“I’m Movin out” – NO matter the reason?

Yes. Leaving Wisconsin. People are moving out, splitting, escaping, clearing out.

The Capital Times offered no reason for the exodus.

No matter the reason, Wisconsin is among the top 10 states for people moving out, according to the annual survey from United Van Lines. Forbes reported the story recently and it has been widely circulated — although probably not by many chambers of commerce.Cap Times

Billy Joel may have hit on the reason in his 12 Gardens Live Album recorded in 1977

Movin Out (Anthony’s Song)

(According to Joel, Anthony isn’t a real person, but rather “every Irish, Polish, and Italian kid trying to make a living in the U.S)WIKI

And it seems such a waste of time
If that’s what it’s all about
Mama if that’s movin’ up then I’m movin’ out
Mm I’ movin’ out, mm oo oo uh huh mm hm
You should never argue with a crazy mi mi mi mi mi mind
You ought-a know by now
You can pay Uncle Sam with the overtime
Is that all you get for your money
And if that’s what you have in mind
Then that’s what you’re all about
Good luck movin’ up cause I’m movin’ out
Mm I’m movin out Mm oo oo uh huh mm hm

Characters have stereotypically ethnic names (Anthony, Mama Leone, Sergeant O’Leary, Mr. Cacciatore) and blue-collar jobs. Joel considers their rejection of their working-class roots (trading a Chevy for a Cadillac and buying a house in Hackensack, New Jersey) ultimately futile; in the end, the rewards are a “heart attack” or “a broken back”.

Yes. If that’s movin up than I’m movin out

It really has come to the point of “heart attack”, “broken back” desperation for the working middle class. Minnesota is not that far away. Many people who haven’t moved already, are beginning to look at options beyond the borders of a the state that no longer contains the Wisconsin of just a few years ago. Many experienced teachers have left their careers behind after the curtailment of collective bargaining in Walker’s last term. Now, with the new cuts proposed for the Wisconsin University System, experienced professors and instructors are being offered buyouts for early retirement.

Eau Claire is the first to roll out an early retirement-style buyout in response to the cuts. However, chancellors at other schools have said they expect to reduce positions — depending on the size of the final cut after the Legislature approves the new budget.

Wheeler News Service

And what happens to the quality of higher education when a good slice of the experienced talent is let go? Oh, and not only in education but steel workers, pipe fitters, and the whole host of union workers who have been clipped of power to bargain? How many more administrators and teachers in the public schools of Wisconsin will move to more stable employment in another state? And what about Grandma? It may be time to pack up and take her with you. New Walker cuts in Senior Care would have resulted in the loss prescription drug benefits. For now, the legislature has not included this provision in the budget. But if Gramdma is in need of long term care, she may be pushed out into the street. No safety net. No recourse.

The budget would eliminate the state statute that created the IRIS (Include Respect, I Self-Direct)program, which currently serves more than 11,000 people with long-term care needs. Rhoades said the services provided to these individuals will continue.Postcrescent

If that’s Movin up….?

For those who stay? You and your family may well be bound to camp at Diane Hendricks Park.Hendrickspark

Wisconsin will consider selling naming rights to state parks to help them operate without tax support as proposed under Gov. Scott Walker’s biennial budget, Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp told lawmakers Tuesday.

State Journal

Yes, Diane, who first requested of Scott Walker to make Wisconsin a “Red” State, and has contributed upwards of $500,000 to Walker and PAYS NO TAXES.


For most of us this is nothing new. Up to this point it appears most people who vote don’t know or don’t care. Perhaps this belief that Walker is a “doer” and a “reformer” will continue until your local public high school closes, or your Grandma is pushed out into the street, or when you property on which you save $200 per year is devalued because all of your neighbors have moved to Minnesota or Iowa.


Me….I’m looking at Winona, Minnesota. Carley (NOT Diane Hendricks) State ParkCarley-State-Park-005-2


3 thoughts on ““I’m Movin out” – NO matter the reason?

  1. I’ll be staying for now to fight for the water, land and a future worth living. I don’t see any way to out run what is happening the austerity agenda is not limited to Wisconsin or the United States it is world wide. We are in a struggle between greed and need. I stand on the side of need.


  2. I left a year ago November 2013, I couldn’t afford an apartment on a busline on a $13 an hour job. That’s ridiculous. I’m now in new jersey making LESS with a decent apartment.


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