Candidate Walker’s Stakeholders

Stakeholders is a word Scott Walker loves to use. You have heard the term spew from his mouth on countless occasions, most recently in references to the Milwaukee sports arena.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker says he believes stakeholders hoping to build a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team will be able to find a feasible financing option.USA Today

Walker is obsessed with the word, and with the people who live under stakeholders2the golden parachute the term covers.

Post, Preston, Sachs (2002), use the following definition of the term “stakeholder”: “A person, group or organization that has interest or concern in an organization. Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives and policies.

No great surprise that Walker cottons to the term like a spider to an egg sac. That’s were the money is.

Walker’s Stakeholders

Yes. Wisconsin has become the realm of Walker “stakeholders”, and the Governor kowtows to them like a hungry lap dog. Kowtow – is borrowed from kau tau in Cantonese (koutou in Mandarin Chinese), is the act of deep respect shown by prostration, that is, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one’s head touching the ground. How fitting.

But who are some of these “stakeholders” Walker refers to in so many instances of pay-to-play, policy decision- making which has become the norm in his (WEDC) Wisconsin Economically Developed administration?

Bill Gardner – Stakeholder

One of the first Stakeholders to appear on the scene was Bill Gardner, owner of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, who was the first to be indicted for illegal campaign contributions in the on-going John Doe Investigation. William Gardner’s, illegal donation resulted in two felony Gardner_stakecharges and a record $166,900 forfeiture by the company. But wait. Gardner was a “stakeholder”. Just a short time later he was awarded 14 MILLION dollars in a freight rail awards package. Figure it out – Stakeholder Gardner invested $166,900 to get a “stakeholder check” from Walker for 14 million. Walker Rail Whooooops

Bill Gardner sold 90 percent of the company to Kansas-based Watco Transportation Services, a privately held company that operates more than 3,700 miles of track in 26 states. After the sale, Gardner stayed on as president of the railroad. He left on Sept. 14 to pursue “other opportunities”.

Read more:

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While the “stakeholders” are being rewarded and offered favors in the form of grants and perks, look at what is happening to jobs for the middle class, non-stakeholders over the same period. I think this is illegal?

Diane Hendricks – Stakeholder
Of course, “stakeholders” hold wealth, and Diane Hendricks is the wealthiest woman in Wisconsin. Diane is one of the most infamous of Walker’s “stakeholders” since she inadvertently uncovered a snatch of rare truth as it dribbled from the mouth of Scott Walker.

Diane Hendricks to Scott Walker, “Any chance we’ll ever get to be a completely a red state… and a right to work. What can we to do to help you?”

Diane found a way to help with a contribution of $500,000 to his campaign and the return gift to his “stakeholder” was to make Wisconsin a Right to Work State.

Another little perk came to Diane Hendrick when she was invited to accompany him to Cali.

Walker was invited to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley (November 2012), California where he gave a speech last Friday. The Wisconsin media did not cover the event, and Walker’s choice of a companion was not Lt. Governor Kleefisch or any other ranking administration member. His choice was billionaire, Diane Hendricks.

The speech was not covered live by Wisconsin media but was available on the Internet. Among those in attendance was one of Walker’s biggest campaign donors, Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply in Janesville. State Journal

Wouldn’t if be interesting to know who paid for what on this trip? It was just sort of gift giving to “stakeholders” that got Virgina Governor Bob McDonnell a two year sentence for public corruption.

The Business Journals
Governor: Scott Walker

State: Wisconsin

Party: Republican

Took office: January 2011

Years in office*: 2.33


Total for state upon taking office: 2,328,400

Total for state now: 2,387,100

Total for other 49 states upon taking office: 105,479,800

Total for other 49 states now: 110,458,700


Annual rate for state since taking office: 1.07%

Annual rate for other 49 states since taking office: 2.00%

Difference (in percentage points): -0.93

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40


Raw change for state since taking office: 58,700

Projected change for state at rate for other 49 states***: 109,900

Difference (in jobs): -51,200

Rank (of 45 governors**): 40

John Menard – Stakeholder

The most recent “stakeholder” to receive benefits is the richest man in Wisconsin. Isn’t it interesting how the richest man and woman in Wisconsin are front and center – at the top of the list of Walker “stakeholders”? John-Menard-Jr

So a little more than three years ago, when Menard wanted to back Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — and help advance his pro-business agenda — he found the perfect way to do so without attracting any attention: He wrote more than $1.5 million in checks to a pro-Walker political advocacy group that pledged to keep its donors secret, three sources directly familiar with the transactions told Yahoo News.Secret $1.5 million donation from Wisconsin billionaire uncovered in Scott Walker dark-money probe

Menard’s company has been awarded up to $1.8 million in special tax credits from a state economic development corporation that Walker chairs, according to state records.

