new title has been suggested:

I could tell you…but I would have to kill you.

The lid was blown off the John Doe investigationunintimidatedbut when specific information was leaked that may have been an intentional set up and part of a strategy to clear a path for legal proceedings to stop the investigation in its path.

You know. You go out in the street an yell, “Fire!”. When the fire trucks come I will say, “Not fair. They are all being driven by union loving public workers!”… or something like that. Anyway, the events, which are secret to begin with, are beginning to take on more twists and turns than a reverse roller coaster ride.

The “secret” John Doe investigation is now served five “sealed” motions by three “unnamed” people. The filings, called petitions for supervisory writs, are requests that higher courts review how the investigation is being conducted.

I think this is supposed to be all “hush, hush”?

By Patrick Marley, Jason Stein and Daniel Bice of the Journal Sentinel
Nov. 19, 2013

Madison — Three unnamed people have asked the Wisconsin Court of Appeals to temporarily halt a secret investigation of campaign fundraising and spending during Wisconsin’s recent recall elections.

Meanwhile, the front man, Scott Walker, is out making the rounds on the curvy couch claiming to be “Unintimidated” by all such protests and commotion, which is the greatest set up for musical comedy since “The Emperors New Clothes”. Kingly Walker and his minions are so unintimidated by prosecutors sifting through emails and hard drives, that they are calling in the legal heavies.

Some come with poetic names like James “Bopp” Jr., who has a national reputation for representing conservative clients in free speech cases. He will not, can not, should not – say who he is representing in the proceedings. (Bopp? Do you get the image of him holding a stuffed prop?)

And then there is Muse & Cippollone (An Italian Deli for kids?)
Michael J. Bresnick — a partner at the Washington, D.C., law firm of Stein Mitchell Muse & Cippollone — declined to say who his client was. Bresnick, a former federal prosecutor, recently spent two years as the executive director of President Barack Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. He will not, can not, should not – say who he is representing in the proceedings. Maybe he is the caterer?

Absurdity proceeds resolution

The complete breakdown of logical sense in the chain of events of the long and tedious John Doe investigation holds the promise that the final curtain is near. Other very serious and controversial chains of events have devolved into a similar side show attractions, only to reach final resolve shortly thereafter. Look at George Zimmerman and how any credibility of the man slowly took flight to la la land. What about Sarah Palin as a person who is one heartbeat away for the Presidency. How absurd is that in hindsight?

Now that the three year long John Doe Investigation is finally making its turn into “Bopp”, “Muse”, and “Cippollone” land, we may well be over the hump, and find that the final resolution is close at hand.

Some of us may be feeling rather “Unintimidated” by the whole thing.


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