How to Report CEO Welfare Fraud

The Club for Growth of Fraud

Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, and more than 20 other groups in Wisconsin are the self-declared watchdogs of fraud on the part of people of color, and the poor. This PR campaign against the most vulnerable, presents alarming, shocking, and even embarrassing example of control of the message by wealthy Oligarchs. No. It is beyond alarming. It is downright scary.

How Much Do Federal Entitlement Programs Like Social Security Cost As A Percentage Of GDP?

Answer by Mark Rogowsky, Entrepreneur, raconteur, Forbes blogger, @maxrogo, on Quora,
A bit under 14%.

First, let’s clear up a misnomer. Social Security is not a welfare program. No common usage of the term would cover a retirement income program like Social Security. OK, that done, let’s look at how the government spends its money.

The contrast is kind of lousy, but “pensions” is basically Social Security. “Health care” is Medicare and Medicaid mostly. And “welfare” is, well, things we actually call welfare in common usage, like the SNAP (food aid, sometimes called “food stamps” and TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, what a lot of people would simply call “welfare”). The welfare section also includes unemployment insurance.

Because the question seems interested in the broader question of “how much of the budget is these safety net programs,” I’m going to just total them all up and without conflating them with “welfare” just do some math.

Welfare = 11% Defense = 22%

Ok, but this post is about how Oligarchs control the message – what gets attention across the media, what is talked about over and over in congressional hearings and by right wing pundits to the point where you would think that vote and welfare/food stamp fraud are milking the last drop of joy and goodness from the country.

The illustrated photo above is taken directly from the website – How to Report Welfare Fraud I applied the pie chart offered by Forbes.

There is no real statistical evidence of voter fraud

Yet, the Supreme Court has passed on the Voter ID law in Wisconsin and it will be enforced AFTER the upcoming Spring election April 7. If no real documentation of voter fraud can be offered to support a need to impose the Voter ID law…Why? How did a law that is purely invented for false purpose become law? What do fictional problems and the laws they serve to correct, have to do with the operation of a democratic government? Oligarchy, Oligarchy, Oligarchy.

Groups like Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, the Bradley Foundation have no matching counter part on the liberal, democratic, progressive side. Whereas, the Koch Brothers ceo_fraudand their ilk employ hundreds of people full time to deliver the message, lobby, cheat, steal, and lie every passing second of every day. Before Citizens United, the payoff was not there. The message could not be controlled to an extent that is worth the investment. That changed January 21, 2010; the day that Citizens United was unleashed to “open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections” (quote from 2110 State of Union Address). This is the reason we have Scott Walker as Governor, Ron Johnson as Senator, a near hopelessly gerrymandered “red” state, a “Right to Work” law, a degraded public school system, a strangled University system…CITIZENS UNITED.

Out, out damn bug

The hold of money on all facets of public policy in Wisconsin is so palpable you can almost taste it – like a bug just flew in your mouth. What’s worse, try as you may, you can’t spit it out. No matter what we do, the bug is there – protest, recall, post on social media, sign petitions, write emails, letters, blog posts – all, all just seem to support message “Divide and Conquer” of the Oligarchs, until you hear on cable news how the recall elections only served to strengthen Walker’s resume! Is there any way to spew out the bug? How, when will it stop?

Not the first, but the latest bug

Billionaire John Menard Jr. gave more than $1.5. million to the Wisconsin Club for Growth in an effort to boost Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign in the 2012 recall, Yahoo News reported.

Citing anonymous sources, Yahoo reported that Menard backed the Wisconsin governor and likely 2016 presidential candidate by making more than $1.5 million in donations to Club for Growth, which doesn’t disclose its donors. Club for Growth spent heavily to defend Walker in his successful recall election. The report comes just as the Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to consider three cases involving a secret probe into whether the Club for Growth and Walker’s campaign improperly coordinated with each other during the recall.

Why would “Save big money” Menard offer a contribution greater than most people’s life time wealth. Seems he should be able to buy the right to poison your air and water. Damn regulations.

And here is the “Welfare” part – “In 2013 and 2014, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp, chaired by Walker awarded Menard’s namesake chain of hardware stores up to $1.8 million in tax credits.” So, John Menard – “You saved money – you saved big money”. So while thousands of people were out in the cold to collect signatures to recall Scott Walker, it was all cancelled out by one 1.5 million dollar check by “Save big money” Menard. That is controlling the message.

But way back in the early days of Walker’s reign train man, Bill Gardner, did even better.

Would you invest $166,000 to get a cool $14 MILLION? That’s what William Gardener did. Oh, and it was your money.
Gardener of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad was caught for the illegal campaign donation to Walker for Governor. Not because the Gov. Accountability Board was vigilant or aggressive, but because a disgruntled former girl friend blew the “train” whistle on him.walker-rail-whoooooops

When will Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation be investigated?

The WEDC IS WalkerWEDC IS Walker

You want to know who Walker is? Look at the WEDC.