Walker was never been fully investigated for his part in any of dark and shady, pay to play, activities during his first term. Yes, he survived John Doe part I when prosecutors could not get around the defense financed by Candidate Walker’s defense fund! Meanwhile those surrounding him as his closest associates have been indicted. Instead of being investigated and indicted for his part in the dark deals, he is parading around the country “testing the waters” to become President of the United States! Thus far, most of the national media accept his bid on face value. After all, he won three elections in four year and he can raise money.

Remember the “stakeholder” award to the Wisconsin Sportsmen group?

You probably do not remember for it went the way all of the “stakeholder” stories above out of sight, out of mind.

(October 2113) To begin at the beginning, where the Journal Sentinel and other major news outlets neglect to tread, the very first manifestation of the Wisconsin Sportsmen of America group did not erupt last month or last week as most news outlets reported. By most published accounts the story begins quite recently, with the ever suspicious circumstances surrounding the creation, application, award, and cancellation of the $500,000 grant to the group. In fact, the story begins in June of 2011.

The original mysterious workings of the Sportsmen was connected with Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and vote fraud in the days before the Senate recall elections in June of 2011. AFP mailed false information to voters across the state to misinform the public and suppress the vote in that election. The Sportsman did a mailing at the same time, and even though the date was correct, the physical mailing is suspiciously similar. Did the Sportsman mailing with the correct address go to republicans and the mailing with the false address go to democrats? A similar vote caging scheme by AFP was recorded:

In October 2012, One Wisconsin Now, a progressive group, obtained undercover audio recording of the meeting of a local Tea Party group, the Grandsons of Liberty, in which a vote-caging scheme was laid out that involved mailers that AFP agreed to send out to voters in left-leaning districts in Milwaukee. The addresses were provided via the Republican Party of Wisconsin, through the state’s Voter Vault…In the vote-cage scheme, mailers were sent in August to districts in which much of the housing was in college dormitories. They had “do not forward” instructions printed on the outside, so that the votes of those whose flyers bounced back to AFP could be challenged at the polls.

Yet, you will find no mention of the mailings in the more current stories, even though the instances were documented in regional and county press coverage at the time. Stories are linked here. walkers-wisconsin-now-playing-john-doe-act-2

Candidate for President – Really?

Surely once Walker made his pitch for the presidency, the national press would investigate and uncover the true nature and criminal tendencies of Scott Walker? Not happening. His name and face appear on the recent poll listings as a front runner? Really? Of course, most of the news anchors and pundits have not been subjected to the ploys and policies of Scott Walker over the last four years. Unfortunately, the details of criminality have been hidden deep within the secret John Doe Investigation. Thus far Walker’s dark money has kept the lid on the boiling pot of John Doe locked down like a Koch Brothers vault.

A Federal Investigation PLEASE?

Scott Walker is no less guilty of breaking the law than Virgina Governor Bob McDonnell or Senator Menendez recently indicted for corruption charges. The first act of the Federal Government vs. Scott Walker is about to open.

A national watchdog group has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against Gov. Scott Walker and three other likely presidential candidates for what it calls a “total disregard” for campaign finance law.
Before the Federal Election Commission.

Walker has hired staff and traveled extensively to early presidential primary states through his political group “Our American Revival.” Walker’s group is filed as a 527 organization, which lets it accept unlimited donations.

But Attorney Paul S. Ryan with the Campaign Legal Center said Tuesday that Walker’s actions show he’s a candidate for president and should be limited to donations of no more than $2,700 per person.WPR

Hopefully, this initial look into Scott Walker’s criminal smoke and mirrors will finally fling open the door to reveal the real Scott Walker, before the country makes an embarrassing mistake of accepting him as deserving the status of a candidate for President of the United States.


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