John Doe – Stay denied, Plot thickens

“What’s past is prologue.”
― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

The subjects of the expanding John Doe investigation (see partial list at lower right) hired heavy duty lawyers to block the perfectstorminvestigation that has spread to at least five counties in Wisconsin. Some have speculated, much to the delight of wounded progressives, how the current investigation carries the potential to explode the secret workings behind the recall campaigns like an over done baked potato in an oven of deceit.

Daniel Bice No Quarter Nov. 23

The first time Milwaukee County prosecutors launched a secret criminal investigation of allies of Gov. Scott Walker, those on the right were largely silent.

There were no online attacks, no litigation and few talk-radio rants — until charges were filed. Conservatives took their lead from the governor, who said he would trust the process to clear him.

A new investigation has triggered a wholesale change in tactics.

The request for a halt was denied in short order by the three judges — Brian Blanchard, Joanne Kloppenburg and Paul Lundsten — rejected the final two arguments, saying they “plainly lack merit” but ordered the parties to submit additional arguments on the remaining claims.

Court: No halt for now to secret John Doe investigation

DEE J. HALL | Wisconsin State Journal

In an order released late Friday afternoon, the 4th District Court of Appeals ordered that the “motion to stay all further proceedings in the underlying John Doe investigations is denied at this time.”

John Doe may well be onto the trail of crumbs, consisting of the Koch Brothers money as it was shielded by the organizations on the list. Oh and what a list it is, implicating people who have risen into political fortune and fame as a result of the effort. The Koch coin rolled into a Scott Walker’s Campaign, which was lead by Senator Ron Johnson and into the coffers of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, which was lead by the current leader of the National GOP Party, Reince Priebus.

If the health care web site is Obama’s Katrina, John Doe holds the promise of becoming the Tea Party assassination.

Walker’s campaign

Wisconsin Club for Growth

Republican Governors Association

Republican Party of Wisconsin

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Wisconsin Family Action

League of American Voters

The perfect storm of corruption

High pressured corruption has been swirling through the recent recall campaigns in Wisconsin and now, it is converging with an updraft with the most recent eruption of crony political scandal, to set the ship of the Walker campaign tossing in a tempest of just revenge.

A hint of the damaging winds contained with the subpenaed documents was portrayed in the Cognitive Dissonance blog. Just one snippet of the hundreds of pages of docs reveals the slippery sluice of money awash in the super storm atmosphere of hurricane Koch.

Cognitive Dissonance Friday, November 22, 2013

Son of Doe: Gunsmoke
But at the bottom of this page is a note which apparently is supposed to be a sort of name-dropping reference regarding the work he (Paul Behing who is an IT guy) did for the campaign of David “Chokehold” Prosser. Read it closely several times. It is simply jaw dropping in what he says:

Note: Justice Prosser sent a letter to me an I thought you may wish to forward if appropriate. I needed to get very creative with diverse State and National organizations to help his campaing due to being financially capped at $300,000 and it was a non-partisan race without the benefit of normal political party help which was very different than working with Governor Walker’s Team. Justice Prosser is an experienced Justice on our Supreme Court and a pleasure to work with.

If this one little shell of shame is an example of the trash now being uncovered in the sea of slime surrounding the GOP campaign activity…can you just imagine?

While the John Doe pressure rises new storms appear

The alphabet soup of storms centers around the investigation by Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups (CWAG). Ken Mosentine, former President of GWAAR files complaint against the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR) for the wrongful and the unethical conduct of its executives and Governor Walker’s political appointees at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)

Walker’s Aging Agencies Breaks Ethics & Federal Laws
by Website on November 20, 2013

Through a year-long investigation by CWAG’s outside legal experts, CWAG discovered the misuse and mismanagement of federal funds by DHS, GWAAR and MCDA. In the case of Walker’s former political appointees at MCDA, Stephanie Sue Stein falsified her Economic Interest Statement over the last five years by lying and covering up the fact that she is the Corporate Vice President of a Wisconsin based privately-held, non-stock Corporation called the; “WI Assoc. of Area Agency on Aging Directors Inc. (Wis4A’s).”

Here is the CWAG’s website

While the Walker Campaign is bracing from the John Doe investigation swirling over Wisconsin more allegations of corruption and cover up are rising up from within the Capitol itself to create the perfect storm.

The Captain and crew of the vessel of doomed ship “Unintimidated” seem to be trying to stay out in front of the storm through the release of allegations that the storm is the workings of witchcraft. Heavy hitting lawyers are being summoned to the deck to pump out legal briefs, while public relations experts are below deck tightening up the leaks and fissures in the failing vessel.

All the Koch money in the world is but a damp life preserver in the eye of the perfect storm.


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