Good Friday News Dump Denial

“Truly I say to you that this very night, before a rooster crows,
you will deny Me three times – and then run for President of the United States

As the cock crowed on Good Friday March 30, 2013 Walker made his final $247,554 payment to his legal defense fund. Walker’s denials to thecock crow2 people of Wisconsin did not come with a few words like “I don’t know John Doe.”, or “I don’t know him.”. The denials came in a secret and behind-the-scenes shuffle of papers and conference calls carrying a legal price tag of $650,000. As a result, the denial is every bit as nefarious as the as the allegations they hope to nix. (The first three letters in Nixon).

The purpose of an investigation into a criminal action is to bring the truth to light. In most cases evidence is gathered, witnesses are deposed, and exhibits tagged to be brought into the arena of a court proceedings when all facts are brought into the open public arena. This open proceeding has been derailed through the John Doe investigation of Scott Walker, for what does the public know today that it did not already know months ago, when the first indictments were announced surrounding Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive? We know nothing more of the specific evidentiary components of the investigation.

The Stand-with-Walker folk refer to the investigation of Scott Walker as a witch hunt, when a cursory reading of “The Scarlet Letter” or “The Crucible” would demonstrate it was far and away the opposite. The drama of the novel and the play are built around the public exhibition of the allegations and evidence of those accused as an adulterer or of being a witch. The John Doe investigation has been little more than a well paid for cover-up of evidence milking any drama out of the proceedings by out-of-state “boutique” law firms and Public Relations spinners and branders. What is a “boutique” law firm anyway?

And the cock crows once…Denying the people.

Records show his defense fund dispensed $432,754 to the Chicago and Milwaukee firms for which his two criminal defense lawyers worked. cock crowsmA boutique Madison law firm and APCO Worldwide, a Chicago-based PR firm, received another $15,000 from Walker’s defense account.JS Online Daniel Bice

Today, the people of Wisconsin and the Nation have no further knowledge as to what happened in Walker’s County Executive Office when he was running for Governor than they did 3 years ago when his legal defense fund was established. You see, the investigation was secret and fraught with “compliance issues”.

The term encompasses data storage, data archiving, data encryption, and also data retrieval. If you have enough money you can challenge the storage of data, the archiving of data, and retreival of data. Data, data, and more data.

And the cock crows a second time…Denying the People

In addition, Walker’s campaign paid about $200,000 directly to Michael Best & Friedrich for so-called “compliance issues” related cock crowsmto the investigation. The campaign retained former U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic, a former Michael Best lawyer who has since left the firm, when prosecutors subpoenaed campaign records the day before the 2010 general election. JS Online Daniel Bice

“It is not unusual for politicians to release negative or unflattering news on Fridays or holidays to avoid as much attention as possible.” With the Supreme Court visiting same sex marriage laws, we have been reminded of just such a maneuver by Bill Clinton back in 1996. “It was 10 minutes before 1 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 21, 1996, and there were no cameras, no ceremony. The witching-hour timing bespoke both political calculation and personal angst. With his signature, federal law now defined marriage as the union of a man and woman. Mr. Clinton considered it a gay-baiting measure, but was unwilling to risk re-election by vetoing it.” News Busters

In Wisconsin obfuscation has transcended time, season, and shuffled the rule of law into flash drives, files, and folios of legal no speak.

And the cock crows a third time…Denying the People

Records say the defense fund on Friday March 30, 2013 paid $247,554 to Sidley Austin, a large Chicago law firm for which defense attorney John Gallo is a partner. Gallo’s firm had previously been paid $130,000.

On Friday March 30, 2013, the Madison law firm of Lind Weininger cock crowsmalso received a payment of $3,560 from Walker’s fund, bringing its total take to $4,860. Kate Lind, who works at the firm, was the custodian of records for the defense fund.

The governor was also represented by Milwaukee defense lawyer Michael Steinle, whose firm had previously received $54,200 from the governor’s fund.JS Online Daniel Bice

“The bill is in, and it wasn’t cheap.” Daniel Bice

No it wasn’t cheap. It all cost a lot of money, but what are the other costs? After all the tax payers money spent on prosecution and the private money, from who knows where, has been spent on the defense of Scott Walker – the real cost is to justice itself. We the people know nothing of this episode in candidate Scott Walker’s career. The people are left with but one more example of how justice can be tampered by money and power. Unlike the real witch trials of Salem, the people have been witness to nothing, nada, ziltch. Oh, there were email dumps that had been scrubbed, and disinfected with all the legal Mr. Clean money can buy, until punctuation marks feared for their very lives. Have we forgotten that the people deserve to know the evidence, the specifics of the allegations, the truth? After three years, the people are left with a couple of press releases from the prosecution and the defense, who have decided that the investigation is concluded. Such a stunning anti climax IS the witch trial. To many, it isn’t even a matter of Walker’s guilt or innocence, it is that we have the right to know. The case against Walker has been silenced, protected, and insulated along every inch of the way from his County Executive’s door to the secret email network in his aid’s office. The funds for defense have been raised secretly and at the expense of time and treasure that belong to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

The final statement of the Walker administration on the timing of his final payment to his defense fund on Good Friday, echoes through four years denial.

Asked if Walker was releasing the defense-fund information on Good Friday for that reason,

Tieman said, “I have no comment.”


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