Walker’s trade mission details uncovered

Walker is making plans for an extended trip to Wisconsin. “Sometimes people forget that any Governor of Wisconsin is an employee of the people and the Governor wants to reinforce that message by a four day extended Wisconsin visit.” a spokesman said.

The people of Wisconsin paid for his visit to China ($300,000 half charged to taxpayers) inWorldmapwis2 2013, his recent trip to London ($138,200), and his up-coming stay in Germany, France, and Spain,($200,000?) and he hopes to express his sincere gratitude to the people who pay for his travels abroad during his four day visit to Wisconsin.

While in Wisconsin, Walker is scheduled to make a short stop at the Governor’s Mansion, which he and his family have vacated. They prefer to live in Wauwatosa. He needs to pick up more brown bags for his lunch. He wants to thank the people of Wisconsin for the 3.9 million dollar residence on the shores of Lake Mendota and for his annual budget for the tax supported housing of $270,000 even though he spent only 2.7 nights a month there, which works out to about $8,258 a night. By contrast, a midweek suite with king bed and whirlpool at the Hilton Monona Terrace goes for $259. But, hey, thanks.

Day 2 will center around a tribute to his protectors, the Wisconsin State Patrol, with a noon ceremony at Diane Hendricks State Park.

Walker will express his regrets that the 17% pay raise for the State Troopers did not go though. Even though protection for the Governor Hendricksparkand Lt. Governor Kllefisch and family members totaled $611,000 from November 2010 to August 2011 or a nine month period including the time when the Walker’s were often residing in the executive residence, and before the governor stepped up his national travel raising money for the recall election. But even at that time, Walker’s employment maintenance was more than twice as much as the $259,000 it cost to protect Gov. Jim Doyle for a whole year, from November 2009 to August 2010. Now, of course it is much, much, more. But, still he reaffirmed his promise to reward the troopers with the 17% raise, and that he would find a way to funnel it through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

Day 3 will is slated as Walker’s “Talking Points Seminar”. The Governor and his closest operatives will meet on the state airplane and fly on an undisclosed route to address issues that have arisen that could prove embarrassing to the administration and his efforts to become president of the United States. When asked why the meeting was aboard a airplane a spokesman said, the Governor is more comfortable aboard the plane. After all, the number of miles he has flown since becoming Governor is a higher number than jobs created. Governor Walker has flown 128,509 miles since he took office, costing Wisconsin taxpayers nearly $1 million. The review also discovered Governor Walker used the taxpayer funded aircraft for at least 34 flights under 40 miles, and 87 “empty” flights from Madison to Milwaukee without the Governor.Mark Pocan released data

One of the concerns in the meeting will be the photo 0f Scott Walker posing in women’s lingerie atop a Nazi rug. This is “embare assing” one spokesman said with a snicker.

It should also be noted that the image originated onwaker_nazi2 Russian websites. While it is not impossible for a college photo of Scott Walker to make its way overseas before hitting the American web, that circumstance is highly unlikely. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the man pictured in the photo is Scott Walker other than his bearing (baring) a passing resemblance to the Wisconsin Governor: Snopes

Day 4 – the activities have been cancelled. The Governor was unable to extend his stay in Wisconsin as he was forced to meet with important stakeholders in Iowa and then New Hampshire.


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