WEDC was set up as a QUASI governmental agency replacing the former Department of Commerce to create jobs. It is not QUASI it is CRAZY. It has been for dummiesmfraught with problems from day one, including lack of transparency, terrible communication with other agencies, poor accountability, and a #fail for creating its prime mission of creating jobs. And this man is being considered as a legitimate candidate for Chief Executive? Really?

What does success look like to Scott Walker and the WEDC?

Some things human beings do, are best kept quiet. If you get caught paying way too much for a car, washing machine, or a piece of some action in Nigeria – you probably will not run down to the local paper and ask them to print the story. Not true for Scott Walker the CEO of WEDC. He gets scammed, fooled, and rooked and publishes a press release!

This building expansion, along with new product lines being introduced in the coming year, will provide for up to 22 additional manufacturing jobs at our Menomonee Falls plant over the next three years,” said Thalia Maniotis, HR Manager. “In cooperation with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation,” added Paula Weiss, VP Finance, “Scan-Pac is eligible for up to $431,000 in tax credits to support the expansion and job creation within the State of Wisconsin.” walkers-wisconsin-breaking-22-jobs-for-431000

22 jobs to be created over 3 years will cost taxpayers $431,000

Corporate Welfare Case coming to Wisconsin Supreme Court

The John Doe investigation was concluded as it related to Walker’s years as Milwaukee County Executive, but it did not end. It shifted focus on activities of the Club for Growth during his Recall Election. It continues on and on in the courts. The funds of the Oligarchs are unlimited and over a million dollars has been funneled into lawyer’s pockets through a long higher court battle while it has cost Wisconsin taxpayers at least a that much. $1,000,000! That’s a lot of justice!.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has agreed to hear separate but related challenges to the John Doe investigation. The first briefs in that case are due Feb. 2.Wisconsin State Journal

The Club For Growth seems to be under impression that an investigation into their actions, strongly suspected to be illegal collusion between the group and the Walker campaign, is limiting their 1st Amendment Rights of free speech! The club also seems to want their rights and eat them too. They railed and screamed against the deep secrecy of the John Doe investigation, but now they are the ones that demand to have documents kept secret? A large dump of emails from the Walker County executive office have been released, but for some reason, they are fighting full force to keep the documentation of their actions during Walker’s recall campaign secret. I wonder why?

Walker’s Recall Election was a travesty of democracy when the Ghosts recallOligarchs poured big bucks and mafioso strategies into the state. But if you have enough money you can file briefs preventing investigation, and they have money and have prevented a Walker indictment for over four years. Walker did NOT win his Recall election legitimately. Conspiracy theory you’re thinking? Without going into every detail of how money and the low-life tactics it attracts – stole Walker’s Recall election, I will direct you to one detail of many, which I personally discovered and investigated. Election laws were broken. The cartridges that hold the electronic data after the election were mysteriously sent back to the election vendor Command Central early – before the required 10 days they are to be held secure. You can read more details How Walker Stole the Recall Election.

Hope for upcoming Supreme Court Case?

These are the faces of the four Wisconsin Supreme Court Judges that denied collective bargaining rights injunction June 14, 2011. Wait. Isn’t it interesting how the same four justices who voted against the collective bargaining injunction are the very justices that were supported by WMC and Club for Growth? (Hold on to that thought).the-final-wisconsin-election-april-7

They are from left to right David Prosser appointed 1998 current term expires 2021
Pateince Roggensack Her current term expires July 31, 2023.
Justice Michael J. Gableman His current term expires July 31, 2018.
Annette Kingsland Ziegler Her current term expires July 31, 2017.

Yes. Four of the sitting Judges who will review the case involving “Club for Growth”, received big money from the same “Club for Growth” in each of their individual elections! They got money…they got big money… when they shopped “Club for Growth”. You feel the bug dancing on the back of your tongue?

Help from POTUS?

A rumor is swirling that may dislodge the bug from our collective mouths. It was reported back in January, that one of President Obama’s surprises at the State Of The Union will be an announcement of an executive order that will take on the Koch Brothers and Citizens United.

Wednesday is the fifth anniversary of Citizens United, and reformers have been told that the president may announce executive action in his SOTU speech that would require businesses contracting with the government to disclose political contributions after contracts have been awarded. This would ensure that the contracting process is blind, but also give the public (and the media) the information needed to connect the dots to look for backroom deals or conflicts of interest. Rumor Citizens United

It did not happen, but it remains a possibility. It may the flick of the pen that could finally release the virulent bug from our Wisconsin mouths.


One thought on “How to Report CEO Welfare Fraud

  1. I would like to hear about how the People of WI might establish grounds for a class action suit against Walker, or the appropriate individuals/organizations/corporations. Walker has committed managerial gross negligence, and has seemingly and intentionally done harm to the state infrastruction and economy. Further, he has been derelict and extravagant in his duties, with regard to his failure to even be in the state of WI during his presidential bid, and likewise with the costly and questionable travel abroad, for not only Walker be a huge entourage of local WI business people. Significant economic harm has occurred and our legal system needs to address it. I can’t believe that pitchforks are the sole, concrete weapon of defense against the 5-year (and ongoing) hijacking of our state of WI.


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